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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

5.2.5. Unified rules for Inkaso (UP_)

Rosrachunks at the іnkaso form should be broadened in the international trade. When I won’t get vikoristovitsya yak when rozrakhunami for think of non-payment, so so when rozrahunok for commercial loan.

Inkasova rozrahunkіv form є one of the oldest banking operations and regulated by a special document - Uniform rules for inkaso, as it were, I broke the International Chamber of Commerce, was set on the cob of the XX century. at Paris.

UPI regulate the fundamental rights of the participants of the іnkaso. Infection of the editors of the Rules of 1978 p., Scho was introduced 01.01.1979 p. The rules are to be seen in the form of payment, the procedure for submitting documents before payment and for the payment of the payment, acceptance, confirmation of the payment made, acceptance of non-payment (acceptance) and payment. Banks were awarded the rules of the most valuable country, including Ukraine.

Inkasova form rozrahunkіv maє svyodnі nedolіki. The main ones are є triviality of passing documents through banks і, vіdpovіdno, period of payment (acceptance), which you can pick up the required payment until a month and more. In addition, the importer has the right to pay for the submission of documents, but do not allow the permission to re-specify the currency for the cordon. At these hikes, the exporter carried Vitrati, a couple of vacations, we sold the third person, but transported back to his country. At tsoyu zv'yazku when razrahunok for іnkaso can vikoristovuvatsya іznі ways to accelerate and additional payment security.

Self-control power

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