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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.


4.1. Viznachenny і characteristic of dіy kerіvnik

Vazhliva role in pіdvischennі culture i yakostі upravlіnskoї dіyalnostі nalezhit kerіvnikovі, yaky Got Booty zavzhdi іntelektualno rozvinutim, rozumovo energіynim, vimoglivim, mother Vysoke pochuttya obov'yazku i vіdpovіdalnostі, vmіti postіyno zdіysnyuvati samovdoskonalennya self i, i nabuvati quiet yakostey knowledge SSMSC will attempt pіdvischuvati efektivnіst dyalnostі organizatsії. It is important for mother’s dyalnosti a string and a null control system, and this system is one of a kind.

The task is to completely control the pole in the optimization of the entire system, and not the environment of the component. Success kerivnik bagato in which to lay down that, if you can identify your identity with the goals of organization. Kerivnik, wait for me to marry at Maybutnn through the prism of the present, so that you can establish the present camp with the prospect of Maybutniy.

Visiting functions and dyalnost of the sovereign curious є necessary for the vivcheneniya of the head dyalnosti schodo management of organisation, human resources, as well as in the presence of more than a little of the arrears of their arrears.

Viznenennyaya characteristic of the dyy kerivnik є one of the most important points, for which the theory of control is strictly controversial as the sovereign, so private control. We can see the little way before the recognition of what to crank, and with the help of an analysis of the actions of the future.

Rozvitok administrative ambushes ґ Runting on the analysis of the structure and function of the formal organization. The founders of this approach, Buli Anri Fayol in France and Luther Gulik in the United States.

Anri Fayol є one of the earliest editions themselves, who gave a theoretical analysis of the management of duality. Win formulated 14 fundamental principles of governance, bagato zakogo until one o'clock cinnamon. Principles - as a rule, the rules are generally obsolete, however, the curvatures for reaching the meta are slightly corrupted.

  • Rozpodil pratsі - specialization of permissions єindividumu better but more qualified and more productive.
  • Vlada - the right to submit orders, for the sake of which there is a certain guilt; it is clear that the person is vindicated for his or her own life.
  • Distsiplіna, yak Yea obabіchnoyu - schodo kerіvnika yak, so i spіvrobіtnikіv, SSMSC povinnі slіduvati tіlki Tim rozporyadzhennyam at yakih upravlіnnya zabezpechuє efektivnosti kerіvnitstvo.
  • One of the teams is to protect Taylor’s theory of functional theory of Fayol’s conceptual authority to see that the skin prince is guilty of more than one cynicist, so as not to allow a conflict when disordered. Tsey principle, a kind of having voted Fayol, know bagato prihilnik in the middle of ker_vnik_v.
  • Н unity of direction - people who are engaged in the same and quiet spheres of dyalnost, obedience to volatility and the same goals for a common plan.
  • First order of special interests to the good of the world - management of the guilty plea for the fact that the whole organization needs to be important important features.
  • Vinogorod - the pay is a number of stimulation systems; Fayol meaning, scho comprehensive system and stimulation is not.
  • Centralization and decentralization - the vibration of the organizational structure to lay down the mind of the management and the personnel.
  • Ієrarhіya - there is no need for securing one straightforward diya, ale horizontal sounds є also fundamental, fragments of the most important knowledge, as well as communication may be.
  • Order - as material, so the social order is necessary. First time at a loss of work and care at the local resources, another can be reached with the help of the organization and the staff.
  • Justice - in the interests of justice, it is necessary to “ascertain the kindness and justice in setting before the law, as long as justice can be reached”.
  • The stability of the shift to the landing - in the significant amount of time to lay down at the hour and cost, such as the manager’s task.
  • Initiative - to give power to all personnel to demonstrate their activity (initiative), as if they were organizing organizations, if you can, if you can pull up the “victims of ambition”.
  • The spirit of the organization - the culprit is guilty of taking morality of his or her own words, according to the words of Fayol, "necessary reference talent, the need to coordinate muscular behavior, the desire to be able to care for the skin of the patient".

The admirative principle is possible with the following order:

  • the effectiveness of managing zrosta, as well as the members of a group of organizations n_ at v_dpovіdnu ієrarkhі vlady;
  • the effectiveness of managing zrosta when specializing in a group;
  • the effectiveness of managing zrosta with a small number of scales, to the scale of control at the point of control;
  • the effectiveness of the management of zrosta with the group of robots with the method of control until:

- mark

- the process

- Klіnturi,

- mіstsya.

Based on these principles, L. Gulik viznoznav dії kerivnika. Prior to this view of the meeting, planning, organizing, staffing, coordination, budgeting and budgeting.

Planuvannya: cutting in the rice pans of what should be tested, as well as the methods for understanding the method for reaching the organization, placed before the organization.

Organizations: due to the formal structure of power, through the work of order, they are arranged, coordinated and coordinated to reach the singing band.

Cheruvannya: without interruption, praise of praise and confinement in particular and punishments in writing, as well as the convention of the provisional organization.

Staffing: the whole complex of functions іz learning and training staff and training minds of practical minds.

Coordination: I’m happy to have all the important things to do, I’ll get stuck together in the middle of the parts of the robot.

Zvituvannya: іnformuvannya all, before Kim kerіvnik goiters яз zvyuvati щ од од од справ справ справ справ справ справ справ,,,,, бу бу бу бу бу через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через через.

Budget: Usya dіyalіst, linked to financial plans, accounting and control.

Tsey pіdkhіd to vivchenchennyu development and dyalnostі organizatsіy and management to manage the magnificent influx right up to the 50s rr.

On the protivagu on the way to look at the administrative ambush,

30-rr. They began to learn more about organizational functions, not through a formal hierarchy, but through informal sounds and interconnection with a group. Throughout the day, I’ve been pouring people’s efforts into organizing the forbidden thing that has become the cause of the threat of administrative ambushes.

Having cheated Barnard , having scho, for that purpose, organization could have functioned and improved, three words could be seen:

  • Pіdtrimannya organіzatsіynogo zv'yazku.
  • Protection of the health of the main types of dyalnosti.
  • Formula

Barnard’s bachiv management functions in a new perspective: “Curve of the robot is not a robot of organization, but especially the function is straightened to the testimony of prazdatelnost organizatsii”.

Let’s take a quick look at it, so Barnard Maw on respect thim three functions, as a sign for the core. Posada kerivnik potrіbna for pіdtrimannya neobhodimogo organizatsіynogo zv'yazku. In order to plant in the organization, that person, as in the case of planting, to become one of the most fundamental problems of management. Organizational organization date - special date is adequate to planting.

A friend of the function of the clerk is due to the servant who received the robots. The function of importance is the sound of an individual organization. So, vіrnіsche, the function of cheruvannya with human resources, if the kerіvnik wants to enter indіdivіda into the organization, hiring robots, and then we need to work robots. I’m gonna stay dyalnost you can discern the social status of the indivisible, through the use of his values ​​and the value of the organisation. The specialty of an individual is identified with the values ​​of the organization's values.

The third function of Barnard’s vision in terms is formulated as designation and meti. For the sake of functionality, it is based on the interoperability of the currencies at all levels of the organization. The sound of the function functions with the communal function is longer, the fragments of the symbol and the symbol of the function are spiraling to the level of the symbol in the structure from the top to the bottom.

The formulated vizneshennya meti є widely rozgoluzhdennuyu funktsіє, kerivnik є less than її zagalnoy partynoy.

Ryu ta Biar in the booklet “Management: theory and stagnation”, we see the following functions of management:

  • Planuvannya: I grasped the fact that I’ve been able to re-enter with a stretch of Maybut’s hour and I’ll see what’s to be done to reach them.
  • Organizations: the classification of the view, the assignment of the duty and the reward for the restoration of the faith.
  • Staffing: visibility of the necessary human resources, recruitment for the robot, video processing, training and development of human resources.
  • Motivations: ceruvannya chi direct muzhskih human behavior to the metal.
  • Control: zvizhuvannya indicators і meti, vznozhennenya reasons v_dhilen і at times і need to accept accepting calls for vіdpravlennuyu become.

For more details, the axis of such a designated management function and function is as follows:

1. Planuvannya:

a) self-translation - the current status of the organization status;

b) thoroughness of the middle;

c) viznaznennya goals;

d) forecast of Maybut operations;

e) power consumption;

f) Estimation of prophecy;

g) review and corroboration of the plan in relation to the results of the control and the necessary conditions;

h) splashing through the process of planning.

2. Organizations:

a) otnozhenenny th visnozhennya robots, yaku slіd vikonati;

b) beat the robot vіdpovіdno to obov'yazkіv;

c) grouping of items before the settlement;

d) visibility of posimov vimogi;

e) plant the group in the proper rank of office, one can be operated on;

f) to finish the work of the robot, yaku sіd vikonati, viznachiti zvіtnіst that oath more important;

g) a review of the organization’s corroboration of the results of the monitoring and regulation of the situation;

h) spolkuvannya by stretching the organizatsionny process.

3. Staffing:

a) the value of the required human resources;

b) identification of candidates for the robot;

c) vіdbіr candidates;

d) preparation and development of human resources;

e) a review of the corridor and the human resources for the results of the control and condition;

f) spolkuvannya stretch the process of completing frames.

4. Motivation:

a) spіlkuvannya z pіdleglimi і explanation of ім цілей;

b) viznazhennya norms dyalnostі;

c) direct reporting and certification by them for compliance with standard standards;

d) vinagorodzhuvati pidleglikh zgіdno z ix of indicators;

e) fair vinarodzhuvati i karate;

f) try to motivate the middle man with a slut to discuss the situation, what are you saying, and that is the vimog;

g) a review of that corroborating method of motivating the results of the control of the situation;

h) spilling out through the process of motivation.

5. Control:

a) lack of standards;

b) monitoring the results and the requirements of the norms;

c) directional vidhilen;

d) review and correction of results and control;

e) spіlkuvannya stretching the control process.

From now on, the skin functionality of the transfer of specific vimogs, as well as the skin function of protecting the receipt of the account until the weekend. Yak for the first time, my first and last report and look at the functions.

Ale slіd mean, what is served?

  • Nyu has a day-to-day function of managing financial resources;
  • no one may be recognized by the official bodies for sounding, as part of the functional management, scho, secrecy, hesitating sovereign leaders; they are introduced to the hundredths of ZI ZMІ, by huge organizations, and by government structures to the skinny.
  • familiarity with the functions of not separating the sovereign and private governing, shy of letting go, which will have two equal points of equal control.

For the most part, the role of the sovereign authority is necessary, the need is necessary for the government, private owners and private administrators, as well as the essence of value.