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Tank T34 guide World of Tanks

Review of the T34 World of Tanks video guide

Are you tired of constantly counting pennies and scrapping on a new tank on credit? Then my advice to you is to buy yourself a T34 prem tank . In the review of the video guide for this car, we will talk about what kind of tank it is in comparison with its classmates, what additional modules it is best to hang on, and what equipment to pamper the crew.

General information and performance characteristics of the T34

With the release of patch 0.7.3, the American switched to the category of premium cars. He nerfed a little, because the logic of the developers is such that the gold tanks should be slightly worse than their pumped classmates. But this does not prevent Amer from kicking, even under such "inhuman" conditions. Let's see the declared game TTX T34:

  • strength 1500 HP;
  • mass / ultimate mass 65.14 / 71.85 tons;
  • 810 horsepower engine;
  • speed 35 km / h;
  • turning speed 22 deg / s;
  • reservation of the hull (forehead / side / feed in mm) 102/76/51, respectively;
  • turret reservation (forehead / sides / feed in mm) 279/127/203 respectively;
  • base gun 400/400/515;
  • turret rotation speed (deg / sec) 18;
  • review (m) 360;
  • communication range (m) 745.

The premium Amer has become a little weaker, but the gun has remained, and it is in it that the main force of the terrible damage and destroyer of the American T34 tank. So everything is fine.

Advantages and disadvantages

It makes no sense to compare the Gold T34 World of Tanks with its pumped brothers. Therefore, all the pros and cons of the car announced in comparison with its premium counterparts. And so, the positive aspects:

  • very good vertical angle;
  • excellent armor penetration;
  • German precision American guns;
  • alpha damage is the largest in the class.

Negative qualities:

  • low rate of fire;
  • too long mixing;
  • cardboard frontal armor of the body;
  • smallest supply of HP;
  • negligible visibility;
  • a combination of a slow tower and a soft body.

American Premium World of Tanks

As you can see, the car has many drawbacks, but the main task of this tank is to farm, earn loans. And on it you will definitely earn them.

Additional modules and equipment

To improve is what we have the most significant - a tool. Therefore, the choice of modules should be as follows: rammer, pick-up drives and stabilizer. With consumables, everything is simple - first-aid kit, repair kit and fire extinguishers.

Game tactics on T34 World of Tanks

You have a very mixed car in your hands. This is the same T29 , but only more meaty and with a slow tower. But the gun is pleasantly pleasing. You will be able to upset any enemy you met on the way. This is your trump card: good penetration, high damage and excellent tilt angle. Any slide for you is already a shelter, because of which you can easily fire. At the same time, only your tower will be visible, and it is very difficult to break through it. Based on this, it’s worth choosing the tactics of the game. It all depends on the directness of your hands and teammates (which is the saddest thing).

That's it. Good luck to everyone.

Premium T34 World of Tanks Guide

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