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Tank T18 guide World of Tanks

Review video guide T18 World of Tanks tank

Among the entire American range there is a considerable number of legendary and most popular military vehicles. Many of them are in the top of the entire development branch, most are somewhere in the middle of development, but there is another legendary tank, which is currently considered the sandbox god, this is T18.
T18 is at the second level of development of American tank destroyers . He is quite unremarkable, but terribly powerful, which allowed him to break into the leaders in comparison with low-level tanks. This combat vehicle is very popular among all similar combat vehicles and is recommended for early familiarization, otherwise you may not have time to master and enjoy it. Such haste is connected with the fact that the developers have already noticed it and plan to nerf it, which is very sad and inevitable. But let's not talk about sad things. Let's get to know him better.

A bit about technology

In fact, if we turn to historical facts, then this combat unit belongs to the class of self-propelled guns , which has the specific functionality of direct-fire shooting of enemies. But in order not to confuse the players, the developers moved the car to a more suitable class, tank destroyers . In a virtual implementation, the tank absorbed all the strengths of this technique and slightly reduced its negative sides, which ultimately produced a real nibble machine that can destroy everything around. It has all the properties of a real combat vehicle, but it also has a number of negative points, which we will consider further.

Positive and negative sides

Analyzing all the positive and negative points, you are sometimes amazed. How can one fight at all on such a machine, but if you have straight arms and know the basics of using this tank, you can achieve incredible success.
The first thing to do is take a look at the advantages of this technique, which include armor, guns and speed. So, after opening all the modules of the tanks, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the T18 has two optimal guns. One rapid-fire and pretop, the second slaughter and top. It is best to take a top-end gun that has the greatest damage, but on condition that you go into battle strictly loaded with gold, which will reveal the full potential of the machine.
Regarding speed, this moment is also positive, since having the highest mass index, this tank can achieve incredible indicators. True, this only works during acceleration, reverse is rather slow.
Booking: forehead - 51, sides - 32, feed - 25. Judging by such indicators, it is simply unrealistic to break through a car, which allows it to withstand a flurry of enemy fire and allows it to be at the very epicenter of hostilities.
And now it’s worth touching on not very pleasant negative aspects in this military equipment, which consist in vertical aiming of the gun, weak spots and a very inconvenient location of the tank modules.

As the T18 penetration zone showed us, the tank has the entire hull reserved except for 2 places in the projection of the tank. This is the frontal part of the upper armor plate, which has 14 mm of armor and only a slight slope saves it from destruction. And there is also a weakness in the stern cover, which also has 14 mm of armor and will not help withstand the napalm of fire, especially in the stern contains all the modules of the tank, such as the engine, gas tanks and ammunition, which can be critical when the enemy appears from the stern.
The second negative point is the vertical aiming of the gun. Which has a 20 degree tip up, but a tip down has only 5 degrees, which is terribly inconvenient, especially since sandbox battles constantly require active shooting at the enemy from below.

Comparison of a tank with similar models

Among all tank destroyers, the American T18 is the undisputed leader. Due to its characteristics and combat potential, the effectiveness of the T18 just rolls over. Only the Soviet AT-1 can be compared with it, which, due to its armor, is inferior to our American representative. Regarding other cars, such as the German Panzerjäger I , the French Renault FT AC and the English Universal Carrier 2-pdr do not have even the slightest chance against the T18. Therefore, their places in efficiency are located below.

Recommended Equipment and Modules

But in terms of additional equipment and skills, the T18 tank differs little from other tanks of the same class. For example, a small repair kit, a small first-aid kit and an automatic fire extinguisher should be placed in the equipment cells. T18 is very compact, so any penetration can touch the tank engine, which will cause a fire, and at low levels this is a deadly phenomenon.

Regarding additional modules, here you should install a stereo tube (required, since the combat unit has a weak visibility indicator), enhanced aiming drives (also required, since the combat vehicle has a long roll-up) and improved ventilation.
As for the crew, everything is according to the class standard, that is, the first column should be occupied by camouflage and a light bulb, the second column should be given to repair, the third column should be devoted to the missing camouflage and maneuverability skills, but the fourth column should be filled with the Battle Brotherhood skill.

Game tactics

For World of Tanks, the T18 is a universal machine, which cannot be said about its historical prototype. In the game it should be remembered that the game at a small level does not imply a long standing in the bushes, it is better to constantly move and actively fight, otherwise defeat is inevitable. At T18, you will always be in the top or middle of the team. Practically excluded cases of getting to the very bottom. Therefore, you will not have to experience problems in battle.
For example, if you are on a steppe open map. It’s best to engage in active suppression of the enemy, that is, to go on an assault along with others, this will allow you to inflict tremendous damage on the enemy team and bring you closer to victory. If the map is urban, then it is better to defend here on the most active flanks, which are subject to enemy assault. This will deter the enemy and allow your allies to strike on the other flank. If you find yourself in a situation where you are completely alone, then it is recommended to use a standard tactic for tank destroyers that is defensive in nature. Given all these nuances of winning, you will be much more likely than when playing at random.

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