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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

5.5. Peculiarities of managing human resources in state organizations

The HRM in the government agencies must be guided by the rules established by the law of permanent service and the principles of merit to the robot.

OHRM at the state-owned organizations vidrіznyaksya in the OHRM of the private sector in the baggage business.

The systems of the sovereign service of the Ulr, as a result of their development in the democracies of the past:

  • In the English and foreign countries of Europe stretching the nineteenth century. Vimogs before they were convinced of the contributions of industrial enterprises, as well as other organizations of the organization, the need for short-term training of the state services was announced. Itself such an interruption of prizes before the appearance of a bureaucratic organization, as a sign and characterizing the socialist sociologist Max Weber.
  • The United States has put together an in-house hiring system for the robot: a system for distributing middle-aged parties, a protection system. As a result, people of the Bagato were denied the designation not for their health, qualifications, access, but led to significant shortcomings in their functions.

Bigger hour by hour ник hiring system for a job, ґ ґ ґ ґ на на на на на засл об об об об об об ґ ґ ґ об об об об об об об об об об об об об є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є є, є є ал ал кандидата кандидата кандидата кандидата кандидата кандидата кандидата є є є є є є є є. For an hour in an ambush, the merit system was growing. So, the US Law "On Reform of Sovereign Service" vid 1978 p. take such an ambush merit system:

- Nabіr candidates іn іѕ past іѕ past іn suspension, vіdbіr ta prosuvannya on the basis іх health, knowledge, skill in the minds of a honest and vіdkritogo zmagannya.

- It’s fair and effective to have the same kind of personnel cadre, the same kind of political likeness, race, nationality, religion, state, family status, state, and individual status.

- Rivna payment for rivnotsinu praciu with urakhuvannyam like foreign proprietors, so і mіstsevih rivnіv pay wages, scho otchayutsya private ancestors, and that incentives and I’ll see for the results.

- Effectively and efficiently, the federal federal labor force.

- Zaberezhennya pracіvnikіv, like praciuyut good; incentive pracіvnikіv, yakі pratsyuyut non-standard; zvіlnennya pracіvnikіv, yakі pratsyuyut filth.

- Polypresence of indicators through practical training and preparation.

- Zahist pracіvnikіv vіd svavіllya, especially the favoritism of the political primus.

- Zakhist pracіvnikіv vіd repentance for the law of the bargaining of information.

The merit system was ambushed, the laws, policies and methods of the sovereign service were invoked with some kind of privilege.

There is only one rice of the systems of the sovereign service - the centrality of the activities of the HRM and the control of the analysis and analysis of personnel policies. Centralized state service commissions ABOUT MINISTRY OF FINANCE SIGNIFICANTLY REVIEW ALL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES WHICH ARE STOSED TO AUTHORITAL SERVICES. Delegation of the reign of ministries and vіdomdomstva duzhe obmezhen. The axis of the functional functions, which is the centralized agency:

- Legislation on initiation of laws on state service;

- Sorting out of ordinary international personnel policies and standards from the law;

- rozrobka personnel programs;

- centralized singing services;

- assessment of the effectiveness of personnel management in government units;

- rozkolok prohan pratsivnikіv;

- secured vidpovidnosti Law "On Power Service" and ambushes of the deserts.

The managers of these functions in the systems of the sovereign service have an insignificant level of decentralization of power. Policies, procedures and rules, which are inclined to pay attention, compensation, payment, advancement and registration of HRM, documents

tovany i mayuzh zhorstky framework zastosuvannya. The process of praising the decision of formalizing, with the possibility of appealing and looking at the decision. For such a curvature kerivniki often get stuck with difficulties in case of vibrations, and that of praznivnik.

Power service systems, which are based on an assessment of merits, a high-visibility structure, processes for identifying and designating an average organization structure. The procedure for integrating the system, based on ambushes for assessing merit:

  • visnozhennya neobhodimosti zuchennya on a vacant landing of people with singing time, knowledge and health;
  • Nabir candidate and vidbir, a certain mother for a meta to know the person, as a little more vidpovіdaє visunutim vimogam.

The basis for the development of the systems of the sovereign service is the method of classifying posad, that is, storing up to all posad. The development of the classification system is carried out until the establishment of the ranking structure and compensation compensations for the state services.

Classification of settlements - the whole organization is on the basis of property in the group based on the availability of conditions, the range and the maximum price. Існує two ways to get to the next classroom:

1. Identified by the rank of an individual to lodge in the best of the country, here to recognize the qualifications, times, skills, health of the individual, given that the rank of special service is free of charge.

2. Pіdkhіd viznachnenya plant individuals vimaga роб development of professional categories, so that professional categories to protect the general classification scheme for skin planting. For example, the Canadian system of state power has є six professional categories:

- management;

- Naukova i Fakhova service;

- administrative and legislative service;

- technical service;

- service of administrative traffic;

- prompt service.

After that, it was marked that the landing was completed, the analysis of the workplace was completed, it is possible to work more carefully at the circuitry, based on the designation.

Relocation system klassifikatsії posad:

- Establishment of a criterion for the payment of rights;

- viznashennya oath and vimog robots;

- the basis for the rosary of the kerivnik and pidleglimi obov'yazkіv, the indicator of dyalnosti, pidvishchenny pay and pay skinny;

- creation of standard terminology for the functions of personnel management;

- zahist system of the sovereign service of political and personal influences during the selection of the robot and the praised decision about the installation of pay.

For skin planting, and for cutaneous birch bark and broomstick, a description of the landlords, skills, qualifications, and robots for the weekend. A description of the planting of robots - another friend is fundamental to the system of sovereign service.

Do not wait for OHRM in the systems of sovereign service of the buva light. Kerivniki often get involved, but the harsh framework of the system is for recruiting candidates, they need to be selected, service providers should not be allowed to pay for things without pay. The content of the rules of the sovereign service for the prejudice of the public services of the sovereign service, which can’t cope with their own obligations, often we need to fold them in and out of time, we’ve got to know more about the function. Estimation of duty to be invisible, ale ineffective.

The development of the system of the sovereign service of the Vimagus of saw respect until the end of singing values, so as to finish often with the “superstitious” and put the warlock in a shameful camp. Axis of such prices

number of posts:

1) syryannya to reach the met;

2) merit;

3) political reaction;

4) social justice;

5) rights and good practices.

If you’re in kerivniki, you want to get in touch with criterion of economy (efficiency and effectiveness), a kind of dominion in the sovereign control at the entrance. Krivniki are guilty of reaching these goals, although they want to have water hours, most of the rules of the sovereign service, stink of the inaccessible state, the regular distribution of public services on the outskirts. Gnuchkost, the need for the health of one set of values, mix with the values ​​of the system of sovereign service.

Evaluation of merits, scho polega in hiring the most competent and most experienced, to override the singing principles:

  • I will accept pracivnikіv for work with overwork to the active groups of people;
  • the principle of merit is also infringed upon by the need for storage and testing, so that you don’t have to plant out any conditions and have a cultural culture.

The principle of political reluctance is that, in the case of the most vibrant people, the mothers of the sovereign services have been able to understand the situation with political neutrality. As a matter of fact, planting individuals can’t squeeze energy on civil servants, then government agencies can become uncontrolled and not react to the volition of political flow of people. Compliance with the robotic right of the state power service often gives them the opportunity to not react to political services without negative negligence for themselves for such behavior.

Criterion of social justice means that a robot in government installations is an ambition, for the help of which it is possible to help deyak groups, who will be forced to retire in an immovable camp and recognize discrimination. Tse often means that we should take a robot for this criterion, they are very competent to competency, knowledge, knowledge, skill, I will get skinny.

I’ll be bound, I’m bound by a zahist of rights and good deeds, I’ll start to appear, because of a certain bagato of legal and procedural barriers I’ll fit into the system, which can lead up to singing galvanicity in the response to the response.