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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

6.4. Community process and form of information exchange

The community process is the exchange of information between two or more people. The main functionalities of the communal process are to gain access to the available social strength in case of preservation of the individual skin element. In the acts of kommunikatsiy realizuyutsya goverlіnska, informativna, emotivna (such as wiklikє emotsії) і factual (due to established contacts) functions.

At its core, the process of communication is to begin the process of informing in the lancing book “a guide - a channel - an opportunity”, a real potential link to the form dialogue, and I’ll be able to get the result of the exchange too much.

In the process of exchanging information, you can view the basic elements:

1. A guidebook is a program that generates ideas and information and broadcasts. Nim can buti individ abo group of people, as if at once prayut. Dzherelom can also be a huge institute of the institute, but I want to have a special offer when I’m reminded that I’m a special person, I’ll get paid for the preparation and transmission of information and information.

When exchanging information and information, the holder must pass the decree in the meeting: 1) the birth of the idea; 2) coding and vibration channel; 3) decode.

Exchange information is required in the form of an ideal message. Відправник вирішує, I mean I’m an idea of ​​how to do it with a subject of exchange.

2. Koduvannya - the process of re-creating the idea of ​​the symbol, image, malunka, form, sounds, movu skinny. That’s first and foremost, I’m guilty of guilty for another symbol of procurement, for the whole word, intonation, tin (movu tila), and nadati ide garnu “obgortku”. I’ll also redo the code from the home.

3. Povіdomlennya - sukupnіst symbols, in full information, which is encoded for the help of symbols and transferred to possession. The very act of communion is to please the very same. Bagato povomdomlen transferred to the form symbols of mov. The symbol can be buti and non-verbal, for example, graph, image, tin, mimic and inshi rukhi tila.

4. Transmission channels - you’re in need of it, for the help of some kind of signal, the transmission will be directly visible before receiving. Channels are available for the supply of information and communication channels.

The guidebook is guilty of vibrating the channel: transmitting messages and writing materials, electronically picking up the sound, including computer-based measures, electronic mail, video calling and video conferencing. You can write memorized notes, hold frontal collections of small groups for securing rosum, and make sure that you have problems.

A program (video guide) can’t not be separated by one channel, but vikoristovuvati kіlka.

5. Decoduvannya - the process, for the help of some kind of acceptor, I will repeat the gain of the symbols for a specific information and an interpretation of the meaning. If you don’t need to react to the idea, then the process of exchanging information for the whole end.

6. Priymach - the audience is different, I’ll be recognized as informative and interpreted.

7. Відгук - the daily reaction of the employee who is responsible for the knowledge of the winter. There are three main types of results that can be communicated: a) serpents in the knowledge of Oderzhuvach; b) Zmina decision oderzhuvacha; c) serpents of behavior over time.

From the point of view of kerivnik, sharing information with others, we’ll be more efficient by demonstrating more clearly, better and better, as a rule.

8. Zvorotny zv'yazok - part of vidguku oderzhuvacha, scho pass the transmission. There is a look at the signal, straightenings are held for information in the directory of the house, as for the fact of the control of the house, then take revenge in the new.

Zvorotny zv'yazok vykonuє so і basic functions:

a) protest against the need to shy the socially-economical system, if it is necessary to enter for the establishment of an omezhzhennya;

b) compensate for dіnі zovnіshnіh і internal factors, pіdtrimuє stіnіkі іrіvnovagi systems;

c) synthesis of internal and external control, so as to frighten the system into operation;

d) rose control management for a straightforward drive to the management office.

Zvorotnyy zv'yazok т є п в в є є є є є и и и и є и и и и и є є и и є є и и и є є є є є є є и є є є и є є.

Those new theory of noise are called the new transmission of information. I can buti mova (with verbal (main) and non-verbal design), a higher number of words, a higher level of organization status and a lesson. Reducing noise can be reached in some ways. One of them is є zbіlshennya supermirnostі, so that the repeated repetition of the same as before the first part.

The process of exchanging information in organizations can be intelligently divided into two categories: planned, but formal, transmission of information and unplanned, but informal, transmission of information. The leather organization has an official structure, with the help of a different kind of bridge, it is passed on for the designations. In the meantime, the official transmission is enhanced by the great information and communication, the transmission of the most important and the most impatient one is guaranteed by one and the same amount.

In the event of a formal transmission of information and administrative instructions, it is necessary to randomly reckon who can write, who is to blame for additional, in some form, for which there is no need to know anything else.

One of the most important ways of formalizing the transfer of information is the standardization of forms (forms), in which information is entered. In bagatokh organization, in addition to the forms of zvitnostі, to fill in the application forms, the designation of the form of special profiles is thin. The main goal is to be a form of the pole in that, because of the people, I’m in a hurry, I won’t need to think about it, if I’m in need of information in this vipad. Inquiries on the very form of ABO (in special vips) in a special kerіvnitsvy schodo yogo zapovnenyu zumyumolyumyumyvayutnuyu: vipadki, in some form of Victorian form; kіlkіst ekzemplyarіv, yakі need to be remembered; Mіsse, kudi rosysyayutsya cі instances; person, vidpovdna for the receipt of the letter of roses; it is marked і інша інформація, а япомопагає correctly fill the form.

For all sorts of information, information and information, it is foldable, so that you can use the correct form in the correct way. In addition, the instructions will not give results, but will not be brought to the view of the corridors.

As long as the laws of the new laws have resulted in higher numbers of the new laws and laws, the laws and regulations are closed, the forms and the rules are different, and there are more laws and regulations for more and more money.

The standard form gives you the opportunity to transfer information to the informant, as long as you know the text and the text, I repeat it, then save the hour in the turnover of the original form. Forms of the same form as well as the form of information: vikoristovuyu form, you can specify, as the very same way you need to be in the robot.

The main weakness of the be-standard standard form of the pole is in the absence of nostalgia. Oskilki in it is precisely marked, yak іinformatsіy and any rank need to be transferred, then there is to be seen and untruth іnformatsіy, if the material is not vіdpovіdaє form.

Be-yak lyudin, if it’s not at all reminiscent of the standard form, the breaks are spanified by the "full day" for meals, and there are no specific situations. Sounds of help and forms, I want to be important for encouraging the system to exchange information, as well as not to solve all the problems in exchange between the one and the same organization.

The extreme is sensitive, unscheduled and underestimated the transmission of information, such as the occurrence of social contacts of members of the organisation, of natural people. Mid range with extreme poles ато bago of capacities for navisny namіru і planuvannya mіzhosobistіsnyh zv'yazkіv. In the middle of the rules, how to organize the organization to brow with the internal exchange of information, especially significant:

1. Vimoga of periodic sounds. The editor may be able to submit a pro job for the day, week, month, week, without specifying the age of form. Іnkoli with a special offer for sounds є regular visits to the public.

2. Chastkova details of the forms, but for the transfer of information, as transmitted.

3. Details of the channel rosilan information, address rosilki, admission to the information. The rules may also be familiar with the fact that Gotuvati is guilty, overlooked and scolded in front of the help desk, see information.

4. Sortuvannya vkhіdnoї information. The rules can be put in place for the general public to read and write the information and to send the individual to this organization.

The formal exchange of information is effective and the number of members of the organization should accept the same binding. For the sake of the system of marriage, it is impos- sible to formalize everything that is required to be organized. Such exchange is not possible for real consumption of the organization through its power and negligence. Schob buti is more effective, the exchange of information is guilty of buti by the broadest of the official scheme.

It is difficult to bring to the growth of an informal transmission system and information, as well as a formal one. Informal transmission of information, including be-yak information, pose of official channels. It includes internal organizing, sensitive, helpful, important and important reasons, for mother and child, and for them to propose.

The system of informal transmission of information, as well as formal formalism, often allowing the organization to go faster than the official procedure, was torn apart, and it was also possible to re-establish it quickly. At the time, the volunteers can reach a little more reason, but it would be impotent for the obvious lack of a formal system.

Vid rozmіru basically lay down, how much you can pay for the informal transmission system іinformatsії. On a formal transfer of information of a great organization, guilty parties shall be paid in greater peace, less than small. The activity of the great organizations cannot be stored in the same way as information, which can be stored as a result of uninterrupted special interactions.