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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Commodity exchange zal_k

- Reduced price for a new product for remember the old.

Commodity exchange (marketing logic)

- dіyalnіst z planuvannya, the weekend and the physical transfer of materials, ready-made questions and information, which need to be met, more than one need to know beforehand that there is a need for a meeting.

Bidding (tenders)

- a competitive form of purchase replacement for purchase on a private market ustavkuvannya chi zluchchennya p_dryadnik_v for the equipment of complex facilities, the completion of the last robots, including the chance to receive the first service. Be sure to give the contest a head start.


- international bidding, all of the most important companies and organizations will be requested to participate. Information about the conduct of such bidding is published in periodic news. It’s a good idea to get a great share of participants, who will be able to compete and allow them to change their minds for the most part for deputy minds.

Bidding is closed

- international bidding, to participate in such a request, a small company and consortium are enclosed.

Bidding is unofficial

- international bidding, during the hour of certain tender committees do not declare the position of the presence of participants in the bidding and do not publish the bids about those yak firm chaky consortium won the ruling.


- 1) the form is exchanged with products and services, is historically enriched with winnings and the development of commodity distribution; 2) a goluz of public gratitude, I would like to protect you from goods, ру н й і х з сф сф сф ери ери у у у у the sphere of residence.

Trade inside

- a galluz of national statehood, which will sell goods to the domestic market of the country. T. v. ohoplyu є obig ziobіv virobnitstva і subject of special living. Including wholesale and retail trading.

Trade is two-way

- bargaining between the two countries on the basis of coercion about the imbalance of commodity flows and payments (clearing).


- trade between the countries of the world, which is stocked up with export (export) and import (import) goods and services. T. z. Hello, it’s important through commercial deals, drawn up by trade contracts.


- Zovnіshnyototorglіnny operations, know how to transfer the necessary zoobov'yazannya exporters і purchase in іmporterіv comrade іn part і і і і в і і і іnt а іn export іn export goods. One of the leading signs of T. z. є fiksatsiya ya zobov'yazan іmporterіv buy goods і zustrichnykh zoobov ıyazan exporters іn one document - please chi contractі. The main forms are barterns, compensation, compensations.

Trade Commerce

- a special kind of state trading; is the sales of goods to the population for consumer, commercial values.

Trade Compensation

- a trading system, for such an exporter of goods, give your income for paying for a merchandise for a new product from a foreign-importer.

Trade Consignment

- the type of trading, transferring goods received by the seller (exporter) of goods in bulk to the warehouse of the intermediary (exporter) for sales to the market with the extension of the period indicated. At the time of the sale, the seller does not have the right to possess rights to comrade, but sells, but will pay for it from the world realizatsii. Neprodanі comrade middleman can turn. At all times, the exporter of the credit to the intermediary for the middle term product is sold. Since I will speed up the termination of the post, I can help you through the middle of the small installation and production, the sale of such sellers is not humming.

Shopping complexes

- majestic Kramnitsy, who should have one at home, unprotected low price and Kramnitsy-warehouse. Cream products, sell furniture, electric butts, clothes, and non-wearing clothes.


- be a yak person, scho uglad оди please, in addition to this number and speculation.


- 1) a bank, a broker, a dealer, I can help you with the most financial and credit institutes, and not with the public, distributive investors; 2) the great mediator and participant in the process of commodity exchange. Main function T. about. - procurement of goods and organization of commodity distribution of retail trades. On vidmina vid vidshih intermediaries, T. about. ич є є є товару товару товару product. Yogo dokhіd form for rakhunok riznitsі mіzh purchasing and selling goods.

Sales agent

- a person who wants to go to a company and a vikon; one aka one of such people: a post and a rose, a wide range of services, servicing, and information collection.

Trading quotas

- standard, which is established for trading agents and to recognize the foreign sale and other purchases for various types of products of the company.

Traditions canals

- channels, which can be stocked up from one or more larger non-resellers, wholesale and retail trade companies. The skin of them is рем dubbed by business, as in Prague, the maximum distance must be reached, skid the system with a tide on the Skoda.

Tupikova Industry

- The industry, since it’s viral, is crucial to the blue and yellow products and is characterized by a small set of capacities for competitive competitive moves, and the cutaneous skin of such moves is insignificant.