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The branch of the development of German tanks

The German development branch is also the cultural and historical heritage of the World of Tanks games. Most of the representatives of military units took an active part in the combat battles of the Second World War. This branch of development is long-suffering among all other nations, as the developers constantly nerve and worsen it, which causes a storm of emotions and indignation from the fans of German technology. But despite this, Germany was able to offer the player a choice of several amazing and memorable models. It is also worth noting that Germany ranks second among all nations in the number of military equipment.

So, just want to note the negative sides of the combat vehicles in Germany. The most noticeable disadvantage of technology is their design. It is rather “square”, which means that the whole structure is built using right angles of armor, this is a very unfortunate approach to tank building, since the probability of rebound decreases greatly, and thick armor is also excluded due to tilting. It is also worth noting that Germany, very originally approached the design, so the engine of the tank was moved from the stern of the combat vehicle to the frontal, this is the cause of the fire when shooting at the bottom of the tank. Plus, this nation has bad angles of vertical guidance, which do not allow to use the power of the guns at high speed, but, fortunately, not all machines have this disadvantage. Absolutely all German equipment has a unique design and does not have any analogues.

Germany became famous in World of Tanks for its heavy tanks. Each high-level tank has a colossal mass, even medium and light tanks of this nation simply amaze with their weight. Therefore, the main feature of these combat monsters is that they are great for ramming. This is especially true of the E-50M tank, which is called the king of the ram, it is capable of causing enormous damage to enemy technology at maximum speed, whatever class it would be.

As for the most used tanks, then the priorities are constantly changing. The absolute leader and “favorite” of players remains unchanged, this is E-50M. It has the highest accuracy rate in the game among its class, has a good booking, despite its huge dimensions can develop excellent speed. Suitable for both assault and long-range shooting.

branch of the development of German tanks

The second place was taken by a premium representative called Lowe. This tank has a good gun power, acceptable armor, but its engine does not allow it to have a normal speed. But this does not scare the players, and they constantly go on it for the sake of mining credits. Tank Lowe is the most expensive premium tank in the game.

And the third place is taken by the absolutely new Leopard 1 , which despite its recent introduction has gained a good reputation among the players. It represents a branch of medium tanks and is at the 10th level of development.

The remaining combat units have the same degree of use and are actively used in random battles. If we take into account the use of German technology in special battles such as the mouth and the global map. E-100 , Maus, GWE 100 are becoming leaders in this area. But they have rather poor use, Maus and E-100 are mainly used as cannon fodder due to the tactical features, and the GWE 100 was used because of prolonged freezing. military equipment, in general, as a backup option.

But compared to other similar war machines of other nations, Germany could have been a leader in the initial choice of pumping, but it so happened that the USSR greatly surpasses this technique . Therefore, this nation in your choice may take 2 or a subsequent place in development. But because of the abundance of technology, it is better to make it a preference and explore the combat vehicles immediately after the first studied branch of development.

New branch of the development of German tanks

At the initial stage of development, it is recommended to proceed to medium tanks with a line up to E-50M. This technique is practically not curtailed by the developers, and they retained their combat power. Then you should go to the second branch of the development of medium tanks, which goes to Leopard 1. They are practically the same in terms of combat use, so they will not be difficult in their development. After that, you should take up the branches of heavy tanks, and for which one, it no longer matters, the choice is yours. After overcoming heavy tanks, you should transfer to the PT-ACS . These representatives are quite difficult to master and there will be some difficulties in terms of combat use. And finally, there remains the artillery, which is very difficult to be mastered at high levels, but very comfortable at the initial stages of development.

By itself, the development branch of Germany is quite comfortable. Her combat vehicles show good combat effectiveness regardless of technical characteristics. If you are less than the average player, then you should have no difficulty pumping the tanks of this nation. Especially for Germany you should definitely play, since it has unique representatives of super heavy tanks - this is Maus and E-100. In addition, the secret development of the German designers called JagdPz E-100 , which is a representative of the PT-SAU class and has great combat power and long-term recharging, was introduced into the game. Moreover, it also has a thick frontal armor, sometimes that even artillery cannot penetrate.

For the rest, it is worth noting that you will feel very comfortable when playing at low levels of military equipment. They are all armed with small-caliber machine guns, which is the most powerful weaponry in the sandbox. Germany will also have a specific premium representative of the PT-SAU class, which is called the E-25 and will have the lowest silhouette among its counterparts. But the future equipment that will be introduced into the game is worth attention, the famous Sturm Tiger, which according to historical references has the largest caliber of weapons, in fact it will be storming artillery, which already speaks about the dramatic changes in the gameplay.

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