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Glossary of key terms in the discipline “Marketing” - M. Grebnyov

Litera "U"

"Killing" commodity categories

- a new direct yaknaayagresivnіshoі rinkovo ​​і trading і for low prices, if they sell cheaply comrade vіdomykh brands of clearly marked categories.

Please trade

- up to the U. t. To hold us, entrusted with the exchange of goods in the material and speech forms and above the services of the main ones, such as these, to secure international goods.

Direct shopping

- Operations between non-interoperable and experienced merchandise, work, service. Relocation of such lands: 1) the ability of the buyer to possess the very goods that are needed; 2) the sounds between the seller and the buyer are set at the stage of science-based research and design work, allowing you to immediately make corrections in order to please; 3) the buyer will establish non-binding calls with the participants and the posto-shakers of the main seller, especially for folding tricks.

Pleasure trade-middleman

- operation, involving purchase and sale of goods, work and services, purchase and purchase of goods, which are sold by an independent sales agent in order to be sure to settle between them.

Pleasure is smart

- pleasing, for one of the participants, my right to enter into the celebration of my goiters, having paid another song award. Ціль - add a quarter of the time to the number of hours of the terminology operation. It must be said that if a participant and a person have the right to receive money, please, choose: please offer the front prize, please pay the prize, option, rack.

Department store (universal trading mortgage)

- consumer goods trading, as well as being in the hands of a great group of goods, you will be able to understand (clothes, comrade for a day and state comrade). Specialized leather goods group should be contacted for special offers, specializations on a regular basis, as well as trading in goods of a given group.


- a trade mortgage of self-servicing, a special offer for a wide range of goods. I’ve got a wide range of products, especially for specialized customers, and a smaller range for department stores.

Universam wide profile

- Kramnitsya, yak with rosmirami approximately double-sided, I will turn over the sound uni versa and will have a wide assortment of food and non-grocery goods that are regularly consumed, as well as a set of supplementary services, extra charge, cleaning, service and maintenance

Unique sale of sale

- ина One at my kind ’transfer of goods for any service, as a company, I’ve put up advertising and I’m on my own market. Relocate call me an image of a functionally functional transfer of goods and services over goods or services of competitors: greater visibility, better servicing, lower price, better technical servicing and servicing.


- the process of fragmentation and virobnitsta zhorstkoї abo m'yako shell for the product.

Packaging for a lower price

- lower prices will turn out to be a freeloader seamlessly on packaging as a label.

Consumer Consumption

- the first stage is the process of taking the decision about buying, if the buyer is still more comfortable, I will need some medicine.

Success commerce

- Achievement of the planned schedule for the result of the state gifts to the people who want to secure their income (stability) due to the fact that they receive stable (stable) funding. U. to. Obligations not only for income, but for low indirect visits, for example, low vitrates.