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Managing Human Resources - Krasnoshapka V.V.


4.1. Method for hiring staff

Whether I’m an organization that I need for staff , I’m enriched by current factors:

1. Market factors, so that I can get some food for the products of any kind of servants, which can be expanded.

2. Technological factors, so that the introduction of a new ownership, which means that new professions, as before, didn’t happen to be victorious before.

3. Organizational factors, so as to create new functions with new functions and tasks.

4. Social factors, so that the plinth of frames, scho vimaga іh deputy.

5. Factors that are enriched by the sovereign policy in the galaxy of the occupied population.

Neobkhіdnіst knowledge of the staff on the practice of transferє:

1. Development of strategic knowledge, the guilty party is guilty of an illegal organization strategy.

2. Vibir varіantu hiring staff.

3. Visiting a vimog ticket to maybutnich pracіvnikіv, due procedures in vidboru, robot methods with candidates and document transfer.

4. Reinstatement of payment of benefits, ways of motivation and prospects for caring.

5. Zdіysnennya practical visits to staff.

For the candidates of the organization, we can use the following methods:

1. Poshuk candidates in all-round organizations . Persh, please go to the market right now. Organize yourself to know the best candidate, middle age. Naybilsh rozpovsyuzhenimimi methods of internal joke є offensive:

  • advertisements about vacancies at internal informations;
  • beast until kerіvnikіv pіdrozdіlіv z pokhannyam visunuti candidates for vacant plant "*
  • analysis of special references of an organization.

P oshuk all-round organizations will not require significant financial expenses , springs є stronger authority on the basis of middle organizations, and not integration of new ones in the organization. At the same time, there’s an all-out organization, you can click on the right side, and you’ll get to know how to make the most of it for yourself. In addition, the Danish method of exchanging the name of the organization, in the middle of which you may not know the necessary people,

2. Poshuk with help from an organisation organization . Personnel service, you can get out of the bastards before the meeting of the organizers to take up an informal joke in the middle of their relatives, but otherwise know. Denmark method m метод offensive movement:

  • low financial vitality for staff members;
  • the procedure for adapting new partners to the organization is simple; for contacts there are more contacts with representatives of the organization.

Shortcomings of the given method:

  • the organizers of the organization are not є professionals in the gallery;
  • do not wait for your active loved ones and know them;
  • The Danish method can be brought to the development of family organizations, which can be based on the results of the effectiveness of organizational bodies.

3. Self-nomination of candidates . Be-yak organization іnrimu є zernenіnі vіd people аbо sheets with propositions accept іх to work. By no means at a particular moment in time, use in tsiivniki tiєi chi іshshoі profesії, organizing on the basis of tsіnі іnformatsії can form a bank of these candidates, as well, you can vi-browse in May.

4. Having announced ЗМІ . The main move of such a method is the widespread population with apparently not great vitrates. A shortfall of the method given in the offensive, there may be a wide variety of candidates, most of them will not be necessary for the necessary vimogs. In addition, if you need to know more clearly and clearly, you must formulate professional and qualified vimogas, so that you can see that you’ve vindicated candidates, so that you won’t be able to vimogam, and I’m obliged to swear.

5. Vizdiv institute and the most important mortgage . The method is є effective from the point of view of the recruitment of young specialists to the organization, and I won’t require great financial vitrates.

6. State agencies of employment . The victory of such agencies allows me to carry out a straightforward bidding for applicants for specialized professions at low vitrates. Shortcomings of this method є those who are often held by the state agencies in prazvivniki, may have low qualifications, women, who are turned around on maternity leave, vypuskniki of primary mortgages without experience.

7. Private personnel agency . Їx cleverly can be divided into three groups:

  • Recruiting Agents . The head straightforward of such agencies is є shook expensive and unique specialties using the direct shuku method - head head hunting ’(head hunting). The technology is laid down for the individual candidate until the candidate and the client. 40% of the wages paid by the applicant.
  • Personnel agencies . Mechanism robots are at the first time there are such applicants, as there are no vacancies, but I’ve got to give the client the opportunity to choose the most suitable candidate.
  • "Sіrі" personnel agency. Take pennies from applicants and nevidomo, chi vstuyut to work.