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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

6.3. Information and communal flows in the structure of the sovereign government

Komunіkatsіyna merezha - the same as the chorus of singing, so as to take part in the communal processes for the additional informational streams. At this time, it’s not the individual that’s looked like that, but the community with them. Komunіkatsіyna measurezhaya including streams send chi signal_ in mizh dvoma chi more persons. The communication team will concentrate on reporting in the organization of these flows, and not on the fact that they conveyed the meaning of the message sent. However, the communication of the measure can be incorporated into the quicker choice of the difference between the lower and the lower values.

In order to reach the goals of organizing and effectively exchanging information for the future, lower, horizontal and diagonal communications.

Vihіdnі komunіkatsіії, as a rule, you’ll be welcomed by the form of sounds, proposition and explanatory notes. With the help of є є є the recognition of someone who is looking for a higher echelon of power (wholesome) is about those who are struggling to get at the lower low levels of the єєrarch system. In Japan, the USA and other countries there are special groups of people who are working (middle-aged), who want to pay attention and regularly inform about problems, what to do, and how to deal with them.

С Clear song rules of successful building vertical communications: a) the correct, intimate style of movi; b) publicity, I’m consuming domisli, tiles; c) the inadmissibility of other consumer optics over financial statements; d) not to allow the transfer of instructions, orders of persons who look for another clerk without delay to the addressee, which leads up to a second of time, loss of installation of archives.

The lower commissions are tasked with bringing to the house and private bridges and lower bodies about the free movement, they should take up the other areas, strategic strategies for the May day activities.

Let’s express the butt of the horizontal communication to exchange information and information with the latest structural elements, as a result of which coordination and annual activity are achieved for the attainment of external organs. By the mind of the effective health of horizontal communities, a clear distribution of information, improvement of the structural accuracy of the premises, and additional services, as well as business cooperation.

Diagonal communal - the main communicating with the most important and the most prominent.

Kommunikatsіі mіzh organizatsііu і і zvіnіshnіm a medium as a means of health at lower and lower strains. Here victorious rznomanіtnі zasobi.

The representatives of the Pershochergov region have a great deal of confidence in a nimble image, an “image” of organization on the local, international and international streets.

With the organization department, there are better numbers, about financial resources, about the possibility of car’s, and about the time.

Victory’s lobby and timid offspring on the hue of the winter political groups, committees, and organizations to be reckoned with on May May laws, decree. Organizations should be brought in as well as for business calls and vocational training.

To the great beloved wagon, I’m especially helpful, because I have no contact with my friends, I’m sure that I’m sure to see information, so I can have a lot of people. Vona nabuvaє of such forms: komunіkatsіya mіzh two people, komunіkatsіya mіzh іndivіdom і group, komunіkatsіya all-in-one group.

The nature of the communal system, whether it is a great organization, is to lay down a type of structural systems, which will be used to stimulate the management system. The structure is adopted by the image positions (surroundings of individuals, organization, structural development, technical possession of that.) And sounds between them. The main types of structural schemes have been translated: linear, kiltsev, honeycomb, bagatozv'yazkova, type “wheel”, ієrarkhіchna, zirkova skinny.

In the case of the type “ring”, the members of the group can be communicated to the winter season, and then order them. In measures to the “wheel” type, it is presented formally, centralized ownership, while one is communicated one by one through one's own key. The substantive basis of such a situation is that, especially, I’m located in the center of the “wheel”, which is smaller than the number of communicative sounds, and the lower part of the group. We will deny more and more often send a message to be recognized as the last members of the group leader, more socially to the greater members of the group, because you are more likely to receive more information about the transmission of more information, more than any other problems.

The picture is similar to stand in measure "Y". Thus, they are called centralized and may be more effective, but simple problems are probably growing. The primary type of master є мере рх рх рх рх представля мере мере represents the least type of "lancing", in which the horizontal links are called - the elements of decentralization. All-channel measures represent a more decentralized group. It’s worthless, if the fate of all of the most complicated problems is necessary. Such pidkhid name more vidkritimi komunіkatsіyami.

Knowing the type of communal measures is especially important for the development of ownership and control in the organization. Vidomo, schochuvannyam chi centralizatsii іnformatsії pіdtrimuyutsya own stosunki.

The nature of mutual independence of people and groups in organizations will recognize the type of more effective communication measures. Seryoznoyu pereshkodoyu in nalagodzhennі efektivnosti komunіkatsіy in dіlovih organіzatsіyah Je authoritarian representation admіnіstratsії to pіdleglih, nechіtkіst abo nebazhannya kerіvnikіv vikonuvati svoї obov'yazki, vіdsutnіst zdorovoї atmosphere Wu rozrobtsі dіlovoї polіtiki i motivatsії for spіlkuvannya pratsіvnikіv mіzh him, incorrectly viznachennya rights vіdpovіdalnostі i fear i kerіvnikіv pidleglikh for extra expenses during the transfer of information and information.

Prior to sub-active factors, it is important to reduce the effectiveness of contacts among the best people, as well as to understand the fact that people, like each other, have different ways to understand one another, have different meanings. In addition, in the process of communication and transmission of information, winnings are changed, the creation of information, indefinitely, and the improvement of the information process are skinny. Until then, mothers need respect, who want to obtain information and information in front of that information, as if they are able to gain, so that they can ignore the data, so as to keep it clear that they have been put together.

More information about the effectiveness of horizontal communications: 90%. All this is explained by the fact that people, like one on one level of management, kindly have the character of the principle of their tights.

Vertical communication is less effective, horizontal. Let’s show how to get 20-25% of information, how to enter the directorate, get to the robot and correctly see them. It’s important to check that the robots are busy and efficiently get the robot out of work, but only 20% of the information, so that you can take care of it. In other words, in almost all cases of skin, there is no way to reach them, but to twist. At the same time, the head of the robotic team, the foreman, the indebted cabinet of the first company corpus, blame only 30% of the information, and the cerulent shop - not more than 40%. And to the company krivіvіv company to reach no more than 10% tribute, as they are sent to the address of the address by robots.

In addition to official (formal) communications, management has an important role to play in informal (unofficial) communications. In practice, ofitsіynі structures and ofіtsіііnі komunіkatsіії - more often than a piece of iceberg, yak is visible above the water. Too much food is looked at and expanded informally by groups, which are not subject to official improvements and improvements on the basis of friendly meetings, old schools, due diligence, national and local needs. Zarubizhnaya Presoda inode about the “kitchen cabinets” of the US Presidents, in spite of the fact that they have widened to give the excitement of the official doorways of the “come-together committees”.