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Tank GW Panther Guide World of Tanks

Review video guide tank Gw Panther World of Tanks

In the World of Tanks Gw Panther, perhaps the most fun art , no one will call us a “pedobir” (this is for Su-26 fans), but we will also enjoy the “sea”. A guide for beginners to the Gw Panther art guides will help you understand the intricacies of this machine. Even with STOCK, Givi affects the outcome of the battle and can even drag it. You can put all the equipment and modules on the stock chassis, so we’ll first download the TOP gun (breaking 88/240/88, damage 1200/900/1200, spread 0.43m / 100m, reducing 6.3s, it will bring us credits and experience. We inherit a walkie-talkie (710m) from Hummel.After pumping the gun and installing the walkie-talkie, it makes sense to think about the development of our driving performance.The base from the medium tank allows you to move perfectly on the map at a speed of 48 km / h, and powerful engines allow you to quickly dial this speed and spin on the spot. yaet a huge threat to the enemy.


  • Excellent dynamics, allows you to quickly occupy key positions and move as needed
  • Rapid mixing and precision guns
  • Quick reload
  • Best UGN
  • Although we are large, surprisingly Givi is perfectly masked
  • Large ammunition allows you to distribute "suitcases" throughout the battle


  • Like Bumblebee, a small splash
  • Low Lump Damage

Crew and extra smart i

Because Gw Panther many leave in their hangar, then the crew for it must be appropriate. Actually, if you transplanted a crew from Hummel, then there is no difference in pumping skills, the same sequence. We try to make our artifact “invisible” and squeeze out all the “juices” from the crew using the Battle Brotherhood

  • Commander: Sixth Sense, Fighting Brotherhood, Disguise
  • Gunner: “The smooth turn of the tower”, “Battle fraternity”, “Disguise”
  • Driver-mechanic: “Disguise”, “Battle Brotherhood”, “Virtuoso”
  • Charger 1: “Disguise”, “Battle Brotherhood”, “Repair”
  • Charger 2: “Disguise”, “BB”, “Repair”

Additional modules

If you decide to sell your Hum, then remove the rammer and the Guidance Drives from it, we will need these modules on the Gw Panther. And of course, do not forget to put on a “net” to hide from prying eyes.


GwPanther is essentially a continuation of Hummel’s ideas and tactics. Therefore, the tactics applied are the same as on Hume.

  1. Classic - before the start of the battle, we determine where we will get up, quickly take a position and begin to come down in the area of ​​the expected appearance of the enemy. After each shot, I recommend changing position. Also, when the situation on the map changes, move depending on the need. Use your agility and dynamics. If there is a chance that the enemy will appear in the direct field of view, feel free to switch the art mode to normal, Gw Panther superbly hits direct fire.
  2. If you hit the city maps do not worry, our mobility, the presence of a tower and the flatness of the TOP guns allow you to play the role of a PT , and after a shot quickly leave the pursuers. Of course, we are not a full-fledged vehicle, but it’s quite possible to land a land mine at 800 HP, especially for Germans.


If you liked Bumblebee, then Gw Panther will take pride of place in your hangar. I’ll say from myself that for me this is the most fun car and at the moment, although they have been cutting godlessly since version 7.0, it pulls, and they will always be afraid of it. On this unit, I took my first 10 frags per battle, and there are players who are much more experienced than me. In terms of profitability, you can play on a basic account and even go for a plus, with direct hands (50% of wins on average) you will receive + 10k in net credits.

gw panther guide World of Tanks

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