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Tank T71 Guide World of Tanks

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Light tank T71 - an experimental American seventh level, referring, as the name implies, to the class of light tanks . Thanks to its remarkable driving characteristics, good viewing radius and a fairly powerful drum gun, it is probably one of the best light tanks in the game.

Initially, the tank belonged to light tanks of level 6, but by patch 0.8.2 it was moved to level 7.


The crew of the T71 tank includes the Commander (he is both the Charger and the Radio Operator), the driver-mechanic and the Gunner (also acting as the Charger).

Specifications T71

The main advantages of the T 71 tank are its excellent driving performance, more precisely the successful combination of speed (64 km / h) and maneuverability (56 g / s), which allows it not only to quickly enlighten the necessary territory, but also to maneuver during the departure from the shelling.

Thanks to the powerful drum gun of the 76 mm Gun T185 (damage - 150/150/185), which has good penetrability (175/220/38) and a high rate of fire (rate of fire - 11.25, speed information - 2.3 s) represents a greater threat to poorly armored vehicles. Also, this gun is characterized by good accuracy - with a skillfully pumped carriage and a patched player, it hits almost without a miss (0.39 m / 100m).

A tower with a better overview (400 m) allows you to light the enemy equipment on time and transfer the necessary information (communication range - 745) to your arte.

Tank weaknesses

In principle, this tank has all the disadvantages of its class - it is a weak reservation, especially at the stern of the hull and the low level of strength (CP).

How to ride a T71 in a random world of tanks

Battle tactics

Combat tactics for the T71 can be divided into several categories:

  • Firefly:
  • Active firefly - for lovers of adrenaline and active hostilities, this option is best suited, because this tank allows you to fully feel the full speed of the game. It is recommended not to go too deep into the enemy’s territory, as a powerful overview will allow them to be kept at a distance while highlighting them. The best option - turning circles in the vicinity of the enemy base and the possible locations of the enemy. When firing it is recommended to retreat, while using the tank's maneuverability.
  • Passive firefly - for those who are too lazy to travel a lot and constantly dodge enemy shots, this option is recommended. Do not forget about the masking of the tank and shelter in the form of buildings and hills.
  • Tank support - T71 can easily cope with the tasks of the CT , namely, to fight in the composition of the link of medium tanks. The main goals are the arta and the easyball of the enemy, who will get well after your shots. However, again, do not forget about your driving performance and take advantage of your speed and maneuver.
  • The liquidator of the light - after waiting for the calculated positions (appears with the experience and advice of the team) the appearance of the enemy, you can easily knock him out, thereby depriving the enemy's eye art. Otherwise, you can arrange a good chase for him if you do not forget to install additional equipment (see below).
T71 Guide from Jova WOT

Crew equipment

It is recommended to use standard equipment package on the tank:

  • Gasoline or Handheld Fire Extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Repair kit

In the case of gasoline and a fire extinguisher you choose - if you expect that your tank will be exposed to fire and at the same time accidentally catch fire - take a fire extinguisher. If you want to speed up your car a bit - then choose gasoline.

Tank equipment

It is recommended to install the following types of equipment on the tank:

  • Enlightened optics - standard for all types of games. Adds not superfluous 40 meters of the review.
  • Vertical Stabilizer - will help you with active shooting and pursuit of enemy scouts.
  • Improved ventilation will increase your combat effectiveness. Especially recommended for those whose crew is not pumped.
  • Camouflage net - recommended for passive fireflies (provided that your crew has Masking skills).
  • Stereotube - recommended for passive fireflies, will further increase your visibility and allow you to keep at a safe distance from the enemy. It will help to bring the viewing radius to almost 500 meters (and this is a decent distance!)
  • Reinforced pick-up drives - will also help you to conduct aimed shooting, including on the go. Reduce the speed of information to 2 seconds, which is very important during active actions or pursuit.

T71 disguise and attack

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