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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

7.3. Visited products in the sphere of sovereign management and the calculation of costs in the current administrative management

In case of monitoring, it is necessary to recognize the products and services in the sphere of sovereign government, so that they can live up to their needs. The federal government of the sovereign administration of Nimechchini Bulo marked 98% of the products. The Ministry of Finance of Nіmechchini has set its management to commit to a new model of management by 2002, on the basis of which the products and tools of control will be signaled. The products are ready to be served. May I have no reason to live; I’ll bring back the pieces of stink from my vitrati.

For visualization of vitrate, calculate the calculation. For additional calculation costs, you can enter the price list for everything and choose the tariffs, deactivate the basis for organization, and also set up the main product for the next part. All the important role in Maybut is all important, because the administrative currencies of the nobility, the knowledge of the price, the price of the service are indicated for them, and the number of private structures is recognized.

as well as chi є peacefully apparent result.

For zasosovuvannya control it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the administrative product. As part of the management, the result is the completion of a product of a singing organisation. The result is to be achieved during the weekend of singing greetings, in which you are expected to receive a form of an explicit client (a large person, an international organization), it is irrelevant that if you drink it on a voluntary basis for any legal reason.

Visualization of the results can be achieved through standards (centralized management), as well as housekeeping about prices (Kerrnost through prices and dominosti). Structurization of the results allowed to recognize the main products of any group of products.

Products are based on the basis of administrative management. But not all administrative products are added for management and cherub. There is a need for a product at the group. A leather product is guilty of such a product, so that you can bring it to a singing group of products. The criteria for reaching a group of products may include: political and strategic aspects; aspecti obmіnu vitrat; Interests of the masses.

To take a decision in the management, a product description is carried out. In the product description, all the details are specified for the subject matter, the signs are set for the value, the groups, the values ​​are the same, the indicators are provided to ensure that the user can be protected.

Less than the required structural structuring of products and services is possible in order to cost the results that are covered by the oblast. By identifying the structure of the products (group, product areas), you can order the products for the environment and see the product. We’ll need to expand our product catalog (service). You need to enter a description of the singing install, but the catalog (catalog) is a systematic description of the results of administrative tasks, and not quiet views, which are necessary for the whole.

For the products of the servants, you must give the indicators of Yakosti. For the whole, it is necessary to defer management of an asset, the main elements of such an asset: rosrobka strategic iakostі; viznazhennya criterion of yakostі; development of a technique for viscous yakostі; concept of sound elements; Organizational closure for individuality.

Visualization of the products and services of the administrative management allows you to carry out the razrachunki calculating vitrates on them (products, services).

Traditsіynі tools of management do not allow the management of vikoristovuvati naavni resources. To that state administration is guilty of modernization and isnuyuchy instrumentation management.

Such vimogam vidpovіdaє calculation of Vitrat and results, therefore, before the date to be given, for some reason you can see the meaning, which reach the goal and effectively functionally manage.

Vitrati in calculating the need for discernment, svіdomіst spіvrobіtnikіv that kerіvnitstva zrostaє. In the system of state administration calculation of costs and results, you can show how to absorb bills and political initiatives on vitrati.

Regular calculation of the results and results of the policy is that the extra resources for extrapolating to the result of the virachuvati of the so-called “vihid” management dіy.

Prior to starting control, it is necessary to establish a conceptual organization of video views for the latest types, video views for the latest winnings, video views for the latest products and systems, and the result area.

The region of the species for the species of protection is more visible to the species of species; behind the words of the Holy See - the visitor, like seeing the video in the singing song; behind the noses - a show, for one of the products in the Vitrati winery. I want to regain the results є the region of the costs of the products and the requirements of the free resources for the overhaul for the latest products and the products for the long term installation.

Calculation of Vitrata and the result of the information, the yak is necessary for the management of efficiency. There is a characterization of the resources, which are necessary for achieving the desired result, their ability and effectiveness of achieving the supply of goals.

The basis of an effective system of control is the internal (control) region. To reach the goal of the rosrahunka vitrat, you need to sign up, like seeing the vitrata, you need to know, like seeing the winners, the winners are the same, there’s the only difference between the products and the results for the singing period.

Vikhіdnoy point rosrahunka vitrat є rosrahunok vitrat for species. Yogo zavadannya - viyaviti i frontly obrobitit vitrati. Klasifikatsiya vitrat behind species є the basis for the best distribution of the past and present. One part of the vitrat is directly insured for ob' ,kti, and the other part is for additional support for the observance of the observance and the need for sound.

The basis of the razrahunok sukupnyh vitrates є filed usich vitrates on single and foreign.

The leathery appearance of vitrates can be brought to the object immediately without any doubts for the help of another rosrahunk kofofitsіnta rospolet vitrat.

The rosrachunok of full vitrates is carried out on the basis of the actual vitra with pid-bag rosette and planned vitra with anterior rosette. Pidsumkovy rozrakhunok vikoristovitsya for control, forward - for the ordering of calculating. According to the final period of the actual Vitrati, they are planned and scheduled. Analysis of the need for information for managing the process.

Zdіsnennya rozrahunkovih vitrates for the visitor of the Holy Visa Visa to the organization. When the whole organization is carried out to soundly, for those who plan, they are visible and controlled are vitrati.

Viyavlennya mіsts vitrat peresіduє soі tsіlі:

- Planning and control of the economy there, de-viating and sounding in vim;

- Guarantee and accuracy of the Vitrarat hyrachunica when razrahrahnku ob'єktah;

- fiksuvannya, sosterezhenennya and upcoming pererahunok mіzh okremim dilnitsy in the organization.

For visualization and regulation of vitrat, it’s necessary to have a clear view, such as a healthy and healthy vitrati. Visiting of the structures beyond the center of the city is necessary for the preparation of the calculation. Slide takozhni viznachati kіntsevі

mіstsya viniknennya vitrat, yakі give me the opportunity to have a healthy calculation of vitrats on the production of any services.

Rozrakhunki vitrat after the fellow of the Holy Winner are three phases: the rozodil vitrat, the transferred vitrat, the narahuvann vitrat.

Rospodil zagalnyh vitrits zdіysnyuєtsya for the parameters, but for the auxiliary kofіtsієntiv. The basis of this principle is the principle of causality, identity, proportionality, permissible navantazhenen. Tobito vitrati, enriched by their reason, are insured identical to the results, in proportion to the marked basic parameter. The principle of permissible navigational polyagus is that the most up-to-date merchandise is fully disclosed to the product. To the world of acceptable navantazheny б zbut products and any oath of services. Let’s make it easier to spend time, let’s do it more quickly.

When rozpodіlі vitrat іsnu іznitsya mіzh direct and indirect rozpodіl zagalnyh vitrates. With direct rozpalі zagalny vitrati accurately vidnosyvatsya on the month vitrat. Їx can be called single vitrates of this given. In the case of indirect distribution of the incumbent vitrati, you cannot directly enter the same number of vitrats (payment of electric power, pay, management of advertising, insurance, rent, etc.). Overseas vitrines are available for more information.

Migrated vitrate during the drawing of the vitrat behind the Messenger of the Holy See - the completed Vitrat. In the course of the weekday stratum of the stench, reinsert yourself on the results of the entire installation.

Resetter result is to lay down the inside of the viral zv'yazkіv, so that the place of viral contact is in the middle of the vitrat.

Існує principle rіznitsya mіzh block-wise transfers and schematically transferred witrats. Block-by-block transfer of rozpodil vitrat at the watch block to the center without delay on

Kintsev Vitrat. In case of frequent transfer, the last number of days is fixed, since there is no problem, but in the front part there can not be any good day. Remained from the Vitrat, as a result, transferred to the Vitality far to the Visitor Vitrat.

The remaining phase is rosrahunka vitrat - ce õhnє narahuvannya on ob'kti. For narahuvannya it is necessary to know the value of the (base) value. So, the base value for material overheads is vitrates є an oath of liability for material for an outstanding period.

The rosrahunk Vitrat after the fellow of the Holy Winner can be taken for the help of the other rosrahunk vidomost. Tsera rozrahunok conducted at the table form. Vaughn will be such an order, so that you can see the vitrat rostashovuvalis in rows, and the mіstsya vitrat - stovptsyakh. The rosrachoon is held in two stages. On the first hand, try to make causal thinking about the order of the distribution of the igneous vitrates, which are included in the rosette of the vitrates, after the small one - according to the additional and the main few vitrates. When tsomu go about Narajuvannya on the first part of the vitrines.

On the other hand, there’s a change of view of the internal results. There is a mov about Narajuvannya on the secondary secondary vitrates.

The third warehouse part-time razrahunka of the vitrutine vitrates є ї є є є є є є є є на на на on objects. By means of a complete visa є a revenue check for a period and a unit of production and services, as well as secure information for carrying out a policy.

A single vitrachite sample for objects can be sold by the method of simple calculation (rose) and the method of national (itemized) calculation.

Simple calculation can be one-part and one-part access.

In case of one-part calculation of Vitrati for a group of objects, Vitratum is designated as a deductible sumi Vitrat for the period for the irrelevant number of products.

Bagatostupinchast will simply calculate the cost of the security, if one tries to navigate one standard product, it’s broken into a number of ways.

Vitrati on one unit ob'kktiv vitrat rozrakhovatsya yak for-

Galitia vitrati one etapu for one period per hour, divided by the number of incomplete and industrial products. The next virobic etap should have the result of the front etapu.

A rosette of vitrates for a single product is carried out for an additional itemized calculation.

Entering a rosette of vitrats for objects for one hour of the pole is that the result is a viral result for the first period. For a complete vitality of a period, income is earned.