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Managing Human Resources - Krasnoshapka V.V.


8.1. Zagalny understanding about kar'єru

Kar'єra is the result of improved position and behavior among people in the field of labor, scholarships with the bachelor of their own maybutny labor, grooms of professional growth and self-realization.

Dilova kar'єra - on the basis of the advancement of priesthood according to the marks of the service of the archives and the last years in the range of singing organisms for the sale of all labor life, as well as the fact that they are always in good condition.

see dіlovikh karєr

Internal organizationCarrєra - a process if a specific person is required to pass all their professional development hours, and the following:

  • pratsevlashtuvannya on the robot;
  • adaptation to the organization;
  • professional rosette;
  • pidtrimka і rozvitok іndivіdualnih and professional occupations;
  • Leaving for retirement.

Tak kar'єra mozhe buti yak special_alizovannoyu, so і nespetsіalіzovanuyu.

Mizhorganizatsiya kar'єra - means, specifically, a specific person in the process of their professional activities to undergo all stages of development, ale, one at a time in different organizations, and such a special offer.

Specialized car’ra is characterized by the type of principle , in the process of professional diving, to undergo stages of development, as well as in the framework of specific professional activities.

Nepetsializirovanny kar'имra characterized by tim, sho pracіvnik in the process of their labor dyalnostі mozhe zmіnyuvati profession as a sphere of dіyalnostі.

Vertical kar'єra - a view of kar'єri, since it is often possible to understand the understanding of the car, ry, so that it is similar to the higher ень рх рх рх рх в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в в часто часто часто часто часто часто часто часто часто часто часто вид вид часто вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид вид - вид вид вид - - - вид вид - - - вид вид вид - - - вид вид вид вид вид вид - - - - - вид.

Horizontal transfer of the transfer of the worker in the process of professional activity to the functional function, as well as the completion of a public service project.

Stupeneva kar'єra - a view of kar'єri, which is usually horizontal and vertical karєєri, so that I can see the prazivnika’s head in a chervuvannya’s hat with horizontal soaking up and vertical growth.

Kar'єra , a type of kar'єri, is centrally centralized, which is characteristic of an obmeshchennoe stake, which can be widely used in organizations. Your view of the car’s species is characterized by ruh up to the core of the organisation, in which the prizhnik can take insignificant planting in the organisation, however, the winners can be kept in good condition, the important ones are important to be recognized

The main task of the plan and the implementation of the car’s є to secure all the views of the car, and to transfer the picture to a number of specific tasks:

1. Pov'yazati tіlі organіzatsіі і tsіlі okremogo pracіvnik.

2. Planuvati kar'єru of a particular practitioner with the requirements of specific needs and viral situations.

3. Safeguarding the process of managing the car.

4. Usuvati "deaf kuti", of which there are actually virtually no possibilities for falsely developing a pracivnik.

5. Vivchati kar'єrniy potencial pracіvnikіv.

6. Formulate the first and third party criteria of service development, which will be victorious in specific career decisions.

7. Victimization of the assessment of the potential potential of the public through the use of unrealistic methods.

Planning and control of the business card is to ensure that right from the moment you go to the organization and until the time you go to the office, you need to move the clock horizontally and vertically. The prince is guilty of the nobility not only for his short term for a short period of time, but he is guilty of the nobility, some indications for you need to be reached, so that you can roam on the road.

Table 8.1

Etapi Car'єri Manager

Etapi Kar'єri


Consume Meti

Moral Consume

Фізіологічні і moral needs

1. Preparing

up to 25

Prev and vibration on winter robots

The ear of self-fulfillment

Bezpeka isnuvannya

2. Adaptation

up to 30

Mastering robots, rosette skill, form

Self-esteem and ear of prejudice

Bezpeka іsnuvannya i decent іven payment pratsі

3. Prosuvannya

up to 45

Zrostannya kvalіfіkatsії and dosvіdu, nabuttya new skills and kar'єrne zrostannya

Zrostannya self-assertion, attainment of greater independence, ear of self-actualization

Health and high payment

4. Preservation

up to 55

The peak in the quarter, the young

Stability of independence and growth of self-actualization

Payments for payment of rights and discounts to income income

5. Final

up to 60

Preparing before leaving for retirement, preparing before dinner, preparing before a new look

Stability of self-realization

Zberezhennya іvnya pay pratsі that pіvdvishchennya zatsіkavlenostі to ішых dzherel income

6. Pension

Після 60

Busy with a new kind of dіyalnostі

Self-realization in a new kind

Health, rosemary of pension and income income