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Fashion from Jov

Jove is an experienced player in the World of Tanks, from the clan, who makes various game assistants such as: video, patches, mods, tips. The World of Jov Tanks is Jov’s own world of tanks created on many sites, in particular on the site of his clan. There you can find everything that interests you, mainly the game helpers. The latest news about Jov mods and more can be found at http: // w, in the corner of Jove.

World of Tanks Fashion by Jov

What is the benefit of using these mods?

If you want to have an advantage over your enemies, then this is for you. Mods are designed to increase some aspects of the game, which gives no small head start over opponents. Each of these mods will help you not only play with comfort, but also bend sweeter. This statement fully reflects the essence of mods and why they were created.

What is World of Tanks?

This is a historical online game in real time. This is the world where you control an iron horse, in which instead of hoofs - caterpillars. Many people know this game and have played it at least once. All players saw the game with their own eyes, and all that is there. But imagine that the game could be seen through the eyes of an experienced player: all his skill, abilities and more. All this was done by Jov, he posted on the Internet a video of his battles. But to see how PRO plays - the player is not everything, you won’t learn how to play, so Jov released the World of Tanks of Fashion from Jov to help “ noobs ”. Mods from Jov - this is the assembly of the most necessary parts for the game, such as skins with places to break through : ammunition, tanks, barrel and more. A modified sight made for a convenient and comfortable game. Some things from mods will help your computer if it is weak. Map - the viewing radius has been increased, the direction the enemy is looking is shown (this is convenient, since you can see where the enemy is located approximately). Destroyed tanks become white, because in order not to confuse destroyed tanks and are still alive.

In fact, this is probably all. Good luck in battle.

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