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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

4.2. State and private management

Functions of management: organization, staffing, motivation, control - all the aspects, management for all aspects of management, it’s possible to represent the elements of management that are completely culturally friendly.

“Management of business and unit at the best of unreasonable moments” (Kernagan i Sigel), - with the goal of adding and managing the sphere of government and private control. Zmіst tsogo vislovu in that, whichever is the most important sphere of the sovereign and private governance is less important, but the lower is the more private and the state governing. The reasons for these retail outlets are based on two aspects of sovereign governance:

  • The great scale and reliability of the program and the program, which includes all - see the smith’s vision to the national defense. Privately managed by the great state organizations and corporations could not function in such small areas of activity.
  • The state is controlling in a visible visible political medium.

The process of increasing the confidence in the democratic systems of greater compromise, the quickness and the skill of the negotiations, as well as the need for private kerivnikov. Dismissed by the ruling of the sovereign clergyman is the number and often the most superlative.

From now on, we’ve gone through a business trip, which really means realistically, objectively enriched the distribution of power and private management (Table 4.1).

Table 4.1




State administration

Private management



Direct your activity to the satisfaction of our customers.

Observing a little



Satisfied with consumer services




have time

Nemaє clear reading



Legal middleware

The law seems to be robotic; Significantly higher number

Law zagalom even to the administor lishe about those who are robbed

The problems of the consolidation of the huge service and the benefit, the recognition of the results of the duty and the legal obligation to become the main day and night of the government and private management. Methodical activities include such nutrition, as the system and personnel, hours and prospects, critical criteria, effective plans and their evaluation methods (Table 4.2).

Table 4.2




State Kerivnik

Private Kerivnik


Hour perspective

Vuzkі hours obrії, I’ll explain a half-hour dyalnistyu and hereditary vibrations in winter

Wide clocks for technology development, products and markets


Trivial retraining for pos_

It’s a really short term for getting on the road through the singing and political mіrkuvannya

Well-known term for getting to the place, because of what you can smell the most recent in your days, you can celebrate the greatest amount of pleasure on vacation


Separating the system to staff

Take advantage of merit, especially in the big world exchanged with the clerk at the cunning timid middleman (separated from the vibrant candidate for landing, for the first time I’m skinny)

Decriminalization significantly less


Justice and Efficiency

Justice is the effectiveness of efficiency: often the power to function is not limited to the right of effectiveness, but for the sake of fairness and good faith

Persh for all efficiency


The process of adoption

Vimagaє greater performance with less appreciation and allowance and more than one hand and respect from the side

Є Be careful to close the gap, often go in the same way in an obmeshchennomu count osib


The role of Presi, ZMІ

I’m quick to take the time to pay respect to the side of the ZMI, the participants in the whole process to finish the meal often get rewarded by the way.

Squeeze є blow over


Reconfiguration і к-


Posladyatsya on the reflux, vspliv, compromise through the rose of power and vіdpovіdalnostі

To take advantage of the rewarding chiu for the sake of their own dyalnosti; management є authoritarian and directive

Zakіnchennya tab. 4.2



State Kerivnik

Private Kerivnik


Legislative and ship fuel

Strong glimpse: in fact, I’m much better parting at the right time, reacting to the law, which is handwritten, that’s how to stop talking about those that stink

Intense suttuviy (especially in the minds of the transition economy and the permanent reserves in the dignity of legislation), but not strong


Sumarna lіnіya - that’s that rіznitsya, a yak yes

All rights reserved

Estimated criterion of total sum


Vimіruvannya resultіv dіyalnostі



From now on, the sovereign kerivnikov should bring a private message to a private one, they must go far beyond the boundaries of the official organization.

The sovereign kerivnik maє also has a representative organization. The Center for Functional Management is avenged in the middle of the middle of the organisation. Representation of the organization transfer є yak spіlkuvannya, so і zv'yazki z gromadskіstyu.

Representative office of the transfer є dyalnіst, ryamovanuyu at three official warehouses:

A. Zovnіshnі structures of the organization, so as to interchange with the highest quality. In order to improve the organization, I have given the organization the opportunity to coordinate, coordinate and coordinate my activity.

B. Independent organizations - to keep up to the last ministries, branches, as well as represent the registered organizations, for some reasons the organisation, as well as the same ones to be affected for the whole business.

S. Presa ta gromadsk_st - want to be better informed by comments or to add to the organisation.

The sovereign kerivnik maє uvidomlyuvati leather iz zih zovnіshnіh warehouse and in quick method and that protect the organization of the sovereign kerivnik will be represented in the process of appreciation.

The sovereign kerivnik maват formvati і pіdtrimuvati tіlі organizatsіzatsі ta її кінцеве виживання. The sovereign kerivnik dіти have a politicized and competitive middle ground, de respect and might be quiet, hto praise rіshennya, duzhe obmezhenі. Yak naslidok, sovereign kerivnik mak shukati sob_ allynik. Trying to work through healthy messages from the side of the engine, as well as servicing the organization. The state organization has been able to expand the base of customers, in general, as a rule, to privatize private property.

Vibration is so important for the bureaucrat, as for the politician, I’ve got it right, they’re not too bad to help the agency successfully formulate and give in to their programs, and, well, to be more important, you can help them to do the same for you, .

The function is sound with a huge number of signs, and itself:

  • direct internal organization of the widest number of people, and the use of these at the center of respect;
  • zerezhenzhennya of respect for the practical principles, plans for the program of the organization’s organization;
  • privacy management access to information about the organization;
  • secured success and amusement of organizations in the largest political environment.

The sovereign kerivnik of goiters ’zvitvati calls before the bulk and carry in front of her. Riznitsya middle democratic and total systems in the informational bulk and the representative organization of the wiggle such an order. For the dictatorship of the need for propaganda, so as to bring the correctness of the order. For democratic functions and information about the large number of people involved in politics, you should not lose out on widespread facts, but only if you stimulate the supporters of the world to discuss their problems and participate in public discussion of these problems, as well as the democratization of them before they can be resolved.

It is important to assimilate, that all the state authorities, the functional functions of the representative office. Be-yak dyya, scho її sovereign kerivnik vikonuбо as well as an uncomplicated vikonati, cope with those on yak sprymayetsya state organization. With great peace, there’s plenty of energy for the development of the city of Dovіri Mіzh of the huge group and the detachment, without which we can’t function more often than not. Representation of the organization of maiddzerkaluvati t vimogi of truthfulness, honesty, integrity of service, as well as being placed before the professional state service. Tse maє buti in part obov'yazkіv skin sovereign service.