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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

6.2. Communication is characteristic

The sound of the process of exchanging information and communication. First need for communication in the regional organizations is required for the need for informal nutrition, so that you can allow your skin to work around efficiently and efficiently.

It is unreasonable to reassess the importance of the community in the activities of the organization. Most of all, why you need to work on curvatures, abie ease of organizing access to ц ц values, in order to effectively exchange information. Yakshcho people can’t swear information, then zrozumіlo, then stink and don’t be able to swear at once, formulate and reach. Komunіkatsії - as a whole a folding process, which should be stored from interdependent crops. The leather one is crocheted even longer and is more important, so that you can make our thoughts more visible. The skin croc is a point, in which, we will probably be indefatigable, and we won’t think about those who are timid, but it may be more or less ruined.

The term "komunikatsії" itself resembles the Latin word "communico", which means "I’m ruining the dead," "late."

Understanding "komunіkatsії" is a little value. In the first place, all the hats are well-received (for example, repeat, and even water supply); in a different way, the ts'vyazku form (radio, telegraph); third, the process

transmission of information (radio, television, press, cinematograph); in the fourth place, the communication is in voucher, the act of separation, the sound of the middle house, the reporting, the special information is the same.

Thus, komunіkatsіya is the process of two-sided exchange of ideas and information, which leads to mutual understanding. Although it is not possible to reach beyond the frost, then the communication is not visible.

In the process of communication, information will be transmitted from one sub-site to the Internet. By sub-acts, you can see individuals, groups, or groups of organizations.

Thus, for the number of participants in the community, I can share the internal (people who are alone with me), people who have two people), people in a small group (three people), 20 people. ), Organization (100 and more) and Masov (1000 and more).

Komunіkatsіya can be but asleep, written or otherwise drunk. Yakshcho usna komunіkatsіya yes є the power of shvidkogo reacting to both sides and the transfer of all the nuances of a special solution, then the letter and the other are serviced by the public service, the organization and the mass communication. I have a special role to play in the successful community of systems, such as the Internet, de so-so-mobile, and the “electronic” community has accessed even the unlimited capacities.

I have a significant role in the practical organization of community-based communication in verbal and non-verbal. Verbal - that is why we are victorious by us in Russia and abroad. Before non-verbal to impose a mimic, tin, position, dress, dressing, intonation and timbre of the voice is skinny.

Komunіkatsіya і іinformatsіya vіdmіnnі, ale pov'yazanі mіzh understand themselves. Komunіkatsіya includes in itself those that are transmitted, and those that are used to be transmitted.

COMMUNICATION in its advanced model has become a double-sided information technology. At the time of the cutaneous participation in a number of organizations, a number of vimogs are put. So, the skin of the participant is guilty of the mother of all chi deyaki health: bachiti, chuti, vidchuvati, sprimati smell and relish. In this model, there is also the possibility of transmitting information, information, information, form. Please do not let the shvidko correctly put together a picture about the subject, which should include participants, ale vibrate strategy, tactics, familiarity with the hourly parameters of realizing the values.

The exchange of information is not just a two-way flow, but a bagaty process. Entering into the bagatokanalny komunіkativnyy zv'yazok, whether a subunit of the komunіkatsії be in the mode of holding an informational partner bagatokh partners and transmission їїї.

The report will show that now 50–90% of the current time of a vitrachnologist is in the community. We have to make sure that you have a lot of buggies, a lot of fear, a lot of fun, and a curious man to take care of your role, to realize your role in the business process, to inform yourself about the process, to take control, To the very fact that it’s important to enter information in the management and management, we call the communication a sound process, a certain part of the organization in one place. In addition, they utterly utterly commune, then the organization will cease to be carved, and there will be chaotic nature.

Social scientists showed that 73% of American, 63% of English and 80% of Japanese clerks respect the head link to the hat for access to efficient organization. To be effective, it is effective to priceworkers - that’s why they’re able to achieve success in the community and in the community.

Komunіkabelnіst (komunіkativnіst) - all the chiliness, the health to the comunication, the establishment of contact і zv'yazkіv, access to the freezing.

Harmonize the communiqué radically redefine the middle ground, in such a way that it is splendidly ludin. Vseohoplyuyucha trammel spіlkuvannya stvoryuє the global Yednist people lіkvіduє Prostir that hour in zvichaynomu rozumіnnі through scho Svit yak spriymaєtsya odne tsіle. This is the name of the globalization of the mass market: international business and bank corporations, international business development, a large amount of business and a “unique” life and livelihood. Newly pick up the sound of the Internet (Internet) is not only to protect people from being among the most important and accessible places of our planet, but just to navigate the cosmos and to hang around a special life of skin for us. On TV shows and illustrated magazines, you can see behaviors, confidence, the “prestigious” way of living to exclude people, amuse them with indivisibility.

Such tendencies in the development of popular mass media have become the reason for the unhappened growth of political excitement in suspension, in the formation of suspension thoughts. Please note that the number of participants in the community will need to manage the most complex and subtle methods. To appear, even though there is even a shortage of chervati to behave people, so that they can take them in a straightforward way. At the thought of theoreticians of communism, you need to cherish the first reasons for behaviors, so that people who think and think, form a lot of thought and consume mood. I see the special significance of knowing the basics of theory of communication, yak yes recommendations, schoba zrobiti, abi prosunuti indiuma zuda stage forma latent (implicit) shutdown to the active camp. Ukrainian theoretician and practitioner G. G. Pocheptsov to please the victorious people so that they can come to their place.

1. Traditsyny pidkhid, scho to brow in understandings:

rhetoric - the mystery of correct moble, the science of those that can be leaked to people by their moble;

Philosophy and Logics - Sciences, which gave them the opportunity to model real people;

theories of argument - science, scho вла, knowledge, logic and understanding, as well as the need for reconfiguration of people, shukati non-transcendental arguments for proving a good idea, or for designing a thought for an idea.

2. Pagan-theoretical, based on:

on the theory of mass and communal issues - on theoretical concepts of completely ignorant nutrition of the human population;

Theory of Masovy Communities - about special features with mass audiences;

seven - about the sign aspect of the community, the sign of the sign; the sign of the last meaning (form) and form;

theories of international communications - on the one hand, the best view, the kind of conversations, the negotiations, the relocation of the international situations, the management of conflicts of international situations.

3. Application pіdkhіd, what to enter:

iz psychoanalysis - science that cares about communal processes so that you can protect yourself from your parents’s mind, that part of our minds, and it’s safe for those who are indivisibly censored;

business community - science, as a part of the world’s ways to solve problems;

information theory - the essence of applied mathematical science;

theory of communal exchanges - science about strategy and tactics of human behavior at half hour exchange information. So, the strong one does not give information to the weak, the fragments of not looking out for any kind of respect from the partner (business partner). The hour of exchanging information is strong for the whole hour of vimaga of zvjazyazku, oskilki vin not humming, whose partner is rozumіnogo; weak, at a glance - it’s easy to submit your information, be able to choose from a strong desire and have a minimum of information for yourself.

4. Фізіологічний підхід з вікористанням:

linguistics - science about mov, I will explain the movable form, with the help of the very same community;

semantics - science, which is more important than one, but without formalization, semantics are more impotent if you are a computer model of human learning and spelling. On the basis of the computer linguistics, electronic components;

sociolinguistics - science, as far as the sound of social and modern structures;

psycholinguistics - sciences about the equivalent of new processes in psychics;

paralinguistics - sciences about processes, such as superconducting communication, but about non-verbal communication.

5. Psychologist and sociologist pidkhid, scho vikoristovu:

Psychology - the science of the behavior of the okrug Individum, a group of people, but the people as a whole with a mental mind;

social science - science, scho vivchaє vidnosini social structures.

The fundamental bag of theoretical models of communications, and all the stenchs made a contribution to practical development of such communications.

So, the communication on the rivals of the individual species is transitive model of K. Barklunda (1970). By warehousing the price model (person), increase the rate, process the code-decode and the chotiri type the signals: the signals of the suspension, the special signal and the two types of signals (verbal and non-verbal).

Signals of suspension ryvnya - all the way to the person of special officials in the middle of the middle and technogenic civilization; special rivia - mizhobosistіsnі, interaction between people, as if entering a communal space; signals of behavioral rivia - the whole reaction of an individual, it is zoomed in for a certain signal of a suspension and a special rivniv. Use the signaling group to interrupt the post mode.

So far the theory of communication has adjusted and has accelerated the number of models, switching from linear to non-linear, and from them to large (spiral, mosaic skinny).

Linear model of communalism by capturing G. Lasswell’s fate in 1942, and K. Shannon and V. Vіver were born in 1949.

Model G. Lasswell

Comunicator> beast> nose beast> possession> zvorotny zv'yazok

At this model, the communicator is ludina, in order to see the bestiality. The author is stjerjuvav, scho for the communicator by є reconfiguration, clarity namіrіv, sympathy and the style of comunication. From now on, people who are prettier, mean comradeship, warmth in being rewarded by the people who have it, have a lot of fun, feel much stronger to absorb the people and the mother of the whole song.

Zvernennya - that is, a message sent by the text to the text, but you can type in any form.

Coverage of communications - for the sake of mass media information, a long time ago (radio, television, newspapers, magazines), so it’s still new (fax, Internet so much).

Oceuvuvach - ce lyudina, to which the beast is directly hidden.

Wiping off signal

The Shannon-Viever model of transmission є having a chance to get rid of the zavad, so they called the noise. Qa model is such a viglyad.

Shannon - Weaver model

The authors respected, in normal conditions, people disregard. “You can make some sounds, stink, you just can’t get enough, what’s said, etc.

At 1963 p. G. Maletsky has accelerated the Lasswell model. Win the understanding of the image of the communicator and the image of the user and looking at the fuel, as well as the gain of the channel on the channel of the communication on the beast itself. Vin is seen at the gallows of the tune of understanding “vise and primus,” I can see the vise at the communicator on my side and I am informing and the rest, at my own house, also at the end of the day. Win the three-dimensional analysis of the grip and the primus for the possessor (socially determined, the accuracy of the auditorium and the self-image), and for the communicator to reserve an additional two (the nature of the concurrency).

Prior to large models, the model of G. Newcos (1953) and S. Baker (1968) should be adopted.

Newkosh’s model in the heading view of the gate three interconnected points of interest. Before them lay a communicator, the addressee of that object, about a certain thing. If the communicator and the addressee are put one to one positively, then the stink itself is put і to the subject. Unbalanced tricutnik. At times, if it’s more important, the shutter to the object is negative, because there are unbalanced options, you need to know how much for the shutter of such a shutter.

The model of the Baker’s room is a cube, which can be stored in small cubes (just for rubik's cube). Chotiri granі cuba vіdpovіdayut dzherelu, possessed, the most beastly and channel of communication. Use the cubes to interrupt the uninterrupted relationship between yourself and your face with these faces.

In 1963, Rock F. Dans, having spontaneously coined the model of communion, fragments, at first thought, linear and circular models, has a few undercurrents - the same on the new rіvnі.

For the є model of the воротinformation gateє, the yak was rounded out by the club with 15 rockers. The stinks have come up with a theory about the peculiarities of different kinds of people, such as to become rivimacs and interpreters of new things (information) for their small group. Kozhne povіdomlennya, at the thought of their next day, to pass through the koliz numerical gates, one of them should stand outright, in іnshі - may be conceived. Ворот Information ’gates’ can be improved in the most important way (from 1 to 10) the world’s most important news (or their first and second time) a thought about them. Vidbir to lay down the vid bagatokh factors: clean up these “gates”, their life values, regulation, norms and traditional organization, they have “gates” in them. The main problem of the model is the recognition of authoritarian systems (“gateways”).