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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

6.3. Credit to export

6.3.1. Korotkostrokov credit exporter

Zavdannyam kredituvannya export є nadannya at the order of the exporter of groshih koshtіv to cover the first item on the cob of virobnitsva goods ı until pay off for nymi. Export credit can be seen:

  • front-end credit to export (on the period of the cob of the crop to the goods);
  • more precisely, credit to export (for the period, I’ll save an hour of transportation and denying payment).

Naichastishe form of export short-term credit operations є advance payment іd іnkaso, a letter of credit with an advance payment, as well as pay in advance and acceptance of bills. For senior customers, banks may be able to apply overdraft as a national option, as in foreign currency for secure trading operations (Fig. 6.7).

advance payment іnkaso

Fig. 6.7

Letter of credit in advance * 3 pay, as a matter of fact, need credit for an exporter in advance of the goods. It is clearly indicated in the minds of the letter of credit that a part of the first foreign sumi becomes an advance. As a rule, I don’t overpay the sum in advanceє 85% of the total amount of the letter of credit. When a letter of credit is issued in advance, the exporter needs to see the first letter of the letter of interest at the line numbers of the required documents. The payment shall be issued by an exporter's bank, a guarantee letter to a bank, and a letter of credit shall be issued. As a matter of fact, the exporter does not submit documents to the line entries and does not repay the advance, then the bank, having seen it, debit the bank to the bank for the amount of the advance and the advance payment.

* 3: {A letter of credit with an advance is called a “letter of credit with a red piece of mind"; The tradition of vikoristan was given to the type of letter of credit for the export of singing goods, for example, a great horny skin from Italy, wool from Australia, pilomatrial and scandinavian lands.}

The amount of the advance payment to deposit the amount of the estimate of the financial security of the client, the cost of the invoice (the position transferred to the outpost, the right of ownership to the comrade, which must be exported to the creditor bank, and I can reimburse the payment of the required amount) . Call the sum upfront to become 75% to 90% of the total amount of income.

When delivering goods on the basis of investment, an advance payment is required, an advance payment is an advance payment, an advance payment is due, transferred to an investment. If the method іnkaso є “documents against payment”, the bank secured by nabuva є formation of control over the goods. As a result of the соincaso є “document against acceptance” method, the bank is smaller than acceptances of a bill (comrade will reject the importer). It’s important to be impressed by the fact that the bazannas and the importers of the importer of their own goiters are liable for accepting bills of exchange and payment at line signatures.

Advance payment by accepted method of credit to export for understanding, which is the bank creditor of the bank, and the bank and the bank pay the payment in the national currency of the exporter and the creditor bank. As a rule, bills are paid in foreign currencies and beyond the cordon, they are fully compliant with the bills, bills are paid out, and exporters are bought by the buyer, but they can be paid for by the cordon. Urakhuvannya bills to be paid before the transfer to the importer at a discount.

Bank of Urakhovє bills of exchange for less, if the bill of exchange is secure. To that important elements і financial indemnity of the importer, the amount of the bill, the amount of the trial is paid one hour before payment. At the time of payment, the payment is accepted by the bank and the right to register to the exporter. Vekseli mayu buti vipisanі u vilno convertible currencies. For cancellation of a pre-paid guarantee, the bank may have a vimagati vіd klіnta issued insurance for a loan vіd risik non-payment.

I’m an exporter of postal bills and bills, such as payments for a cordon, a bank can reserve a credit line for a credit line per line to one line. Vidpovidno to the point of mind, wash the bank of the gambling, the obligations of urahovuvati all bills, the provision of the key to foreign purchasers. In this way, the client will reject the payment (credit) inappropriately, the bank has the right to register for itself the right to regress against non-payment to the importer.

One of the methods of short-term credit exporter є acceptance credit lines. Accept credit lines can be considered for the sake of, more than once, a certain bank may accept bills, please be issued by an exporter and be protected by trade bills for commerce. Regardless of the credibility of an accepting bank, promissory notes can immediately be insured for a low rate.

I don’t overtake the acceptance of bills of exchange (or dearly) of the trading bills of exchange. At the time of the importer and the payment of the acceptance of the bill of exchange, the bank has the right to register to the exporter.

Period, by the stretch of a certain may of butorce acceptance of dzherelo kredituvannya, viznachaetsya minds please go to the bank and the client. Also limit is established, at the boundaries of promissory notes are billed. As a rule, terminology is accepted by credit line, lowercase lines are overdraft.

Acceptance of loans from international practices є to complete more widely. In deceitful subsidies, acceptance dzherela є significant and rejoicing not only one bank, but bank syndicates. Among the reasons for the widespread acceptance of credit loans are the following:

  • acceptance credit can be seen as a mid-line overdraft;
  • the potential for accepting a loan can be lower, the interest rate for an overdraft and bank loan is lower, the share of the regional loan rate is accepted by the bank for bills on the market, call me lower.

I’m an exporter regularly who will accept bills of exchange for large sums of money or checks for foreign partners, more vikoristovuvati factoring and forfeiting, and I’m always posting a loan to a bank about losing money for acceptance.