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Managing Human Resources - Krasnoshapka V.V.

2.3. Organizational structure of personnel services

The main structural pidrozdilom, to engage in nutrition management of human resources in the organization є personnel service, the main functions are paid for yak:

1. Plan the consumption for staff,

2. Priyom i zvіlnennya pratsіvnikіv.

3. Vedennya personnel region.

4. Organizational activities, preparation and retraining of specialists.

5. Management of the business car.

However, there’s no need to identify the functions of a methodical and coordinating center with personnel robots in organizations, fragments of a structurally redundant frame:

  • viddilom pay;
  • viddilom protect prats
  • v_ddilom social care pracivnik skinny.

In the baggage management organization I’ve seen кадр weak business in a professional business, who I don’t have a glimpse of the first task of managing human resources:

1. Social-psychological diagnosis of staff.

2. Management of virological and social conflicts in the organization.

3. Analysis of personnel potential for staff.

4. Planuvannya i control dilovoї kar'єri.

5. Social and psychological adaptation.

New personnel services in organizations are organized, as a rule, on the basis of personnel, employees and employees pay, employees are protected by a number of services (Fig. 2.1).

Organizational structure of personnel service

Organizational structure of the personnel service , which is close to ideal, maybe the next structure and function will come:

I. The sector of strategic management of personnel potential . Functions:

1) development of a strategy for managing personnel potential for achieving organizational goals;

2) plan for the development of personnel of the organization;

3) analysis of information from the market;

4) Planning the need for staff;

5) the security of personnel information.

II. Sector hiring staff . Functions:

1) more accurate planning, consume for staff;

2) staff recruitment (call and internal);

3) vіdbіr і testovannya personnel and organization іshih vіprobuvan.

III. Sector of Professional and Adaptation and Adaptation . Functions:

1) professional organization of personnel organization;

2) adaptation to personnel (primary and secondary);

3) plan for saving the personnel potential of the organization.

IV. The incentive sector and payment . Functions:

1) analysis of labor processes in organizations;

2) plan vitrines for staff;

3) development of workplaces (contracts);

4) vivchennya to the process of motivation;

5) the establishment of a system of incentives and compensation;

6) development of the payment system in the organizations.

V. Sector for evaluating personnel . Functions:

1) the analysis of the labor process and the level of satisfaction of the needs of the staff through the activity in the organization;

2) vivchennya moral and psychological climate in collectives;

3) organization of assessment of personnel;

4) assessment of labor processes.

VI. The training sector and the staff . Functions:

1) scribbling of primary programs;

2) organization of professional navigation;

3) Development and correction of the plans.

VII. The sector of labor issues . Functions:

1) arrangement of collective agreements;

2) arrangement of contracts and labor contracts;

3) vivchenenya nourishment of social social work in the collective;

4) the development of the organization with the organs of the working self-liberation.

Viii. The sector of protection of the praxis and technics of bezpeki . Functions:

1) organizing courses for the protection of the public;

2) vivchennyya minds pracі ta ikh of Korea;

3) organization of medical attendance to staff.

In the process of personnel activity, the service of the organization of health and safety management, as a rule, is stored up from the latest main stages:

1. Planning of human resources, so as to prepare a plan for the satisfaction of Maybutn’s needs for staffing.

2. Recruitment of staff, so as to create a pool of potential candidates for all vacant landings in organizations.

3. Vіdbіr, so that assessment of candidates, pretend to be vacant.

4. Viznozhennya pay and pay system with the method obtained by staff.

5. Professionals and adaptations, so that the introduction of new principles into the organization and the development of the rules, the increase in the number of prices, and the result of these changes, is the result of the change.

6. Launch, so that the development of the program with the help of staff efficiency robots.

7. Evaluation of labor diyalnosti, so that the development of methods, for yakim carried out an evaluation of the results and information about the evaluation of the results.

8. Promotional translation, translation and registration, so that the development of the route is complete and the development of professional proficiency is possible with a translation in English and a job.

9. Preparing the core frames, so that you can develop programs, direct them to the development of health and effectiveness, all the needs of all.

10. Formation of corporate culture, such as a set of core values, reconsideration, norms and rules of conduct, as well as encourage all members of the organization.