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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.


5.1. Essence and management of human resources

In order to reach goals, to stand in front of the organization, the victorious resources. Resources are traditionally divided into three main groups: natural, natural, material and human. Resource management is at the core of the management organization.

Managing people is a component of managing whether the organization is on the basis of managing material and natural resources. Along with their characteristics, people have come to know more and more resources, I need to, I need to use special management methods.

In the first place, people are affected by the intellect, and the reaction to the demand (control) is emotional and not mechanical, but it means that the process is related to the organization and the process.

In a different way, people are up to the last Sunday and development. In the early period of their life, Dityn, to walk in, speak, read, write, join with a computer. Come to the robot, lyudina zdobuva professional proficiencies, as well as thoroughly stretch out all the cars. In the minds of ordinary scientific and technological progress, if technology is needed, and at once with them, the professional skills are extended by the maximum number of years, the maximum number of employees is necessary for the most important

In the third place, the work of living people needs to be promoted in an indispensable suspension of 30–50 years, prominently, fully people and organizations can be mother of pre-party character.

In the fourth place, on the basis of the material and natural resources, people come (in most cases) to the organization of the house, with the designated goals and check the help of the organization in real estate. I am satisfied with the cooperation of the organization with such necessary mental and technical advancement, as I am with the satisfaction of the organization.

Remaining, no less important, the specialty of human resources is important for those who have unshakable skin, not one for two absolutely identical people. Vidovdno, the reaction of the members of the organization to one and the same method of management can be completely reznoyu.

By virtue of the described nature, the specifics of managing human resources є a special kind of dyalnosti, vimagaє the appearance of special functions and the manifestation of special vivacity in quiet people, as well as being engaged in the price of dyalnosti. Managing people in a creative (and not mechanical) way, an end-to-end and second-hand perspective when taking all the decisions.

The essence of managing the human resources of the field is that people are set to compete, compete, motivate, develop, and develop resources at once with uninterrupted strategic reach. All of the visibility has given a clear message to managing people’s resources and organization’s goals. People’s resources for meeting people need to meet a health organization’s organisation, not just a job vacancy.

Vazhlivim time of kadrovoї polіtiki priynyattі spetsіalіsta at the service of Je nayavnіst vіdpovіdnoї to Yogo zdіbnostey, kvalіfіkatsії, dosvіdu vakantnoї planted, at tsomu obov'yazkovim Je dіysna zatrebuvanіst pіdpriєmstva in danomu spetsіalіstі, іnakshe Yogo nayavnіst in strukturі Je zmarnovanim kapіtalom not lishe for organіzatsії, ale For an indiviual, healthy, and obduvuvannya do not have to pay more attention to the whole world.

Naybilsh in the distance it is possible to characterize the instrument of managing human resources, breaking the method of managing the economy, de-transitioning the state command system to the system of market economy.

Confessed to the socialist principle of hierarchy, centralized organization and access to bagato, and power to characterize the peculiarities of traditional authoritarianism: due to the lack of confidence, the lack of confidence marriage dovіr to third parties, respect for the service and social camps and vіra to the moral and legal system. Centralization control and expansion of the great and small organizations, which may be necessary for the practice of HRM. The middle of the European-wide curriculum and dos is broadened by the position of unique grace.

If Victorists practiced practical methods of HRM, divided into approaches, based on self-esteem, motivation, material and moral preoccupation, then the need for additional human resources became the pen-and-glove system.

Management systems, which are available in our country in Ukraine, may be changed, if you have a quick call for a closed, more closely-tuned ULR system. Kolishnya socialist system of HRM was characterized by such rice:

  • vertical control system, de punched down the mountains;
  • centralized staffing through the work of the organization;
  • cadre planuvannya zg_dno with nav'yazanymi plans virobnitstva.

For the sake of the system, it’s possible to do the same with the new system;

  • horizontal system of management, de spіlkuvannya і coordination іdbuvayutsya seamlessly on the horizontal organіzatsіyno structure;
  • the delegation of personnel functions to other organizations with the control at the side of the central view frame;
  • the introduction of a functional plan of human resources at the top plan and organization.

For the benefit of the HRM, to bring to the disposal of new methods of training, motivation, and training for the training of people who are sovereign, as well as of private companies and organizations. Sprintyattyh of these new personnel methods ґruntuєtsya on the fundamental zmіnі otsіnok, shutter, glance at the okroditsy pracіvnika and robіtnik; The new culture of managing human resources is new. Nayimovirnee, in Maybuddy there is a singing for the evil of cultural values ​​and vidnosin schidnoy and foreign cultures, ale tsilkovita asimіlatsіya malojmіvrna, cultural fragments may be different characteristics. Guidance given to the change of visibility, so that I can take into account the exchange of traditions between the Descent and the Sunset in the world, if I become aware of the new practice of the ULR:

  • Scheme: stability is important; emphasis on working on one with a collective - lyudina ст with the whole collective; important protocol, service and social establishment; wisdom is that you should recognize the special conflict.
  • Zahіd: bagatstvo is important nizhny r_vnіst; to vote timidly at іndivіdualіzmі - lyudina є істотаю індивідуальну; discipline in service transfer; blessing spriyє prestige, special rosvitkovі; important nevimushenіst that competence; the non-morality of culture and culture; CONFLICT є Jerel of creative energy, as a kind of management.

Social protection practitioners of the HRM:

- The presence of sense of indivisibility of indi- vidual chi group indicators: osklki vikonanna plan to bluno head motive, then the plan often came to grips with a hat forgeries about the release of products; no bullet criteria, for yakim it is possible to bully vimіriati efficiency and productivity dіyalnostі; All the indicators were not blamed for in the social practice of HRM.

- Compensation system is spiraling on compromise and talk between the clerk and the robot. The premature blasphemy of the often frequented outward pay of the payee, but in the minds of the socialist system of stench, became the cause of persistent conflict situations. The situation is described by Pirs (Ugorshchina): “Traditions of Ugorsk management are wise to say that robots should pay a fee for those who just want to go to work, but if they really want to get rid of it, then you have to pay for it.” The prizes did not give impetus until the end of the work of the overnormal robots, their appointments were given a boost to the robots of the robot. In such minds, there will be a kind of system of winery that is stimulated by becoming a victim of the created rosemary designation.

- Prosuvannya on the service of the protector of prototypes, who started to build all the motives of praznivniki schoto zrostannya kvalіfіkatsії, sanctification of the skinny. Hiring a robot, getting a job by starting at special calls, and not at actual academic and technical indicators, know the specific characteristics of a particular individual.

- The presence of a clearly defined range of special and group expectations, the availability of readiness to accept a specific decision, which means that there was a good chance of a good result, The first answer is that you don’t praise the decision, but rather about the detailed ordering and more than the need to reprimand the rest of the day.

On the present day, we began to see the winter in the system of HRM. Everything is more and more manifested, such as the storage of elements of a system that will significantly improve the atmosphere in work collectives. It’s a pity, such attempts are becoming more and more stagnant in commercial, private enterprises and organizations, as well as the authorities establish that organization for the old vertical command system.

The HRM is stockpiled with bagatokh etapіv. By head steps, chi functions, you can see the following:

  • Planning of human resources;
  • Nabir candidate and vidbir candidate;
  • designation for landing that orintaziya;
  • go and rosette;
  • Estimation of indicators