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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.


6.1. Information and role in the sovereign government

Є Information in the form of organization and regulation of private and suspension of living, one of the forms of closure and distribution of knowledge, and the instrument of management. Before suspension there is a problem of information and information, organization, channel, ways to measure and evaluate, effective mechanism for practical practice.

The basis of the sovereign government є information is as if there were any knowledge, tribute, facts, characteristics about various objects, appearances, processes, presentation and so on. On a daily basis, all management processes are not limited to lower education, public relations, social security, social security, social information, and social communication. But in the management of vagaries and in the sovereign administration of the government, it is not necessary to inform, but only because it is necessary to formally manage the state. Іdetsya about management information.

Management information is a part of social information, as is seen from the international community for the criteria for the accession and servicing of the sovereign and legal processes in the form and implementation of administrative rights.

Such information is guided by the following: first and foremost, by the month and the role of the power in the system of private and suspended life of people, by the way, for the competence of specific state authorities, there are limited powers in a different way, due to the nature of the laws and the normative legal acts, which are necessary for the implementation of the management processes; in the third place, for dominance, forms and laws of the Kerovan’s regions, differentiation and concretization of the governance of the power of the other powerful bodies, as well as the formation of specific views of the legal truth.

Pіd іnformatsіyu rozumіyut not be-so-vіdomostі about the project, but more sprynyatnі, zrozumіlі that otsіnenі yak korisnі for the best quiet tidings. For this reason, I know that information at that moment, if the stinks get involved in the process of managing the system and fix the problems for reaching the goal. In other words, information is a good idea, in some ways I’m well-behaved, so that I can actively spend on the system, I’m regulating and developing. Until that time, stink like I’m given a look, I’ll check my realizatsii.

Information mother is guilty of a meta at the time of transmission of the я я я к неб особ особ. Vaughn can mother a wide range of purposes fallow in the view of people’s activities in the organization: information; assessment of results; reconfiguration, command; Generation of information in your mind (untruth, true social, rinkova and more).

For character, spheres of winnings, designations and forms of closure of information, which means to be governed by management, are divided into three great classes: science-technology, management, regional-statistical.

Vidomosti about science and technology and information to avenge in science and technology literature, patents, design and technological documentation.

Prior to managing information, it is planned and normative. There’s revenge in state treaties, applications, interrogations, and other documents of good order.

Oblikovo-statistical information and image of the results of administrative and administrative-odnitsy odinits. Vaughn is designated for victorious yak vih_dna for the adoption of rishhen.

View as well as organization, function, functional, information

Zmistova information to classify for objects of image (labor, material resources, a lot of financial services, finances), cloaks of information (industry, social security) and for types of services,

Organizational information is systematized, which is regulated by the warehouse of indicators, addresses, periodicality, transmission lines, forms of submission and unsystematization.

Functional information information is planned, coordination, regional, control and information.

Rivne oznak yes м I can see the possibility of information: team, who should go to the sub-department to the department of management; pov_domlyayucha, a yak to approach in aprotective straightforward; horizontal, yak zezpepechuє іinformatsіyny obmіn mіzh partners of the same rank.

Classification of information is important when analyzing something in the system of information exchange, so when scrutinizing and organizing it in the system, it takes time to re-engage. For help, you can pay attention to the deduction, surplus, or instability of information. So, for example, the lack of regional information, organization of management to scrupulously plan the planning documents in the minds of the public, negatively affecting the effectiveness of the effectiveness of planned decisions.

In a bagging system management information is guilty of satisfying the skin of the organization. For tsoy install:

  • I ignore the nomenclature of the Dani, which characterize the subject of management;
  • Periodicity of tribute, of the image of the dynamics of social and economic processes;
  • prompt processing of data with a method of formulating new information;
  • the lines of the report that have been accepted to the management department.

For the purpose of completing your role in the management of information, you are guilty of submitting to such vimogs: accuracy, periodicality, frequency, repeatability, accessibility.

Accuracy means that the mother is given an unambiguous serpent and does not allow any other mummies.

Periodicity of the vimagus of the regular periodic informational requirements of the structurally controlled chi to a specific legal system. At the time of information, the guilty approach is needed earlier, now there is a situation, I will describe how I won, I won’t forget the doctor’s meaning.

Povnota means that the majority of information is guilty of an opportunity to assess the situation and take the lead in singing in management.

Korisnіst vimagaє, so that information doesn’t have a tribute, because there are no problems for managing problems.

The availability of the pitch is that the information was served in such a view, which does not require pre-retreatment and not a difficult process to accept.