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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

5.2. Plan of human resources

The first plan for human resources (PLR) is the annual number of years, if any, for which you will be qualified, for which price will be used for the implementation of projects. Basically, zavdannya plan for human resources (at the university’s significant) is stored in secure implementation plans from the point of view of the human factor - workloads: their number, number, productivity, cost of them. Under-planning of human resources is expensive for organizations and can bring up to twelve valuable resources. At the same time, more efficiently planning the human resources is positively influenced by the results of organizing tasks:

- Optimization of staff victories. A more detailed plan of permission is possible and productive, and by the way, in the absence of claims, the potential potential is increased in the way of expanding public relations, the translation of public services into financial research, and the reorganization of the laws and regulations;

- The process to the robot will be more comfortable. Planning with information about the need for organizing staff, who can help you to keep up with the candidates for the plan, reduce the need for unnecessarily critical situations, and make sure that there is no need to do so;

- Organizing professional navigation. Human Resources Plan є the basis for the plan and the implementation of professional navigation. Letting a plan allow you to secure the necessary qualifications pracіvnikіv.

Dzherela consumer organization requirements for personnel. Shchob viznachiti consume organizatsii in human resources, necessary rosumity, in full of yak chinnikіv stinks form. Oskіlki organizatsії є vіdkritimі social systems, іhhnі consume in people who want to cope with inwardly as internal, so і zovnіshnіh officials.

Internal officials. Consume the organizations in the practice to lay down the Persian for all kinds of things, to stand in front of her, for realizing any necessary human resources. Chim specific organization, price, more clearly, consume in consumer goods, which are necessary for realizatsii.

Officials. Please be sure to fill in the bills for the organizing organization, the official, the most important, as you can, without delay, pour on the mill the price - the work force for the most important organizations.

Macroeconomic parameters. The temperament of economic growth, the level of inflation and unemployment, the structural benefits of strong influence on the strategy of organization, so on the market.

The development of technology and technology can be carried out by the cardinal man of society by consuming the organization in practice. Adequate to guess the personal computer, which is why they’ve replaced millions of people in private life.

Political resources can be used to consume human resources and become a part of the domestic market through the legal framework (the new regime, social insurance system, the national legislation), the regulation of macroeconomic parameters, and the establishment of a recognized international policy.

Methods for predicting human consumption. Rosemary of the dynamics of officials, so as to absorb on the consumption of organizations in the public, the basis of the plan of human resources. Special Organizational Victory Methods of Planning.

Extrapolation - the most simple and often Victorian method, a kind of polygon in the postponed current year situation on Maybutn.

The privatization of the method of extrapolation in the second most accessible, the alternation of the pole in the immobility of the loss of the servant in the development of the organisation of the middle treasure. The method for approaching short-term planning and for

organization with a stable structure, such as a stable middle environment. Bagato organization is corroded by the method of coordinated extrapolation, a certain amount of money is included in the official terms, as well as the number of signs is increased in productivity, and the price is higher.

Expert evaluations - the method to get started on the thought of special specialists to visually consume human resources. Vіddіl people’s resources to get involved in the collection and processing of the assessment. Depends on the number of organizations and the number of linear currencies for which you can choose the following methods: a group negotiation, a written look (if you have a skinny method, it’s important to know more and more) Remaining is a written dialogue between people and people and a group of experts. The result of the dialogue is reached by the consumer in the public.

Transition to the method of expert evaluations to participate in the participation of the loyal kerivnikov, their knowledge and dosvid to give the plan to the additional car in the eyes of the other kerivnitsva. Shortcomings to the method of sounding labor input and processing of expert thoughts, as well as sub-activity judges.

Computer models are a set of mathematical formulas, so you can immediately try the methods of extrapolation, expert estimates, as well as information about the dynamics of officials, so that you can get more information on your needs. Models give you the opportunity to find the most accurate forecasts for consumers. Ale visoka price, as well as the need for special knowledge, intersperse vikoristan.

Planning people’s resources is two ways:

- socialist polygon reacting to missions from the center, mid-term for short-term virobnitz tasks;

- Marketplace to focus on the integration of human resources at the strategic level of organization and projection of their consumption on Maybutn.

The plan of human resources in the context of the sovereign sector is defined as follows: the process, for the help of some kind of pragne but singing, what’s my mother and my wife, how much I’m talking to you, how much I’ll keep on. Protea can be submitted, but given the right to renegotiate my private sector. When planning human resources, please pay attention to two tipi officials:

- Domestic officials: a reliable warehouse of working organization; vacancies, consume in new gardens; very fast staff (ringing, closing the line to the contract, lease for retirement); new organization structures and operations, such as a set of new principles and a new movement; pay and structure of labor and social vitrates.

- Officials: national rivie zanyannostі; Proposition and drink at the market for singing professional groups, as well as singing singing skills (managers, engineers, financially tooth); the number of vipuskniks of other primary mortgages, requested by the people of the state; kvalіfіkatsії, so as to enter the market prazі i yakі mayuyut singing rіven of competition; Forecast of Maybutnoe economic activity, pay and pay rim pay and pay payable; legal vimogi chi decrees should be accepted to the work of singing social groups.

You can include these signs in the plan plan. PCR is more than capable of thinking of actively acquiring computer systems, which will allow me to actively process information and model this resource from human resources.

Etapi rozrobki model PLR:

  • Visiting requirements for terms, qualifications, health and vimog;
  • vivazhnost maybutnіkh consumer vidno ryvnya explicit staff staff;
  • Hello to a set of new specialists, but rather to a staff with a prior appointment plan;
  • Planning and improvement of qualifications and qualifications with the method of recording of any winding glades in the personnel polity of the organization.

PLR will protect the information process in an ambush to take advantage of all of the fake careers of the FMR.