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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

7.4. Analysis of the management processes and rosrahunokh vitrat

7.4.1. Analysis of management processes

The reorganization of the management processes of the process is nonsense without the need for a straightforward analysis. Without knowledge of the weak issues in management processes in organizational, information technology and personnel, it is impotent of their national race.

By analyzing the management processes, a systematic region is documented, documents and estimates are based on the following criteria: vitrati, factor of the hour, and yakist. With the instruments of documentation, in order to learn more about practice, in the game, in the video, you can listen to the songs, a description of the processes, cycles, steps, and graphical processes.

As a method of analysis in the rest of fate, having recommended the method of calculating vitrat processes. Vitrati, so as to be surrounded by fragments of processes, are identified as part of a comprehensive calculation of vitrates on the basis of vitrates for the visions. Vitrati of the main processes can be matched with a hat piddsumovuvannya vitrat of private processes.

When calculating frequent vitrats, they can be called calculating sumi cover, nosy vitrats are recognized as less than singing vitrati, like they have wikis themselves. Yakshno yakіsnі vitrati it is not possible to close the middle without noses of vitrati, then such vitrati should be transferred to the virobic product.

A meta-analysis of the processes in the field is that you can take a look at the management processes in the complex and express the ability to find the picture about the real organization of management at the moment. For the whole, it is necessary to evaluate the process for explicit criteria. Through the practice of organizing practices, I go into analyzing the costs of the process, the performance of the process, the hour of the process, the performance of the process, and the process is closed.

The analysis of the processes is carried out in order to put the weak people in the organization of management processes and to reach a radical on-the-fly process. Often leads to Demba vistupaє nevdovolennya vnutrіshnovіdomchih klієntіv that klієntіv zzovnі, nezadovіlnі result revіzіy zvіtnostі, do updates structures in zv'yazku of novimi zavdannyami, zmenshennyam їh kіlkostі chi obsyagіv їhnoyu lіkvіdatsієyu abo, abo Well on pіdstavі vstanovlennya fact nevisokogo rіvnya organіzatsії. The details of the analysis processes were carried out as well, so long as the processors are arranged with the power supply and power supply and the process control system is being introduced. The organization of public administration is a structure, it’s designed to be functional. Such business doors often pass through separate and regular formalities with their formalities, such as extra charges, breaks in the input and output, which does not bring in a separate message.

The most common problems in such processes with the bagatom component labor costs з: free time (one hour, one needs to be booked for one’s documents, one has to spend more time for processing, one hour for transportation), double work at the weekend Oblast Danih. This is also the meaning of the need for communal and technical services, often the need for manual processing of documents on electronic and navpaki.

Organization of the process in the public administration - the process of understanding the functions, the structural link between the two and the minimum consumer demand. In management structures, such as process control and management processes, designate the organization of the interruption, rather than the methods that can be used to organize the structures. Zavdyaki to the whole management structures, as well as being involved in the process, go into the process of getting the product you need to save the service, but it’s a good idea for the customer. Regulators of the working process, for example, with a quick term of processing, declare a working condition, setting no need to save your internal resources, a little more satisfaction, you have to declare that you need to . In case of functional organization, the yak is arranged in the process, as shown by the result of a large number of active activities, which are carried out in a number of structural units of the organization. The functions of the organization, which are organized on a voluntary basis, must be reduced to quick, simple and economical virility, and if necessary, they will be subject to vimogs of internal classes.

At the center of respect, an hour is spent analyzing the organizational structures. There is a list of all the given structures. At the end of the day, the classification is carried out for the third edition: the distribution is divided into the head, other rows, fragments of the distribution, and so on until the lowest level of the weekend. Dalіyuyuyutsya nose nose зав zavdan, zmіst zavdan, termini processing and swear robots, scho mak udnoshennya before zavdan.

When looking at the data and analyzing the organization, it is designed to function, there are insufficient functions to protect those who need to be able to stay and take care of them. The normal order is to declare chi іnshі documents to pass the last hour of processing the bagato іnstancіy. The analysis of the organization, which is designed to be functional, ends, as a rule, in the institutional boundaries of the organization structural units. To do this, an analysis is furthermore dealt with in the course of a comprehensive review of the process, while installing between the functions and the structure of the installation process.

In case of organization, it is designed for processing, the subject matter of the analysis is not the functionality and functionality, but the nature of the operation, and the quantity and function of the products are different. The analysis of the organization, which is based on the process, the image is low, the process of managing the business in management, the number of events, and the price is higher. Such a weak message, such as an outlay, the destruction of the sphere, but the organization, the duplicate region and the accumulation of excess data are regularly systematic from the point of view in the process. Sounds of processes with internal and external technologies can be clearly visible, and at the same time with them, they can help you to enter reorganization areas for important areas.

7.4.2. Analysis Vitrat process

We are important in controlling tools for achieving increased vitality in the system of sovereign administrative administration in the process of vitality. The area of ​​process vitrates є a new methodology for calculating vitrats, so that you can go to the traditional region and dzherel vitrat in parallel. For the additional analysis of the view of the issue of health, the administrative and administrative issues of the jewelery and the process, in the case of the change of interest. For a secondary region of process vitrines, it is possible to identify and process in such a way that you look at the product as much as you want to, so that you run into the sound for the reason. Monitoring can be done by the oblast of professional vitrates to find it unprofitable to process an organisation of wadi and take into account the potential for protection.

Analysis of vitrate process ґ to get started on the method of calculating vitrat process. The method for calculating the vitrate process of a wincloth is a consumption method: a stink was required for additional tools for roseframes for indirect service areas. Business services at once with business facilities - important areas of profitability calculating vitrat. In the case of a public management system, the calculation of the vitrate process can be completed in the same way as all the processes, so as to bring to a result, so that in the whole system you can understand these, as well as in the field of complex industrial products.

When the vitrat analysis is performed, the vitrati process is subject to management processes and the order itself. Misc. Winnie Vitrat, when all the same, do not differentiate between the types of vitrats, but behind the processes and resources secured by them.

When the analysis is carried out, the process is required to complete the main and frequent processes. The main process is the low odd, the same order of magnitude and the same magnitude of the vitratum. This means that you need to show resources at the sphere of management when processing an application for business. You will need to signify an application, which will help you. For the main processes, you need to install the vitrati processes. The amount of vitrified water є, from one side, the size of the vimir for the resources, as a result, in process and the second one was brought up to the vitrats, and of the last one, the value of the vimir for the product, whose servants control the result. But the main processes for public management can include the following: processing applications for work, granting permission for working out, cancellation of expenses for completing work, servicing, and working out a dowry of stationery materials, a payroll payroll, a design of a person about a person.

In a frequent process, there will be a low rooted one within the framework of a single winery vitrat. A partial process can be performed in one order, but to bug the main processes. There is a great deal of frequent processes of one process of winery, but the same order is ordered for one head process. Analysis of frequent processes at most winners of structure, as a result, can be carried out in different ways: for additional structured analysis, analysis of documents, availability of services, and more information. Vartisny analysis of complex vitrates).

For those who have no rights, for those who are for the win-win vitrat, we can like the order of visibility, some of the processes they have are very respectable, and also factors that mean win-win. One of the most important moments for the structuring of private processes is to wait for guilty but the main processes for managing. As a rule, there is a wide range of head processes, then there is a small difference in the frequency processes of frequent winnings (for example, when the application is submitted: first, first, again).

Please note that frequent processes of demand are required, for which there is no need to process the costs of the product, for which they should be used only if necessary. These are frequent processes, so that you don’t lie down in the middle of the last characteristics, they are called neutral in the most meaningful way. By the butt of the private process, it’s not necessary to lay down the vid of indicators, є Kerivnitsto viddilu. Often process, which can be changed through the flow of characteristics, are called fallow product and product. For frequent processes, which are related to product loss, the value of vimir is set, and for other frequent processes, you can get the most significant value from the product. By the butt of the private process, to lay down the vіd kіlkіsnyh zmіn, є declare the process of re-processing. One vimіru, like a syudy vidnosyaetsya, called the number of applications.

Dalі vstanovlyuetsya spіvvіdnoshennya mіzh with frequent processes and kіlkіstyu personnel, scho є falling on them. At the most moment, when most of the time, most of the time, the personnel resources are available for the most experienced, and also plant it. When calculating the vitrate calculation, the process basically includes all vitraty tests, the analysis is carried out in some way, and then, for the reason, it is possible to reassess the process for the reasons of the win. If there are frequent processes that are neutral in terms of their performance characteristics, they are laid out in a proportionately proportional way to the cost of frequent processes, of persistent product characteristics. Piddsumovuvannya neutral vitrates and re-insurance of fallow vitrates showing the vitality process. With a gentry of the litigation of the vitality of the private process for vidpovіdnu kіlkіst odnits vimіru can voznachit the norm vitrat process in the private process:


After completing the analysis in a few vitrat pidrozdilu, a little vivchatsya, often the process is concentrated in the head. With a glance of the degree of igneous vitrates of the head process for the greatest amount of vimir, it is possible to deny the norm of vitrat process. Norm vitratus to the process in case of vitrati of a one-time conducting of the head process.


In the form of a vitrat, which is due to be permitted on weekdays, there is a presentation of a win-win vitrat: the front one is the main one, the one is allowed and the other is visible. Vrakhovuychi’s all vitrati, I’m falling into partly processes, I’m going to
by permission I expressly declare an application for work, the remaining process for the head process - “I can make an application for work”.

Process analysis пер to the first line with a tool, a kind of additional assistance є to identify problems. As part of the analysis, you need to know how to check on power, how to check the list of power for rework, so that you can see more about the structure of management processes.

If you acknowledge the supply of electricity, it is possible to sow the gadgets as a result of the organization process in Denmark at the moment, because of the apparent weakness, as well as about the potential power. Let’s come now that we’ve established a list of priority visits for a robot with a list of weak messages, denoted that I’ll be able to see the best perch management processes in order to optimize.

When reviewing the results of the analysis, it is necessary to win respect for the onset of mutual engagement: take the process of your attention to your potential to economy. Ratsionalizatsiya that accelerated processes lead up to the profitable vitrat and up to the reduced vitrat hour for processing the reference. Likewise, the change of hands and the forgiveness of the process, often for all, I beg for all my grace and that third step in the satisfaction of students.