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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Strategy proshtovhuvannya product

- strategy for selling goods to vikoristannyam zobob in stimuluvannya zbutu і oochochennya sales staff. Virobnik spriaє I will sell the goods to wholesalers, wholesalers - to distributors, stays - to buyers.

Branding Strategy for Brands and Indirect Brands

- Підхід to establish brands, foundations in the name of the company andindividual vintage names.

Strizhneva strategy

- “core” of all marketing strategies; Directed to those who want to see a group of people living in the eyes of some companies, they will have to cross without interruption, and then put themselves in full control of the market.

The structure of the zbutu service is based on

- an organization to serve zbutu, for such a leather trading agent, specializing in the sale of songs for the singing category, as well as tickets for the same category.


- a group of people who want to touch on the singing system of values, based on the third worldly living and becoming in suspension.

Sukupna spozhivcha cіnnіst

- the sum of values ​​of the goods, the service, the service staff and the commodity image, is irrelevant at the time of the purchase of the given product.

Granny Rinkovy will drink

- the quantity of goods is irrelevant, but the service is given to a species, as if I could give a song to a group at a singing geographic region for a singing period an hour in a singing marketing environment for a singing ryvnya and a complex of marketing museums in industry.

Succulent living vitrati

- the summons of pennies, watchmaking, and energy vitrines are entangled, entangled in goods.


- great rozdrіbna kramnitsya self-service with a low price, low national sales and great oaths for sale, a kind of bargain with a wide range of products in harchuvannya, miyuzhih zobіv and state gifts.

Suprovіd operation

- stop the process during the sale, for a salesperson already after putting the operation down to shave the mustache so that the deputy is overwhelmed with troubles, and to pretend to be obligated to pay attention to the letter.

Suspension Classes

- It is clearly stable and large groups of suspensions, members of the same may be approximately the same interests, behavior and value system.