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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

4.4. Typical favors, negative and positive kakivnika

Accumulations of dosvіd permissionsєvidobrazovat negative negativity kerіvnikіv.

Kerivnik is not guilty of cheating all food from above, but is guilty of manifesting initiative, self-discipline in the framework of giving rights to you, within the framework of legality. Nothing else can be better for business, the manifestation of a curvilineer:

- passivity;

- nerіshuchostі;

- reinsurance;

- phobia.

Yak having recognized V. І. Lenin, "... in the skin wake and with all without exceptions, the duty is to be supervised by the most accurate instances of the special condition of the dermal individual for the exact deed. Bezvidpovіdalnost, as if to pretend to be forbidden to collegiality, є naynebezpecheniy evil ...

Kerivnik is not guilty of reassessing one’s dignity, one should critically put oneself up to the results of a robot, meaning one’s special qualities and one’s role in success to a team, not being conceited, not boasting of special achievements, not respecting oneself irreplaceable.

Kerivnik is guilty of recognizing vicariousness in the collective of such apparitions, as forest, pidlabuznitsvo, dodogzhannya. Kerivnik is guilty of all reluctance and forgiveness, do not show any elements of swagger in the case of condemnation. Such is the behavior of the vernacular temple culture of the clergyman, who privates to others and helps to organize business in the collective.

Pracіvnik, who is a bit confused, has become unreliable and powerless. Alya needs some memory about those who are lost, as a rule, a warlock, and I’m sure to win a senseless interpretation of order. The leather curviline is guilty of memory: if right pagan, then it’s not clergy who’s blaming it, but clergy.

The analysis of practical robots, as well as literary drafts with the help of a series of typical pardons, can be explained by the manifestation of negative meanings of currencies and by the incomprehensible rosma of them.

  • Nevmіnnya transfer part obov'yazkіv pidleglomu. Bagato kerivnikіv, especially the cob, don’t want to pass on your news to those who want to stink, to know how to do it yourself, because you need to be afraid of it, because the transmission of both of them will be so weak. The transmission is more important - all the time, and the need to develop it.
  • Vіdkladlenny robots. We’ll all be able to report to the robot, especially if we get boring. On the next day you’ve got the following: a robot, the same way as the next day, the next day, I wish you less than the last hour. One hitch to the most important problems - to see one year per day and to dedicate the very same robot, as I would like to know the world. Often such a robot for less than a year is less than a pragmatic and tedious one, but it’s been checked.
  • Nevmіnnya cope with clerical work.

Without a hitch, I’ll enter the robot and take the hour. We know all the words of the clergy, tables of some kind of people who have office workers who have a clear view of their documents and their documents. We also know the words of the clerk, as well as the most important ones, only if the number is overwhelmed with a cup of paper.

  • Conducted unprecedented gatherings. What became b, if we didn’t spend all the time? Why did they climb? Yaka meta zborіv? How much time do you need to take a look? Who is guilty of the presence? What is the best hid zboriv? What time is it for vibrano to spend? If it’s, then if you spend more beautifully? The nutrition kerivnik is guilty of putting himself to drive a skin fence, remembering about those who take an hour from you in the past.
  • On the other hand, sounding the bells and whistles on the other side of the city. Such a curler is not about business, but about prestige. Collections ce rosumіyut. Rosumі і vishchiy kerivnik. The result, as a rule, is vidomy.
  • Rejection of the mother order is from herself strong p_dleglikh. In reality, tse zrozumіlo. Ale without strong p_dleglikh it is important to achieve a good result. Kerivniks with dosvidom robots spin on strong and competent pidleglikh.

Sovereign Kerivnikov to see the bagato roles in the early hours. Kerivnikov Maybutnogo bring buti coordinator, catalyst, supplier of reserves. Vidovnovno, kerivnik will be pleased with the moral leader, mediator, coordinator, and not Tim, who kind of punish.

Characteristics of Rice and the Skills of a Good Sovereign Cairn (behind Chase):

  • good skills of negotiation and reconfiguration;
  • conquered and protected by the community, secured through victorious ZMІ;
  • mobility at reception and acceptance, fragments of an hour of rest in the village may be short;
  • good skills at the staff and personnel management for productive productivity and productivity.

Yakshko kerіvnik maє so risi, then vin mozhe (for Chase):

  • Zdobuvati і zberіgati pіdtrimku political leader;
  • p_dbirati potrobny people;
  • Virishuvati, Yakі programs Slіd Vikonuvati and Yak Sami needed Vikonuvati (planuvannya);
  • buti will be absorbed in reality;
  • with a new miracle of vikoristovuvati pidleglikh;
  • coristuate slightly without being in the order, so as not to lie down;
  • vikoristovuvati quietly osib pose by a detachment, so as not to lie down;
  • adequately evaluate your programs.

The European association of the director of services to the staff appealed to such an ideal portrait of a clerk, who has a clear view of the function of personnel management: “We are guilty of this punctual, methodical, dynamic, honest, compassionate, kindly, , a psychologist, a kind-hearted auspicious person, a young adult, a humane buti. Win is guilty of hearing rumors and wiklikati doviru. "