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The game World of Tanks has long ranked the top place among the list of online games. The game is devoted to a large number of fan sites, amateurs and professionals every day new voices, localizations are being developed. It is about one of these mods we'll talk. Mod is called XVM, which in more explicit form means eXtended Visualization Mod. At the moment, it is one of the most popular mods for the interface in the game World of Tanks. Another name for the mod is the XVM Olenemer , that is, the mod, which extends the combat statistics of the players during the battle.

Installing and Downloading XVM

Download XVM stat can be freely accessed on the site of the mod itself - downloading and using the modification is absolutely free.

After downloading, you need to unpack the archive with a modification to the folder with the game. A more accurate way to unpack: res_mods / <game version> / gui / flash / *. Swf,

Where the asterisk * is the name of the SWF file from the archive with the mod, and <game version> is the number of the current version of the World of Tanks.

Useful innovations

XVM stat provides such convenient chips, which were added by developers to the modification, you can distinguish the following:

- tank markers, flashing over allied and enemy combat vehicles and providing the player with detailed information and statistics about the effectiveness of the tank in battle;

- Variations of the "Sixth Sense" light bulb - with the help of fashion you can choose any suitable symbol for you under the "Sixth Sense" skill instead of the yellow light bulb, which often many novice players do not pay attention to. The choice is attached a few bright and colorful new icons - from a blue LED to Fry's head from Futurama;

- Improved database capture statistics - in the base capture area, the number of opponents / allies involved in the capture and time before the capture of the base are displayed;

- minimap - more information is available on the battlefield, opponents and allies, or more precisely, the modified minimap displays the direction of the guns, the radius of view for the light of enemy tanks, the viewing angles, the lighted tanks and icons of the enemy's last location;

- clan symbols - now directly on the battlefield above the tanks in the form of a clan icon and text name, the player's belonging to a particular clan is displayed.

- Damage logs - many players have been waiting for this function in the game for a long time and now, thanks to the XVM fashion, they have such an opportunity - now all hits on you, or all your successful shots will be recorded and stored in special battle logs;

The general opinion

The mod for World of Tanks XVM is primarily very useful for novice players who do not yet have such game skills as experienced veterans of online tank fights. In other and experienced players, mod will greatly facilitate the gameplay, but it is not recommended to rely on it completely.

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