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Management at the state bodies - Tsurul O. A.

5.4. Appointment for planting, preparation, preparation, development and evaluation indicator

5.4.1. Appointment for planting and gardening

After that, they took the person to the robot, importantly, they introduced the new principal quickly into the course of reference;

A hint of the price of the informative process with the method of stepping up the new principal to the role of the prospects of the individual in the collective. Often to bring in robotic pedagogues often to stagnate such a method of entering into the role of a planting individual, like a submersible term. Vibro-terminology, on one side, is a factor in which I feel that I am new to the principle of vigilance, and in the last place - to put the new term in mind, if you have a short term to learn to work in good health. The idea is that, in the process of acclimatizing new people in the collective, the role is played by the position of the other. Pracіvnika to enter into the course of reference through the course of the session. Її conduct consultations on the occasion of a new frame: new guidelines for informing about robots, organizing those prices, and also about organizing reports about compensating for them. From the introductory course, repairing the culture of culture and the organization of a new practitioner will start.

Two important determinants of how good is the new lawyer are, first and foremost, and those with their own bricks. Prior to showing supersonic, the importance of this official for kar'єri. Є the last sound between the first commissions, the vimogs to the organizations and the overthrow of the kar'єri.

There is only one official who has a strong desire for preparation, special preparation, tolerance and insight, as well as new ones in new ones, so as a rule, you should better understand that you should better understand that Prior to the robot, that is the change of power in the power and health.

New practitioners stick with important situations, if they stink reel in on their own needs and situations. Edgar Shayn described the process as an organization socialization. Win write: "Organizing social processes - the whole process of learning, the process, as long as you instruct, starting, learning, learning about what you need to know is different.

Shine describing the elements of the organization social network as well as the guidance below:

1. The main organizational organs.

2. Take care of how to overtake to reach these goals.

3. The main requirements of the membership of the organization and their role in them.

4. Behavioral patterns, so that they can take you, and for an effective weekend.

5. Rules, so as to protect the privacy and the quality of the organization.

The process of organizing social welfare, which is necessary for introducing and introducing a new practitioner, behind Shine, there are three possible ways for mothers to behave:

- a person can "rebel" and not sprout the values ​​of organization, like a poster, such a person shukatime inshu posed pose organization;

- a person can fit into the organization, having praised and spoken about their values ​​and behavior, demonstrating with their loyalty and organization; in tsoyu, a person has a robotic robiti kar'єru;

- a person is a creative indivualist, there’s a quicker less deyaki important values ​​of the norm of organization; creativity and end of life so that you can develop and develop organization, for new ideas, methods, problems, and stimulate organization. As the organizer of the work, think over, in such a way people can work out, so that you can pay attention to the other person.

5.4.2. Preparation and rosette

Insulting the words means methods, for the help of some kind of great people, you can get new skills, practical and productive access to the service by car and good time in the car. Vіdmіnnіst polyagaє in that:

  • pre-cooking means starting the process, according to the conclusion that the priest will be ready before the robot at the given place;
  • rozvitok means preparation of the priest before May robots, but before robots, they should have a stink when they’re at kar'єrі.

In both of these launches, preparation for a productive holiday is held in good practice, and we have one more ULR function. I understand the chotiri method, understandable ones, cairns for help with the help of the ULR may be able to visit the following personnel at the following training:

1. The method of testing in the country’s assessment system for indicators of viability for winter opportunities and visibility for the future, as you can, can be corrected for any other purpose; Please note that there aren’t any problems, due to indicators of dyalnosti, you can develop affiliation for additional training.

2. The method of testing for new winners before planting new features for func- tions of the newest practitioner through the acquisition of new technologies and methods for organizing robotic organi- zations.

3. The method of analyzing the organization by identifying specific issues, identifying problems of productivity, morality, problems, as well as possible additional training for pre-training. Such an analysis is often victorious for visualizing the need for vivchenny new management methods. Sounds can be demanded by the consumer at preparation for the development of the robot operation mode.

4. The method of thoroughness of the environmental issues with the staff of the organization, the framers of the office of the official organization, and the detailed information and professional problems.

Programs for the manual preparation of manual killing in categories, meaning that they are the only way to get to know the work, are cheap, and the way to get to know the work of the robot (often because of the price).

5.4.3. Otsіnka indicator of dіyalnostі

One of the most important problems of the HRM system is the assessment of indicators. Otsіnyuvannya indicators in dyalnostі characterize the process of zbirannya analysis and information about indicators of dyalnosti pracіvnikіv stretching the hour of trial. Proteus tse pidkhid r_dko zasosovyut on practice. In most cases, the indicators of duty are estimated one time at a time. Bagato pardons at tsoyu explained for the lack of help kerivnik vikoristovuvati yak іnstrument upravlenіnnya.

The valuation of indicators is as follows:

1. Evaluate indicators of duty on a formal, periodic basis.

2. Take into account the consummate demand of consumers, the standard and the standard indicators.

3. Safeguarding the chime zvazok mіzh kerіvnikom and pіdleglim so that, if you kindly feel right to spodivannya.

4. Make sure that there are behaviors that can be understood as being explicitly possible.

5. Supplement to the cherubs to learn more about pidleglich schodo ikhnih their special purposes and development.

6. Visit the website for Maybutn.

Існує two main approaches to the assessment of dyalnostі.

Pershiy is a neofitsyna otsitska, yak shaky every day, if kerivnik praise his criticism є dyalnist pidleglikh.

Another is the formal rating of chi otsіnka, yaka is given in writing, negotiated with p_dleglim, oslozhdayaetsya vishchem ke-

Rivnichtv and pidshivaetsya to especially help the pracivnik.

The system of evaluating indicators of duality is based on the identification of officials, as well as on them, and on criterion of success. So, for example, up to the officials you can instantly come to work, there’s almost a little need to write. The criterion is guilty of observing the specific aspects of the robot, and the assessment scale is guilty of stumbling to the cutaneous criterion.

In the process of evaluating the indicators, there is only one wadi, the whole system is not visible. In the system of the sovereign service, the system of evaluating the indicators of the duty of the service is necessary. You can cope with Wadi’s singing world, having beaten them up for good practice, such as giving in, the components of planting, and using such methods as managing for an additional goal (CA). In addition, the shortest amount of time given was an estimation method for the fate of the great man, if that moment at once with the winner, the criterion of the indicator was indicated. Estimation of dyalnosti is possible in general, as well as regularly in regular basis, and more than once in rіk. Tsei processes maє buti bіlsh routine і become the part of the everyday obov'yazkіv kerіvnik. With the correct assessment of the indicators can be cinnamon.