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Tank Panther-M10 guide World of Tanks

Farm and profitability

Review video guide tank Panther-M10 World of Tanks

Panther-M10 World of Tanks is a premium German seventh-level tank belonging to the middle class. Something like the Panzerkampfagen 5 Panther tank, however, there are some visual and technical differences. In particular, the tenth Panther has an increased margin of safety and a more accurate gun.


The crew of Panther-M10 consists of Commander, Gunner, Driver, Radio Operator and Charger. The entire crew, except the commander, is recommended to learn the “Repair” skill. The commander is best suited to study the skill “Sixth Sense”. The crew is fairly well distributed, as it is possible to learn more skills and, at the same time, increase the efficiency of the machine.

Tank advantages

The advantages of Panther-M10 World of Tanks include its high (for medium tank) margin of safety (1300 HP), which allows it to stay in battle longer and complete its mission. The Panther’s gun, 7.5 cm KwK L70, although low-power, will hit accurately (spread - 0.35 m / 100m) and quickly (reduce it - 2.3 s; rate of fire - 13.33 rounds / min). A large space inside the tank allows you to fit a larger number of different ammunition (82 pieces).

Another advantage, not technical, is its premium quality, thanks to which the tank will always be favorably distributed randomly in battles and get more profit in battles.

Weaknesses of Panther-M10

The tank repeats in principle all the shortcomings of the Panther PZ. Namely - poor booking on the hull (85/50/40 mm) and the tower (100/45/45 mm); vulnerability of the Maybach HL 230 P 30 engine to fires (20%) and relatively low speed (48 m / s) and maneuverability (38 ° / s). Also, the 7.5 cm KwK L70 tank gun has low power (135/135/175 HP) and penetration (150/194/38 mm). Another drawback is the poor visibility for its level - only 350 meters, which forces you to approach the enemy almost point-blank.

Battle tactics

The battle tactics on the Panther-M10 are combat operations in the form of a support tank, sometimes alternating with passive / active glow. In battles, do not forget that the armor of your tank is rather weak, therefore, when firing, it is recommended to expose only the front of the tower, or, in extreme cases, the front of the hull. It is very dangerous to expose the rear of the hull under enemy fire - with weak armor of the stern and a probability of engine fire of 20%, a fire is possible.

The tank’s gun will very accurately and accurately destroy enemy fireflies and artifacts of the 5-6 level, however, it will not be enough for more powerful tanks, higher levels, fire should be fired at them for the purpose of support.

Farm and profitability

Crew equipment

The following equipment package is recommended:

  • Fire extinguisher
  • First-aid kit
  • Repair kit

Panther-M10 Hardware

It is recommended to install the following types of equipment:

  • Improved ventilation - will increase your combat effectiveness. It is especially recommended for those whose crew is not pumped. Suitable for combat tank support.
  • Stereo tube - recommended for those who want to conduct aimed fire at a safe distance from the shelter. May vary with Improved Ventilation equipment.
  • Reinforced aiming drives - will help you conduct aiming and fast shooting, including on the go. Will reduce the speed of information to almost 2 seconds.
  • Recharger - reduces recharge time to 12 seconds.

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