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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

5.2.4. VIP registration of documents and submission of documents

After the completion of the contract for the supply of goods, if the contract is concluded with the purchase and sale, the seller sells the goods. When tsomu rashunitsa vypisuyutsya, take out transport, insurance and insurance see documents.

For the seller (exporter), the procedure is the basis for the type of bank of the bank commission, such as the following:

  • Number and date of receipt of the assignment.
  • I’ll turn around and give the exact address of the payer (importer).
  • To a paid payer's person, a Yakiy bank is guilty of zrobiti a gift from a yankee bank.
  • Name and exporter exporter.
  • The name and name of the remitter bank.

In the interests of a clear understanding of the clerical commission of information and information, it is necessary and exact. Pardonings in the indicated points may be related to problems with the vicarious assignment.

Іnkasovo entrusted mother's guilt as well with given about:

  • The name of the currency of payment and the amount of money, money. As long as documents are accepted in the currency, currency exchange, currency transfer, the exporter is responsible for the exchange rate for the currency exchange and the way the currency is signed.
  • The number of exporters in the bank-remіtentі, for which the need to re-recover the virus.
  • Transferred to donated documents, which will be visible to the payee against payment i / or acceptance. As a rule, prior to them lay commercial and financial documents.

At the transfer to the document of handing over documents, it is necessary to pay attention to the original documents of the bill of lading and the copy. The bill of lading is recommended to be vipisuvati to the exporter (follower). As the supply of goods is on the minds of СІФ, then at the list of documents the insurance policy, notes, like minimum, are indicated on the sum of the rakhunka. In addition to the entrusted guilty rights to read and understand the instructions:

  • Minds and lines of payment for invoicing documents (chi pidlyagayut documents to the payee against acceptance, but against payments, or even on the minds).
  • Necessity to protest whichever is the most legal due to non-acceptance and non-payment of bills. At times of such instances of banks, it’s important to take a part in investment, and not goiters to protest against an exporter.
  • You can accept private payments for payment and transfer of private payments to documents to the payer. At times of these such banks, you can see the documents to the payer of payment only if the payment is rejected.
  • The order of the first minds to pay the fees and vitr, related to the payment, as well as the instructions for paying the payee and the payment of the pay-as-you-go statutes 21 UPI.
  • Umov іnkasuvannya vіdsotkіv for financial documents more than once with statute 21UPI.

Bank-remіntent perevіrya є correctness of registration іnkasovogo handy of the exporter і dodanih to new documents. I ask you to save money in handing over to the bank, and on all negotiable documents (money, bills of lading, insurance policy), try to transfer the writing in writing on the bank of the bank, which means that you need to pay for it. Acceptance of financial documents is credited to the bank until the payment lines are received, but the remitting bank is sent, and then until the payment bank remittance is paid back for the cordon for payment.