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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.


7.1. Controlling, yogda zavdannya, function and form

One of the main zavdan of an ordinary governing state power is a radical change in the system of sovereign governing, which will require large-scale administrative reform. There’s a way to redefine the administrative system of efficiently specifying economic and social processes in one of the most recent officials.

The most straightforward reform of reform is that of the new form of the new financial and economic foundations of the function of the sovereign government. In general, the system of controlling is widely involved in the government services of Nimechchini, merit for vivchenennya, for the opportunity, and for the consecration of the elements in Ukraine.

Ranche pіd control rozumіli sukupnіst zavdan at the spheres of the region and finance. They understood that they became wider: financial control and financial control and optimization of financial benefits and drafts were introduced to functional control. At present hour control it is possible to designate a system for controlling the process of achieving the goals and results of the process.

The one who had a better sense of the word "control", was named after having been assigned to control. Odnak Tsі understandya vіdmіnnі. Controlling is a way of understanding, arranging with Maybut and understanding processes. Itself tsim controlling vidrіznyaetsya vid control, a kind of straightening at the past, at the beginning of the mercy, vidhilen, prorahunkіv і problems.

Controlling is the main function tool of the measure, which is guilty of additional assistance to the acceptance of the decision.

Controlling - the process of managing the concept of the process is adopted, the management is for the benefit of secured and secure information by means of the process of performance and results.

With such a management organization, the facts are not ascertained, but consultations are held with the help of the method of reaching the delivery of the memorials and memorials.

In addition to control include zbіr, systematization, tribute to the viral division. Thus, the clerk of the service of controlling is guilty of the conduct and analysis of information, so as to get to the bottom of it. Vin is guilty of proving the system of control and control, the result of which is determined.

Basically, zavdannya control - date and information, with some new methods can be achieved supply goals. Monitoring the maximum coordination of the planning system, control of the information security management of administrative management.

The following functions can be monitored: service, information service, curator, coordination of the rest, internal control, acceptance of the decision.

Service functions are characterized by the need for information for management.

The functions of the information service team are to take care of the support of the system of planning, regulation, control and monitoring, access to information and the result of the communication of the organization. Пов Information is guilty of the normative (plan) and factual data іх іх відхилення. The results of a guilty analysis are monitored by controlling with the latest administrative tests and lead to reacting to the results of a full analysis and, if necessary, in order to live in a situation that is corrected.

Keruyucha function is realized in case of a tribute to analysis of values, values, final results for taking tactful and strategic decisions about regulation.

Important functional control є coordination of the goals of the rizniv rivnіv, cozibіv і methods іh realizatsіі winter, so as to maximize the security of access to the end of the chain.

Internal control or control of an economic robot organization - functions that are based on streamlined results of operations and not on documentary revision of the health management operations.

Administering control is guilty of completely devoting strategic and operative decisions to administrative decisions for the achievement of organizational goals.

Effective administrative control of control є go to the rosette of planned vitrates. Planning and control of vitratum slid zdіysnyuvati okremo on the dermal administerive pidrozdіlu, vidpovidalny for vitrati.

Strategic control of the permissiveness of the formulas and conversion of the prices to the pre-term period for adminstrative pidrozdіlіv. I’ll accelerate strategic planning, as I can do on the pre-arrival plan, and as a rule, as a rule, the period is minimum of rocky. The stinks are forecasts, they will be specified according to the final business hours of the interval. Strategic plans have come to the forefront of visibility, so that you can easily reach the distant maybutny.

Operational control of the administrative support for administrative short-term management. I’ll need to inform and inform you of the methods that allow you to do this and I’ll need to re-evaluate the economy and the privilege of administrative administration.

Operational planning, as a rule, I’ll save one gospodarsky (zvitny) rik. On this basis, operational goals and visits for the protection of effectiveness are indicated.