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Tank M103 guide World of Tanks

Review video guide M103 World of Tanks

Overview of the video guide for the M103 WOT tank is the 9th level American heavy tank (TT). M103 in the World of Tanks holds a high position among all single-level TTs. It is better than anyone else in cities, as well as in open areas, and is very useful in forcing a certain direction, like any TT .

TTX score

This American TT is subject to study of various modules, after its acquisition: Chassis, Engine, Radio, Tower and two Weapons. None of this is inherited from T32 level 8. Best of all, before buying a tank, collect a certain amount of free experience (34,000) for acquiring a 120mm gun and a top-end radio station, as The stock gun is just awful, no penetration, no damage. Further, an excellent tower, which improves the visibility of objects 20 meters further and adds a small amount of strength. The engine and chassis are the last to be studied. Zones of penetration of the tank M103 World of Tanks switched from T32 (cardboard): sides, feed, forehead.


  • Good tilt angles;
  • Excellent housing reservation;
  • Ricochet tower;
  • Top level 10 gun
  • Excellent accuracy and rate of guns.


  • Bad armor at the tower;
  • Weak armor mask guns.


  • Commander;
  • Gunner;
  • Charging;
  • Charging;
  • Driver mechanic.

The crew is almost similar to the previous TT of the 8th level of T32 , only without a radio operator, therefore, the crew can be retrained and transplanted to M103, which we do.

Video Guide Penetration

Skills and crew skills:

The choice of skills for the crew is purely individual, as they say, to whom it is convenient and for whom hands are sharpened. I will describe the commander in detail, as for the rest of the crew, the study of skills is similar.
Commander: First of all, you can take the individual skill "Sixth Sense" (valid at 100% study). Very useful since makes it clear in the light whether you are or not. Further, “Repair” (valid during the study) gradually increases the speed of repair. Another common skill is “Disguise” and after that we download individual skills of your choice and style of play.

Gunner: "Repair" - "Disguise" - "Smooth rotation of the tower." Further, the remaining non-pumped skills of your choice and style of play.

Charger: “Repair” - “Disguise”. Further, the remaining non-pumped skills of your choice and style of play.

Driver: “Repair” - “Disguise” - “Virtuoso”. Further, the remaining non-pumped skills of your choice and style of play.

Modules Additional modules. Description and brief description

The top weapon of the M103 in the World of Tanks is very good among all TTs of the 9th level and the fault is everything - excellent penetration of armor and good accuracy of shooting. With this weapon, you can easily throw enemy TT and ST into the stern, both in the city and in the open. Superb mixing forgives childhood hover mistakes.

Video review of the penetration zone

An important additional module (DM) is the “Medium-caliber gun re-distributor”. It is insignificant, but it will accelerate the reload time of the gun and the accuracy of shooting, which is necessary M103. Also very useful DM will be the “Vertical Stabilizer” and “Improved Ventilation Class 3”. All this is also from our predecessor T32.

Mandatory set of consumables (consumables) for TT: First Aid Kit, Remkomplekt and Fire Extinguisher.

Technique of the game on the M103

The tactics of the game on the M103 World of Tanks are very simple. Because it is a heavy tank, therefore, there is only one tactic - Tanking. We choose the direction and forward. Preferences in the open: slopes, hills, bumps, because we have excellent vertical aiming, it will be more profitable for us to shoot from this position, and the enemies will substitute the lower armor sheet for us, which easily breaks through. Simply put, we hide the hull, protrude the tower, shoot enemies, you can also put psaltery out of the shelter, we have them high and the chance of getting into them is great.

So we have a confident TT, with excellent weapons, with excellent penetration of armor and with excellent accuracy.

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