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International markets and foreign exchange operations - Savluk M.І.

9.4. Quotation of interest rates. Parties to quotation

Call the deposit rate to be paid to the double-sided bidder: the bid is the bid, the bid is the same as the bank, the fee is the same, the resource is for the singing period, and the bid is for the offer (ask), for which the pay-as-you-go bank.



USD 1 m



This means that the commercial bank will receive US dollars in one-month line at 6.28% of the total, and retail, out of the box, 6.38%.

Bank, scho zdіysnyuє kotiruvannya, take care of goiters'zazannya get abo rozmistiti deposit pid given an interest rate. As soon as I set the pre-bid rates, then I must forward my counteragents, so that I’ve got a better rate of bets (more than the lower bid). In addition, bets, scho boules were made, look like I’m hard to think about, and obyazkov_ for the weekend.

Rіznitsya middle bids bid and offer are called spread (spread), won є dzherel to the side of the bank, scho zdіysnyuє kotiruvannya.

On the spread of the spread, the value of the bid and offer bids will absorb such officials:

  • status to the bank, which is good to know : the great banks of the market-maker can allow themselves to have a small spread and gain a margin for the great deal of merchandise received and paid. Other banks with insignificant oversight; operating interest rates; lower rates; higher rates; higher rates; higher rates;
  • status for the bank, which is powered up : listing : what is the counterparty’s higher rating, while the lower spread will be quoted. Also, there is a significant number of mutual banks: more often, I’m running a bank, which is regularly maintained with a bank, which is always good, and there is a significant operating cost, we’ll keep it small. As a matter of fact, quoting is powered by a small bank, or a bank, by the way a bank, which is not priced before, then the spread will be significantly larger. This is due to the fact that interest rates should be taken from your own premium for credit risk. Rizik krainy tezh vidigra ну mean the role. Thus, banks in Europe процент interest rates will be quoted with a significantly greater spread rivals from European and American banks. Pislya financial crisis 1998 p. bagato of foreign banks in the middle of a robot with Ukrainian and Russian banks, i stink like that and quote interest rates for them, then lower the bid side;
  • Demand for available resources : I’m probably a bank in need of resources, I need more money, more affordable rates, more money, more money, more money, more money Officials may also sponukati banks quoting less than bid bid or less than offer;
  • deposit currency : the most convenient deposit market for US dollars, the spread will be the smallest, the highest one for British pounds, euro, Swiss francs and Japanese francs. Banks can quote interest rates for deposits in foreign currencies as well, with a significantly larger spread;
  • Amount to deposit : on a private interbank currency market, total deposits are sent in 1 to 100 million dollars. USA. The standard amount for a deposit is to call 10 million. Deposits on a sum of less than 1 million will be quoted with a higher spread. Then, it is necessary to win the bank the largest and the highest sums (so the titles have an effect on the scale). Rosmishchennya deposits in the amount of ponad 100 million dollars. If you are interested in loans, then, for such deposits, interest rates will be quoted.