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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

4.3. Style and management methods

Style - sukupnіst priyomіv vplyu kerivnika in yogo dyalnostі; the manner of behavior is well-documented, so that they can be beaten on them by the method of reaching the organisation.

Understanding the style of completely storing us in front of the most peculiar curvature. Moreover, the indiviual style є in its special form is the renewal of the virological function of the core function of the regular regulation of the special interactions among the members of the ordained group. Prior to the sub-operative characteristics of a cricketer, you can recognize the style of your cure, introduce the culture, the culture of the past, the level of professional mastery, the special character and temperament, the moral character and spirit.

The kerivnik’s style is dictated to us before an agreed method, as a way of knowing how the character of the yogi and the yakiy win is guilty of ordering his will. Vihodyachi z tsogo, about the effective warehouse style so: law of management; specificity (functional designation) of the sphere of specific dyalnosti; vimogas, like hanging up to the core with a suspension of their competence, delovitosti, individuality, special brutes, morality, temperament, character is skinny; social psychological psychology and work out (to become, become, qualified, professional, consume skinny); specifics of the system (її values ​​and requirements, management structures and technologies, functions, functionalities of the core); virobniche sredovische (technological virology virobnitstva, form organization organizations, securing virologic resources); peculiarities of the bricked collective (structure and quality of preparation, the nature of formal and informal relationships, traditions and traditional ornate); Rivne of management; help that priyomi management, like vikoristovyvayutsya other curious. Assigned warehouse style to recognize special features in the clerical activities of the state system of virological functions and functional regulation.

The style that I’m keen on is kerіvnik, postіyno perebuvaє in the polі zora yogo pіdleglikh. Vin singing rank otsіnyuєtsya that sprimayatsya them. Bagato inherit his cairn, pretend to be his copy. The robot style is pidleglich atestuє хikhnіkh kerivnikіv so self-consciously, as the behavior of children is ikhinh dad.

The style of kerivnitsva is fallow of the stage of the delegation. The priority is possible to:

directive (vkaz_vniy) - non-silence the weekend pidleglimi vkazіvok kerivnika without hearing before ikhnіkh mіrkuvan;

authoritarian - kerivnik himself virishuє, scho і yak necessary to zrobiti, domagayuschsya singing ініцівативі від підлеглих;

democratic - rіshennya get involved in the negotiation;

delegating (yakiy nadіlya нов to the most important) - members of the group praciut practical self-employed. It’s good for the temple to be sure that it’s safe and sound, to recognize the hats and how to make the way for problems.

Leather of perelіchenih styles Got svoї perevagi i nedolіki.

Directive style

  • shortkotermova efficiency, shvidkіst;
  • chіtke pіdporyadkuvannya - prazivniki know that kerivnik і scho treba zrobiti;
  • Much can be more productive, especially in short terms.

Before the short notice:

  • pracivniki whose style does not fit;
  • streamim profesіne zrostannya i rozvitok;
  • can bring up to high planknosti frames;
  • It’s possible to integrate the potential of ideas on one side.

Tsey style p_hodhodit:

  • if you’re looking at the new zavdannya;
  • if there is no reach;
  • if treba is to randomly see the robot;
  • if the prince is reluctant to take on the robot’s weekend;
  • As a result, a great peace was won over by the result

The authoritarian style is stagnant, as long as the practitioner is a podlegliy progressively nabuvova osviduu and competence, to fix the healed yogo to accept the decision. Stosunki with pracіvnikom at priynyatі rіshen to get partner.


  • effectiveness and privacy;
  • zrozumіlo, hto є відповідальним;
  • it is possible to regain ownership without remorse;
  • rozvivaє pracіvnikіv, so as not to have a dignified access to dostvidu;
  • yes more guarantee that you take the right decision.


  • not spreeє to the professional zrostannyu of the praxivnik;
  • Acting pracivniki may not be matched anyhow Wiklikati in their image;
  • we can bring to plinnosti frames, as long as the princes find robots worthy of access.


  • if pracіvnik nabuvaє dosvіdu that knowledge;
  • if the prince is singing the world of knowledge from his robot;
  • if the pracivnik will directly hide and take yomu.

In a democratic style, the principal takes care of the main part of the range and the range, the change to the rate.

Pratsivnik take care of the main part of the vision and obov'yazkіv, and all the authoritarian style, go from time to time to consumption.


  • spriya є healed pracіvnikіv to rozv'yazannya virobnichih problems;
  • є possible for professional zrostannya pracіvnikіv;
  • pіdtrimuє singing hour vіdchuttya satisfaction at pracіvnikіv.


  • taking away from the manager bagato for an hour;
  • the one who can’t cope with his obligations, can sabotage the whole organization, in the same way;
  • do not think about the idea of ​​better presentation of the organization’s interests;
  • Zmіni to become a Dzherel konflіktіv, and pracіvniki can be magnetized uniquely Zmіn.


  • if a highly qualified competitor;
  • if a precedent and a clerk present and that decision.

In the case of delegating style, the praznik (pidlegliy) knows that the principle of prudence is paid to the new.


  • I stimulate the profession of growth and practical training;
  • pіdtrimuє trival hour hour productive;
  • positively spray up with other praxis; Effectively, as a matter of fact, with your post-siblings, odnodumtsy;
  • maximally stimulate creative zusill;
  • viv_lnyaє hour for the manager.


  • do not be more effective, as a matter of fact, do not mess up the bazhenya, but you can’t get the robot around;
  • can win the problem with the booties with strong specialties, as if you are mistaken in power.


  • if the practitioner is healthy to take the opportunity to accept and realize the decision on himself;
  • if the prince є те рес рес рес рес рес при при при при при й при при при при при........ or при ик ик ик ик

The style of intercourse with the most diverse and interchangeable methods of management.

Method of management - for the sake of taking that, pouring cherries on the team for more than once victories, as well as for delivering deliveries before him. It is possible to absorb the two ways into the collective in the main ways: primus and stimulus (motivation).

At the first meeting, collectives should try out those who want to see everything, the other way - it’s practical for the person to use it, fragments of interest.

Dependently, the rewinding of the quietest and most advanced methods is possible by means of the method and method of regulation as regulated and stimulated (motivated). Regulatory methods Confirm the group of administrative-organizational methods (they are called organizational-regulatory, directive, legal, etc.); Incentive methods can be divided into two groups: economic (materially stimulating) and social-psychological methods (viral, morally stimulating).

The essence of organizational-administrative methods of training is that you can transfer the straight-willed volley of fuel to the collective. Under tsoyom guilty but without care, the sanctuary is punishable, the order and the order of the kerivnik are within the framework of the law.

Economic and social-psychological methods have the character of secondary (not direct) pressure on the collective.

Organizational and administrative methods are based on two methods: based on the basis of control and control, based on the basis of delegation.

With the first method, curvatures do not delegate their respect to pleglegim. Tse Yaskraviy butt authoritarian style kerіvnitstva. Active activity is attached and not developed. If the method is better, then you can get a good result if you have clearly identified the resources, technology, and technology. Potrіbna tіlki chіka і yakіsna robot.

Zmіst і zavdannya another method - to translate the estimate and the lower level to the lower low level. Those who can navigate on the lower trenches, those who are guilty there, come round. Ale control system is guilty of pratsuvati. The delegation has three warehouses:

- check statement;

- a strict framework for the adoption of the decision, the financial means of secrecy;

- Read Rosemozhuvannya v_dpov_dalnost_.

Stimulate methods based on the basis for additional motivation and the basis for the results.

The first method of reasoning on a vodogo interest, interest, mood, special needs, and also on the need for integration of people with organizational needs, as it is for a new home.

In the basis of another method - prescribing the results with a decentralized system of care, so that the skin can benefit from specific results. Kerivnik of such pidrozdіlu is guilty of taking on himself such obligations:

  • Make a viable contribution to the achievement of economic results.
  • Take on your own self for the concentration of effort in victorious and vigorous abilities to gain significant results.
  • But, a regular systematic, targeted and organic visitor should be taken care of in his own area of ​​the robot and in the organization as a whole.

Style and methodology await you for specific management in the organization. The main warehouses are part of the effective core.

The first mind of the effective curriculum є kolegionalnost. When the number of points is too large, it’s face-to-face and tearing apart and tearing up the initiative, working environment, and discipline. There are many members of the team, including those with a core, may have a character, and as a rule they can confront, the core is not virulent.

In some control systems, thoughts are thoughtful, which is that kerivnik is guilty of a lot of special features, the main part is the will, the other way is to be sure that the picture comes from the weekend. However, in the minds of today, there is a lack of freedom and a greater value and more interest in understanding before the problem, there are more opportunities for people to do so.

By the available warehouse part of the effective style of the curriculum є vmіnnya vtіlyuvati zhyttya namіchenі programs. The priest’s duty is to wait for a break from the sphere of quick respect for the large number of people, especially for the number of winners at the festivals, chi wards in general, publicly placed before the churches. With it, it is important that it’s important not only to correctly formulate the position, but the first one to convey it to rumors.

An important warehouse part of the effective style of the word є the unity of the word and the word in the word of war. Practice will show you how to find the best results for your children and those who are curious, as if wait for them to be corrected by this principle. In general, we’ll set the goals for state plans for government, take the goiter’s job, and at the same time bring the help to the end — characterize the effective style of the robot.

Warehouse part of the effective style of curvature є also the competence of curvilineer in commissioned reference.

The order of the dichotomy of the cherries is of greater significance for the form of the style of the cherries. May і moral morality. Bezumovnoyu vimogoyu to kadrіv upravlіnnya Je їhnya chesnіst i pravdivіst before kolektiva i okremimi Yogo members. Namagannya to fool the members of the collective of business counterparties, to lose the soundness, to give them an opportunity to bring chaos into the management, to envy the economic organization and moral integrity of the members of the collective. It is more insufferable than the amusement of the two sextonals — the mind is important in the curious style of kerivnitsva.

Yakіst kerіvnitstva bagato in which to lay down in a creative way before help. Kerivnik is guilty of the generation of ideas, manifest self-confidence, it is pleasant to lead a joke.

Suttovoy rice kerivnik є yogo і пост пост п п оск вд вд вд вд вд вд вд вд вд вд вд вд оск вд вд вд вд вд вд оск вд вд вд вд вд. The skin kerivnik is guilty of memory, generally systematic with himself, rejuvenating with new methods of organizing management, activating and maintaining advanced learning, attaining science and technology - the most important obov'azok. Today's style of care is secured by business, knowledge, leisure, understanding of people with people, winning ххнє дівір'я, and understanding of them.

Practically the current style of kerivnitsva is guilty of singing vimogs, the main ones are those:

  • wrapping up the pre-requisite і vіdpovіdalnost mіzh okremimy lanki і pratsіvnikami aparatu management, including і mіzh among the defenders of the quarry;
  • more often, informing a member of a collective about the need for that criterion, accepting food from that one, and also learning all about it before preparing and selling food;
  • handing out the vikonannya of specific entrances to the people of the city with their health, a little knowledge and knowledge;
  • respectfully setting to the proposition, fucking idle;
  • zgurtuvannya to the team, the meeting is positive among the members of the business community with positive informal sounds;
  • tackling into a team of intolerant setting up to liars of discipline and namagan to find a lack of knowledge in robots, wandering in people of good faith and principles;
  • Manifestation of will and persistence through the method of hourly and tacitly Visa.