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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Letter "T"


- a donation, scho impose a detachment on the song import export. Tariffs are stagnant, so that they can reach the state’s benefits, but otherwise they will be protected.

Telemarketing direct vidguku

- marketing of goods and services for the help of advertising TV shows with news about the element of a zv'yazku. As a good reason, we can use this item to serve as a contactless telephone number, for any kind of customers you can turn into a company for more information or to exchange information on goods that are advertised.

Telephone marketing (telemarketing)

- vikoristannya by phone as a tool for direct sale of goods to customers.

Territorial structure of service to Zbutu

- Organizing the service to Zbutu, for a kind of leather trading agent, closing in for a singing geographic region, in a kind of large-scale trading representative office of your company.

Testing concept

- re-introduction of the concept into the group of people who live for the sake of privacy and privacy.

Type of specialty

- Universality of psychological psychology, as well as the character of people.


- 1) everything that can satisfy the bazhenya, but if I need it, I will get a market with the method of gaining respect, pribannya, and victorious anyway. Tse can be but physical features, servants, individuals, messages, organizations, or ideas; 2) the product, the designations for the exchange on the market for another purchase-sale.

Alternative product

- two varianti to the goods, which I am satisfied with that very need.

Penny goods

- a specific product with a natural form of a distinctive product (with the result of developing the process of exchanging) the growth is equivalent to the form of the wartost. Yak zagalny ekvalent - materіalnee vіlenlenny groshovo form vartostі - penny goods volodya specific suspension power and vikonu power pennies funktsії.

Pre-prepared goods

- Commodities of a widespread living, which seemingly soundly browning at the stretch of the trivial hour.

Product h p_dkrіplennyam

- Dodatkovі services and excursions for living, schvo ryvoryutsya on the basis of the goods for the idea and the goods in the real viscann.

Product for Conception

- a way to solve the problem, but the main thing is to protect the goods.

Ideal product

- a specific product, a healthy complacency

Short hour goods

- the goods are widely lived, such as to be found, to live for one aka kіlka raziv.

Bargain Item

- the goods, such as the need to accept the chi, to put in the result of the placement of the implicit contract (for the receipt of the payment contract).

New product

- the goods, the service of the abo idea, which can be identified as a potential buyer are newer.

Goods from a real viscann

- rіven yakostі, nabіr vlastivostey, zovnіshnє design, Hosting Project brand, packaging is the INSHI vlastivostі scho in sukupnostі viznachayut Vigoda od pridbannya main product.