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Tank T92 guide World of Tanks

Review video guide SPG T92 World of Tanks

Having plenty of fun on the M40 / M43, you finally got to the top American artillery T92. In the video review of the T92 self-propelled gun guide, we will talk about its characteristics, combat use, the best options for additional modules and which consumables are best used for it.

What to pump in the first place

From the very beginning you need to explore the chassis. This is a very important aspect, because the installation of this module will increase the maneuverability of the tank, which is important for artillery. Maneuverability makes it possible to get away from tracer hunters on time. Then we examine the engines. There are two of them, but you could already explore the second of them at Pershing . Last of all, we put a walkie-talkie.

general characteristics

You have in your hands the top American art 8 level. If we compare it with classmates, then the T 92 gun has the largest damage in the game. Amer's dimensions are also unique - this is the smallest top-end art. All others are very impressive in size. The designers had Napoleon’s complex ... Dimensions allow you to conveniently hide your monster in the bushes and calmly sit there the whole battle. Unless, of course, the light comes in, because in that case you will surely die. The artillery T 92 has no negative aiming angle at all, and therefore you can’t simply shoot direct fire at close range.

Combat use

The biggest advantage of the WOT T92 is its incredible one-time damage. No one does such damage. And therefore, if you climbed into a clinch with an enemy weight and saw that the adversary is labeled T 92, then carry off your legs. It will cover you and the spiteful with a splash. With a direct hit, for example, in the seven - Amer blows her more than 50% of CP, and standing nearby, tears off the harp, at best. Double killings are not rare on this monster. But you still have to pay for such damage. And we pay with a long reload and a long mix. Accuracy is also not a part of the T92 World of Tanks. Therefore, it is necessary to shoot accurately and for sure, so as not to sit still for half a fight and wait. As mentioned above, the modest size makes it easy to hide in the bushes. But if you are found, then pray - you are assured of death. After all, it’s impossible to make fun of direct fire: the gun is located high and the angle of negative aiming is zero. If you drive up close to the arte, then you can’t do anything. And if the armor of the T92 World of Tanks classmates still gives no chance of survival, then you, due to the cardboardness of the armor, do not have them.

Pros and cons


  • very good speed;
  • modest dimensions (in comparison with GW Typ E and Object 261 );
  • colossal damage;
  • splash.


  • there is no possibility to shoot direct fire;
  • long reload time, mixing and poor accuracy;
  • cardboard armor among all the top art.
Additional modules and consumables

There will be nothing new here: a rammer (it is useful to all artifacts), reinforced pickup drives (with such a speed of information, there simply cannot be other options) and a camouflage network (this will increase the chances of survival). As for consumables, then everything is also trite: a small repair kit, a small first-aid kit and a fire extinguisher. You can not carry the last one at all, but instead take a box of Coke. But if you do not have the funds for this, then take a fire extinguisher. You never know what can happen.

Well that's all. Thank you all and good artillery preparation to you.