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Managing Human Resources - Krasnoshapka V.V.

2.2. The tasks of personnel services in the minds of today

Classical piddid before managing people in organizations, a kind of person for sale in the other half of the XXth century, having abolished the name manpower management. Цей підхід are characterized by:

1. Putting people to work as if to a labor resource, which will help them in the process of work.

2. Organization of an autocratic style of kerivnitsva staff and vimyuyu cross-sectional punishment.

3. Namagіnі mіnіmіzuvati vitrati to heal pracіvnikіv and pіdvishchenny іh kvalіfіkatsіі.

4. Victory is crucial for economic incentives,

5. The convention of personnel services exclusively on paper robots, so as not to go for inter-hire processes, transferring and calling staff.

All management of the personnel potential of the organization for such minds is reserved by the staff and by direct assistance to those who need to be in need of personnel for the necessary terminology. At the same time, the leaders of the є self-employed function, who would like to be liable without any doubts by the regular service personnel.

Thus, in order to not frame the role of methodological and informational and coordinating centers of personnel robots, moreover, they’re structurally different from others, as well as they have the following functions:

  • Organizational rights and pay;
  • Protect prazі and technics of bezpeki;
  • social and side-by-side protection.

All year service in Ukraine is available on the offensive:

1. Services, scho przyyut for new personnel technologies.

2. Services, scho prayut for old technology personnel.

3. Services, often frequent victories of new personnel technology.

Table 2.1.

The next analysis of personnel services, which is possible for new and old HR technologies

Old personnel technology

New personnel technology

1. Reception, translation, ringing, allowance.

2. Entries in the special reference, work books.

3. Vidacha dovidok.

4. The decoration of the car.

5. Vedennya personnel region.

6. Vedennya special reference spіvrobіtnikіv.

7. Warehousing sound.

8. Paperwork and pension

9. Organizations pvdvischenny kvalіfіkatsії.

10. Participation in the robot certification committee.

11. Form of special reference for archiv.

1. Visitor requirements for personnel, fallow-see strategic development of organization.

2. Building a reserve staff and a visual group reserve.

3. Vіdbіr personnel.

4. Registration of labor agreements and contracts.

5. Professional profession and adaptation and practical training.

6. Visa pay and system pay,

7. Evaluation of labor dyalnost pracіvnikіv.

8. Transferred, as a result of which the number of deposits in the deposit is returned.

9. Navigation and personnel training.

10. Preparing the core frames.

Table 2.2.

Відмінності УЛР that manpower management

Human Resource Management


1.Vertical management pidleglimi.

2. The cadre’s functions are verified by the employees of the company and are retained by the employees.

3. Personnel plan є a cool view of the viral plan.

4. Meta - make sure that you see the most important people at your workplace at the hour sign.

5. Kadrova’s policy is aimed at reaching a compromise between economic and social factors.

1. Horizontal control and emphasis on the formation of the team.

2. Specialists of personnel service to give a brief to the line managers in the personnel management.

3. Personnel plan є warehouse plan development organization.

4. Meta - obdnanny pratsіvnikіv that іh effort to achieve strategic goals of organization.

5. Kadrova’s policy is tied to the development of a corporate and strong corporate culture