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Tank T110E4 guide World of Tanks

Review the video guide on Fri Sa T110E4 WOT I want to start with a reservation. If you look at the characteristics of this PT-sau, you can see 254mm of frontal armor, which in itself is very good. But the presence of such heavy armor is not entirely correct, since the 254 mm of armor for this armor is only in the line formed by the VLD and NLD, and the armor of the armor plates themselves is no more than 140 mm. The upper armor plate is located at a fairly sharp angle, and the angle of the lower one is closer to the straight line, so with proper shooting it is not difficult to break even on equipment below the level. The T110E4 World of Tanks has very weak armor for the stern and sides, which is why it takes a lot of damage from artillery and fireflies pierce it. The tower forehead has 203mm inclined armor and 300mm armor for the gun’s mask. The penetration zone of the T110E4 is a machine gun turret. The T110E4 in the World of Tanks has a very powerful gun with high armor penetration, but due to the peculiar turret the gun lowers slightly. The tower rotates only 180 degrees, but at a fairly high speed.

Advantages and disadvantages of T110E4.


  • Good frontal protection;
  • Good dynamics;
  • Distant review;
  • Small case;
  • T110E4 is difficult to tighten;
  • Large one-time damage;
  • Relatively high maximum speed, which allows you to quickly move to the battlefield.


  • Long mixing guns;
  • The high cost of repairs and shells;
  • Weak reservation of stern and sides;
  • Very low rate of fire;
  • Slow acceleration.

When installing additional modules, it is best to use the standard set:

  1. Ventilation;
  2. Rammer;
  3. Drive pickups.

The tactics of playing on the T110E4 tank are quite simple - we leave the shelter, make targeted fire at the enemy and hide back to load the gun and repeat everything again, so you can spend the whole battle. With the right game and proper maneuvering, you can take on fairly strong blows from enemies of a lower level. On T110E4 you need to use an aggressive style of play, since the PT has a very powerful weapon, and if you stand on the base, the team will lose not only support, but also the main leader. And at the end of the battle, a crowd of enemies will come to you and simply be taken either by starvation or in a circle and shot at point blank range. Since our AT has a long reload time, it is difficult to do anything on it alone. For serious attacks or defense, we need the support of TT10. With its help, you can hold the flank, and in many cases extend the battle. If you become a clinch with another tank, then you are more likely to dismantle the enemy, since the T110E4 has a strong upper armor plate and an almost impenetrable tower. From here you can make: the T110E4 WOT tank is a powerful weapon of retaliation, using aggressive tactics of the game, pretty good defense and a decent attack. Not ideal, but without it it will be difficult for the team.

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