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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

5.2.3. Uzgodzhennya uminkas

Іnkasovo entrusted with the mother can see the type of instructions and documents: a) pay the payer; b) to a payer against acceptance; c) documents without payment; d) acceptance of handed documents against payment.

Presentation of documents against payment. The bank, a submission of documents, can present them to the payee to pay any non-payment. “Nego” in international practice means “find out if the goods come”. As a matter of fact, the seller (donor) does not want to re-check his or her purse, the person who is responsible for the commission is guilty of “paying for the first documents”. Upon receipt of the contract for purchase and sale and in the rahunok, you must include the clause, which must be accompanied by a certain document guilty of presenting the payment to the payee inappropriately in the bank.

Present documents against acceptance. The bank, which submits the documents, handing them to the payee against accepting tratty, yak pidlyaga лат payment with a stretch of 30–180 days before payment, chi tratti, scho pidlyaga в payment in deliberations by the parties to the terms.

Tsey view іnstruktіy vikoristovuetsya at rozrahunki for commercial loan. Trasat before zdіsnenny payment immediately entered at Volodinny goods. You can sell the shvidko yuzha shidko ime so yourself deny the necessary money to pay the bill. For the seller of goods, the goods to be secured can be used for acceptance of trasata. Thus, from period to line of payment for a bill of exchange, you may not be able to pay. With the help of a change of my own vendor, you can sell Vimagati, so that you accept the acceptance of updates by an aval of an insurance bank, or even a first-class bank. At the time of the avalist for the bill, it is jointly and severally payable: at the same time, it is possible to pay for the bill, but at the same time payment of the bill of no-interest payment of gambling.

Changes in exporter exporter may also remove the badge of a bank of an importer of a bank guarantee by the way with secure payment for a contract.

Documents without payment. Documents can be displayed without paying for the written letters of the payee of the payer of health pay at the term terms. All the letters of clerks are signed by the buyer and the bank is bought. The text of the sheet is stored, as a rule, by a remitting bank or as a seller, which is generally available.

Acceptance of handed over documents against payment. Tsei view іnstruktіy vikoristovuetsya even better. At such cash dealerships, I’m selling Vimaga, so that I can transfer the documents by accepting the bill of exchange with the line of completion for the hour (for example, after 60 days I’ve written the document). When you win, you can choose to document the payment for the bill. Till one o'clock the goods are guilty of shifting to zberigannі.