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The branch of the development of British tanks

British tank branch

The British development branch appeared in World of Tanks relatively recently. At the moment it includes 3 class branches of development: heavy tanks, medium tanks and anti-tank installations. Britain is famous for its cruising tanks, armored PT-ACS and rapid-fire heavy tanks .

In fact, the UK, after appearing in the game, received good reviews and popularity from gaming communities and players. Technical characteristics of combat units are perfectly balanced, these models have their own unique features and very uncomfortable weaknesses. But the main feature of this nation was due to its PT-ACS 10 level FV215b (183) , which has the smallest rate of fire in the game and the most tremendous destructive power compared with their similar models of other nations. The maximum damage of this model reaches 2250 units, which is fatal for most combat vehicles, but its reloading is only 2 shots per minute, and the ammunition is 13 shells, which makes it a very difficult machine in terms of control and combat use.

As for the rest, I would like to note the general feature of all the top UK technology. It lies in the fact that tanks at the base use high-explosive fragmentation projectiles. This predicts a guaranteed damage to the enemy, so this feature is also key. And because of it, the UK's top-end equipment is used quite rarely on the battlefield.

If we touch on the issue of the popularity of the technology itself, then a representative of the FV4202 medium tanks is breaking out in the front row . This technique is perfectly balanced for its combat use, does not have any negative sides and is able to cope with several enemy tanks alone.

The second position is occupied immediately by two tanks, these are AT 15 and Tortoise . These combat units, although they do not have combat power, but they have the thickest frontal armor and a high rate of fire, which makes an invaluable contribution to the battle. These two representatives are able alone to restrain the flank along which the enemy forces are breaking through.

The branch of the development of British tanks

The third place belongs to the premium representative, which is called AT 15A. Due to the high rate of armor and rate of fire, besides having an understated balanced weight, this technique is actively used by players for the farm. AT 15A is recognized as the most comfortable PT-ACS for mining credits.

The rest of the technique is almost evenly distributed in terms of use in the random house. As for the popularity among company battles and the global map. That technique of Great Britain is practically not used in these modes, perhaps, only FV215b (183) is sometimes used in an absolute company.

In fact, it is worth noting in the technique of the UK branch of the development of medium tanks. These representatives have an excellent indicator of speed and rate of fire, which allows them to actively use in all directions in battle. This technique is great for providing support on all sides of the card. Because of this feature, they are called “cruising”, among them the bright models are Comet , Cromwell and FV4202.

World of Tanks british branch

As for heavy tanks, they are unlikely to fit the description above. These tanks have an excellent rate of fire rate, but their speed leaves much to be desired. Such representatives are the Churchill family of tanks, most likely they are intended to defend the base.

It was also not without amazing tanks, which have a rather specific design. This is a premium TOG II , which in addition to low combat effectiveness has an individual design. The TOG II in length reaches almost 12 meters, this makes it the longest representative of combat vehicles, but because of such length it is ineffective in combat, although it has excellent firepower.

In addition to this, this branch of development has an excellent representative of low levels, it is a PT-SAU of level 3 called Valentine AT. This combat unit has a tremendous rate of fire, which allows you to instantly deal with enemy forces in the sandbox.

But there are models in the British branch and unsuccessfully realized ones, these are tanks of 2 levels, very weak and ineffective, in most cases they were simply missed by players for free experience, since it is very difficult and inconvenient to play them.

Video British tanks World of Tanks

If we compare the UK with other nations, then it is absolutely the same in terms of the combat power of its combat vehicles. She also has a balanced, outstanding and inefficient technique. But this nation is also not the weakest of all to choose from. If you are wondering about the choice of the most preferred nation, then the UK can begin to pump 2 nations, or follow in line.

It is recommended to start pumping a branch of medium tanks to begin with, they are most comfortable to play. Then it is necessary to proceed to the anti-tank self-propelled units (PT-SAU), they have excellent indicators of combat effectiveness. Moreover, due to high armor, this technique can forgive mistakes in the game. And the last in line are the heavy tanks, because of the low rate of speed, they are very difficult to learn and use, especially on them it is very difficult to support and shoot down the capture from the base. It is better to start them when you are fully comfortable with the British technology. But already in the patch of game 0.8.7, the developers introduced representatives of artillery for this nation, so the best option would be to leave them for last.

But do not forget to play on all the equipment in the game, although it differs in game use, but it will allow you to study the details of the game in more detail, it is the repeated game on different classes that allows you to show wonders in fights and pull out the victory of their enemies.

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