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Tank Waffentrager auf E 100 guide World of Tanks

Review video guide Waffentrager auf E 100 tank World of Tanks

Each multi-user game that has a team battle mode is constantly updated and lets in the game a real imba. But what without her? There must be something that allows players to bend down, enjoy and have fun. The game World of Tanks was no exception and is therefore ready to submit to your review a German level 10 tank destroyer called the Waffentrager auf E 100, which is the most damned tank in the game.

A bit about technology

Waffentrager auf E 100 tank, which incorporates all the most positive qualities that are necessary for a successful game. Yes, he is not without quite serious drawbacks, yes he does not have a miracle of armor that can save from any attack, but he has a very powerful weapon, a loading drum and just a nice control. In the game, this unit causes fear and hatred at the same time. When playing on this tank, be prepared for the fact that they will constantly try to destroy you, you are the enemy, you are a slider, you are the most dangerous tank and this can not be changed. But is this really the reason to pump this miracle? Of course not, so it’s worth preparing a train of patience to get to the bottom of this technique, but the result will pay for itself in multiple sizes.

Positive and negative sides

So what is good about the Waffentrager auf E 100? First of all, we turn our attention to the guns, of which there are two to choose from: 128 mm and 150 mm. You should not run and put a top-end weapon with hysteria in your eyes, it is useless, it is crooked and it simply will not allow to realize the full potential of the tank. Take a 128 gun, it has more shells, it’s more accurate, and with the knowledge it’s all right. This tool will allow you to average over 5000 damage per battle, unless of course you first merge for the first minute of the battle, but you play tactfully and correctly. The second advantage is the speed of this huge colossus. Just look, it’s just incredibly huge. Its tower can be a heavy tank, and the hull is superior to other similar tank destroyers , this is natural, because the beginning of this tank destroyer was taken from the E-100 line . But even such dimensions did not affect the fact that the equipment had a speed of 40 km \ h. What else can be attributed to positive quality. You can find them in the listing of 128 mm guns, which is described above.
And now let's take a look at the negative sides of this combat vehicle, which are not few in number. First of all, we’ll touch upon the reservation problem, yes, judging by the indicators, the case is quite durable, and has some inclinations of armor. But you just look at the tower, it is not even cardboard, but real paper, which even a simple needle can break through. A reservation of 20 mm is not serious at all, and the roof of the tower is generally 5 mm. Well, absolutely all tanks in the game can break through this tower, except for breaking it, almost any shot criticizes it well, which no longer pleases and deprives any chance of a further successful game. Further, I want to note that having a loading drum, the Waffentrager auf E 100 also has an increased charging rate, which is as much as 60 seconds, which is very much and inconvenient, although it is possible to improve the recharge, but not so much as to directly admire. That seems to be all that is worth knowing before joining the battle on this tank.

Technology Comparison

Here's what you can compare Waffentrager auf E 100? It has such damage indicators that even the same French AMX 50 Foch (155) does not even stand next to this German monster. If you take the situation of a duel battle, then the AMX 50 Foch (155) can parse almost any similar model, except that it can determine failure by randomness , or the English FV215b (183) will hit directly with its high-explosive shell. It makes no sense to compare the Waffentrager auf E 100, since it was, remains and will remain (even after a slight nerf) a combat vehicle of destruction and bending.
Recommended Crew Equipment, Modules, and Skills
And according to tradition, at first we take a look at the composition of the equipment, which is simply necessary to take with you in any battle. And for Waffentrager auf E 100 it is recommended to take a large first-aid kit, a large repair kit and chocolate. These modules will allow you to recover crew members and damaged modules much more efficiently and will improve the reload rate of your gun. Do not forget, one shot at your tower with a large caliber and several crew members and modules will be destroyed.
Regarding additional modules, everything is much more complicated here, since this combat unit has a reduced number of installed modules that are needed. More precisely, you will not see either ventilation or a rammer. Therefore, the best option would be to install enlightened optics, a camouflage net and a tool box. No matter how these modules are at least somehow useful to you in battle.
As for the crew’s skills, the first step is to establish a brotherhood of absolutely all members, then you should study the light bulb and the disguise, fill in the third column of skills with a repair, and fill in the fourth column with the missing masking box and other skills as you wish.
Game tactics
For the Waffentrager auf E 100, the guide that we examined above in the article once again proves that during the battle it is necessary to completely eliminate close combat with opponents. It is best to take long distances and attack enemies from unlit positions. The accuracy of the gun allows you even from 500 meters to get exactly into the turret of the commander of any tank. And, if you can’t wait for the battle, it’s best to use the support tactics of the ally and strictly from the last line of attack, so that your allies are target tanks for enemies, actively use all possible shelters and do not be greedy for damage, do moderate damage that will not have a retaliatory attack from rivals. Using our recommendations, you will certainly succeed in any battle and do not forget to hide from artillery , any direct hit promises you a ticket to the hangar. Good luck!

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