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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

6.2.3. Directly bank credit importer

He was surrounded by an interim loan and an importer in the form of credit with a bank accepting bills, a loan on the basis of a documentary letter of credit, a wide development and a direct bank loan and an importer. It’s possible that you are privately owned banks, so powerful. Better respect for the value, as well as the opportunity to offer foreign trade in the economy of the country, the greater the number of employees in the bank, and the special operations in the international market. In some countries there is a strong historical tradition in these spheres, in the latter - the functionalities of such banks are in order with the trends of economic development.

In the UK, for example, there are no special organizations, as well as a good deal of credit for trading. Commercial banks have borrowed money from the main business sectors. Nearly 30 credit and financial institutions of London enter the group of merchant banks this year, as well as it is important to specialize in foreign trade and international operations.

In the United States in 1934 p. a special export bank was established for financial international trade. In Japan, 1950 p. For these purposes, the Export-Import Bank of Japan was established. At 1946 p. at the French record of assurances The French Bank for Foreign Trade. Also, specialized banks that are opened in foreign countries. Among the main functions of this bank are the following:

  • Dovgostrokova and short-term credit exporter_v ;
  • Guarantee and insurance of export loans ;
  • Dovgostrokove credit of the foreign departments and the company.

Also, specialized banks from abroad offer loans to foreign buyers of goods from the given country on higher minds, and lower organizations. To important minds, the admission of such loans is to provide guarantors to the krai-posichalnik.

It’s sound, so that such a bank’s credit is big, there’s a lower number of firms, and I’ll regulate and control it from the side of the state. For the full stink, they look like government loans. Independent of those who owe loans to be settled between banks, to sanction themselves in the hands of Ukrainian, and in baggage wagons є part of the middle of the land. Remember that credit, as a rule, is sixteen hours of sound loans.

At 1991 p. in Ukraine, at the base of the Zovnyshekonombank SRSR base, the export-import bank Ukreksimbank was established. A wide range of international financial collaterals of professional pidhods at the dyalnosti Ukreksimbank has been actively engaged in the acquisition of foreign credit resources in the economy of Ukraine. At 1998 p. Ukreksimbank after realizing new programs of complex credit servicing, small and medium enterprises, first and foremost received credit cards for vidbudovi. Thanks to Svitovym Bank, successfully joining life The project for the development of export. In addition, the Ukreksimbank service team in foreign credit lines.

My credit Ukreksіmbank Spryamovaє for:

  • securing the consumption of the Ukrainian economy in foreign credit resources for financial projects at the priority galluses of the People’s State of Ukraine through obtaining and granting to residents of foreign loans during the international period of time
  • co-operating the development of small and medium-sized private loans in Ukraine through the establishment of pre-loan credit programs; install Nimetsky Credit programs for vidbudovi;
  • the acquisition and submission of foreign loans at the intersection of the major commercial activities for the financing of effective credit projects;
  • securing financial needs of consumer sub-sectors of the economy for the rashunok of water resources.

At the intervals of the weekend, the function of the financial Agent of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is serviced by a bank of foreign credit lines, and the bank is guaranteed by the Cabinet of Ukraine of Ukraine for Ukraine.

Ukreksimbank with the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (MBRD) Health Development Project for Export. The main steps of the implementation of the Project ри ри ян ян ня роз роз роз ку ку сектора сектора сектора export sector of the economy of Ukraine through credit кредит ан є кредит є є є є---------.

Remained for an hour the great Ukrainian commercial banks have also expanded their activity in the sphere of foreign currency lending. Credits in foreign currencies can be seen for the first-time guarantors, as well as the transfer of the right to the bank to write off the money from the currency guarantee of the guarantor at the time of repayment of the loan at the established term. As a security of loans, seen in foreign currency, you can also take a loan from an agent of a guarantee, pay and guarantee, added to foreign banks (from a separate bank, a corresponding bank).

When lending to export and import trade operations, I often want to get a quick look for documents, for a short time for short-term poses о documents, I’ll need to check the goods (bill of lading, waybill). Bill of lading for check-in when goods are cleared by sea and transport, consignment notes - when transported by means of transport. In order to secure a loan, you must register through the endorsement of the name of the documents by the hair owners on the basis of the creditor bank. To the mind of a type of loan secured by noble documents є insurance venture.

When secured by commodity stocks, an outpost will take part in syrovini, ready-made materials. Relocation of goods, bargaining with yakim is carried out on barges and for yakim it is easy to signify the link to the wart. With my mind, there are insured goods in stock. Існу оформ two ways of registration of a designated reservation: pid warehouse receipts and pid lists. With the first method, the companion will be sent to the clerk and transferred to the warehouse warehouse company. Warehouse receipts to service secure loans. After repaying the posiki bank vipisu вида warrant for the product type posichalnikovі. In another way, the comrade will be intercepted at the zbiganny at the clerk, prote control over them is welcome. For the whole time, there are є defense letters. Another way I can reduce the vitrati to zbirigannya zastig, prote zbilshurizik jar. Vidacha credit pid oboronnі rozpiski vimagaє vysoko nadіynostі klієnta.

Yak tool secured credit commodity stocks can be but a promissory note. Such a way of registering care is to be secured in case of credit trading companies. In case of the bank, I will pay the comrade to the exporter, the clerk, having shipped the goods, which he must legally lay down the bank for, to get the hell out of the bank until the poses are paid off. Zobov'yazannya of the clergyman to draw up a bill, a kind of payment for payment to the bank I can pay. If you are forced to sell a merchant by the clerk, then you have the right to dispose of the virus and resell it for the creditor bank. Without additional virus insurance to repay the loan.

To reject a loan in foreign currency, the clerk is guilty of the following:

  • Metu denied credit;
  • economically loan credit;
  • the sum of the lines for which a loan is taken;
  • I will name, kіlkіst that vartіst goods;
  • the currency of payment and the country paid for goods;
  • graph of deliveries to the goods, which should be imported;
  • Dzherelo repaid loan;
  • rozrakhunok strings_vikoristannya i repaid the loan and that_sotkiv after him.

In the case of deceitful bank runs, the bank may choose the right person to inform the seller of the details of the trading partners, and the amount of the loan will be insured for the banknote. Victory loans in foreign currencies are transferred more for thinking of a daily gift from the bank copy of the contract with foreign partners, at the same time with the bank. The lines of contract placement and the period of follow-up for them are strictly accounted for by the lines of the loan loan.

In case of credit in foreign currencies, such as credit lending, for a bank you can win the threat and foreign currency lending in these types of falls:

  • at a lower currency rate, a loan is seen in a yankee, clearly national currency;
  • when converting from foreign currency to credit;
  • in the case of foreign currency security, national currency currencies in the third currency.

In order to secure a timely loan repayment, the bank is guilty of systematic control of the credit transfer agreement. At times nevykonannya by the foreman of the minds of the loan agreement, the bank has the right to keep away the loan for the time being and pull back the amount of strandedness for a long time.

You can see the form of credit for the importer directly to the bank, you can choose the type of loan you need to give you the opportunity to choose an exporter. I’m at my house, I’m not even amazed by the loan for the exporter, I’m sorry to see the bank with the junkie urahuvati chi pay bills.