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Tank T54E1 guide World of Tanks

So you have opened the American CT level 10 - M48A1 Patton III or the people "super patton". The American is very different from his "classmates." It has no outstanding speed (45km / h) or armor (110/76/35 hull, 178/76/51 turret), gun (268/350/53 damage, 390/390/480 HP penetration) worse than E -50M, low dynamics. Nevertheless, the M48A1 regularly appears in company and clan battles. Its main trump card is the biggest review in the game (420 m). Also, “SuperPatton” gives an excellent PDM per minute and has good UVN. The WoT M48A1 can act as a support tank and passive reconnaissance.


  • Best in game UVN
  • The largest PDM among "classmates"
  • The biggest review in the game
  • The gun mask is almost impenetrable


  • The smallest speed among ST level 10
  • Long repair of modules
  • Huge commander tower
  • High visibility

Crew and additional skills

A distinctive feature of the M48A1 World of Tanks is the game style, we play more on the second line in the role of support. “Repair” is the first thing to pump. The only exception is the commander, it makes sense to pump the Sixth Sense. The second skill is pumping the Commander “Eagle Eye”, the Driver “Smooth Move”, the Gunner “Smooth Turn of the Tower” and the Charger (aka Radio Operator) Radio Interception. The third perk is to pump BB.

Additional Patton III Modules

The choice of modules is also determined by the style of the game, and therefore it is necessary to be determined immediately, either we will RASH and destroy everything in our path, or we will shoot enemies from safe distances.

For tactics "Sniper" - rammer, vertical stabilizer and optics. Such a set of modules will help us shoot from a maximum distance, while remaining invisible to the enemy.

To play at the forefront, we need to squeeze the maximum performance out of our car. The Dosilatel, Vertical Stabilizer and Ventilation kit allows you to apply the maximum DPM per minute, which is the main thing in close combat.

Game tactics for Patton III

Here you should remember a few rules:

  1. We always try to stay a little behind the main forces of the allies, even on the front lines we hide behind more “thick” players
  2. Remember that even though you are ST, your maximum speed is too low, and movement in an open area will attract the attention of art
  3. World of Tanks Tank M48A1 has a beautiful mask of guns, use bumps and shelters, hide your body
  4. Although you have a large field of view in the game, your enormous size will unmask you before you see the enemy

Now consider the methods of struggle against the main enemies

  1. T62A - Keep it always at a distance, in the melee “Scoop” will spin you up, it has a very fast-firing cannon, having knocked you down the skating rink, it will no longer give you the opportunity to snap and “take you apart” by bolts.
  2. Bat Chat - At long distances, play the “swing”, constantly go back and forth, the batchat has terrible accuracy, at close range beat him to the ice rink, and then disassemble
  3. E-50M - quickly shorten the distance, at large and medium distances often do not break through, in close combat, just shoot it at PDMu
  4. Tank destroyers - it’s stupid to even think to shoot her forehead. Fast rapprochement is not available to us, so we are looking for ways to get around the PT and check it in the stern or side
  5. TT - try to play the role of support, while the enemies butt your allies with weak armor, we often do not have time to realize our entire PDM in duel battles with strands.

In general, the tank turned out to be good. Use your UVN when shooting from unexpected positions. PDM allows you to disassemble the enemy very quickly, which generally leaves positive emotions.

Patton III Penetration Zones

In general, we are the same cardboard as the French. But still we have strengths. We have just a beautiful mask of guns, even medium and long range shots do not penetrate us in it. Weaknesses are the NLD, punching it, immediately concusses the driver, so the first-aid kit does not happen, the tower has a weak base, falling under the mask of the gun is criticized both the tower and the gun. Tank fires are extremely rare, so it makes no sense to carry a fire extinguisher. Try to hide the case, even the frontal armor does not hold a blow. At close range, cover your commander’s turret with a gun, it is huge and magnetizes the shells of enemies.

world of tanks m48a1 Patton III

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