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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

7.2. Tsіlі that zavdannya control at a plan

Controlling the permissive way to find the most effective hats to reach the supply of goals. For the most part, realities are set, such as can be done by our own forces in the victorious ministry.

There are two kinds of ideas - macroscopic (organisation) and microcircle (indivisible). Vikonannya with a leather partner of his goals for protection; the Viconanny was delivered to the organization as a whole. Tobko leather prince is guilty of buti vidpovidnym for the weekend of his lamentation. By means of є the assimilation of causes, and not the reproach of the winners. All right for all the reasons for the forgiveness.

Information is often provided to the organization on a daily basis about informing about the reference, on the basis of which it is possible to rob correct visnova. All the more weakly, especially, if the organization has enough financial resources. In this situation, information is small and of great significance for the regional victorious management.

Revision of the exact and vivified core є creation of a functionally functional system of planning and development. As soon as more specific, then the plan of the dyalnost means the necessary visibility. In addition, the plan of transferring the payment of the stake, the need for self-reliance, and the possibility of realizing the order for realizing the value.

Planning of activities aimed at achieving the supply of goals. Tse zmushuє osib, vidpovidnykh for the plan and take the decision, assure the delivery of the values, formulate and optimize them. The written execution of the plan is a whirlwind document for the control and the attack of the cherub.

Central instrument of administrative management є planuvannya. For additional control of the planning process, it is possible to coordinate and realize the optimal result. Monitoring of your best wishes to ensure that I have the basic information for planning, for the weakness of the process in general, for the long term for the future and for the future. Own business experience with the development of the plan, the technology of the information technology.

The process of planning is repaired by laws, decree, regulation and materials on the basis of which we put together a plan for procurement, distribution, investment, personnel, video cards. Control

Kerim process, evaluation of alternatives and safety I will take these plans on all levels, so that I can completely confirm them with the administrative certificate.

When planning goals, the problem of the pole is that it’s necessary to maintain the freedom of the longest, lasting hours of interest. The plan is for those who have the same goals. Controlling the correspondence of the visitor of the vist of the whole structures, the analysis and the clear visnach. Potіv guilty buti

adminstratsії. The controller at the time of the order of adminstrators for the addition of adminstrative dіy. Tsіlі of the sovereign adminstratsії are formed by a stretch of a bagatostupinchast process, fragments of often іnі відідідмісті and that відділів less than one another. Controlling the complete procedure for complete planning, documenting methods, stumbling, securing and informing, re-communicating. Prior to starting control, establish a set of indicators, which are necessary for assessing the level of achievement.

Strategic goal of administering to start the process of planning. For the sake of analysis, proceed with the development of administrative information for the rest of the four-way rock and the other may-look processes for the same period. When analyzing, I take a look at the internal and external changes of mind. Before internal change of minds there should be: an organization structure, a closed settlement, staffed by regular units, a structure of krivіnnіstva, a qualified profile іvrobіtnikіv, a robot hour set, the structure of vitrata ін. Zovnіshnі change your mind harshly from the social, economic, legislative, middle-aged treasury. Before them is to enact legislation, the structure of the population and the economy, the income tax, the development of the market and the economy.

Strategic control I will accelerate the strategic planning plan, and that document the process of planning. In case of strategic planning, actual values ​​are constantly updated, go through the weekend. Strategic control translate strategic workflows into operative and reliable curriculums. I will help you to identify these goals and realize their plans.