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Managing Human Resources - Krasnoshapka V.V.

3.2. Human Resources Planning Process

Planning of human resources guilty of guarantee, which organization will eliminate the necessary number of personnel for the qualification of terminology. Effectively, the staff plan for human resources in the Kintsev’s pid bag is positively influenced by the results of the organizational activities of the zavdyaki:

1. To optimize the work of staff , so that in more detail the KP allows you to showcase and productively work out the potential of the public in order to expand the public relations, to transfer the public to the public, the reorganization.

2. Thoroughly accept the process of accepting the robot for the job thanks to the safety and the need for candidates on a planned basis, to reduce the need for unique situations, due to the lack of staff.

3. Organizations of professional navigation . The plan is needed by the staff є the basis for the plan and the implementation of professional training in the organization. A detailed plan is prepared for the purpose of allowing permission to secure the necessary qualifications and access to realizable business plans with the lowest cost.

4. The speed of the lit-up vitrats for working power beyond the market of thought-out, last-day and active policies to the market.

As a rule, the main principle of planning for the May consumption needs in personnel lies in the department of human resources. However, the linear currencies of structural issues also may be replaced by deputies to the staff, the remnants of the very same stereotypical plan to develop their own financial resources and the need for personal resources. 3

Table 3.1.

Vіdmіnnostі funkіі lіnііїх managerіv і manager і v personnel .

Personnel Service

Line Manager

1. The form of the human resources plan.

2. Take part in a strategic development organization.

3. Analysis of information about the need for personnel in the organization.

4. Realizuє plan with the URR pіslya іh hardened.

1. Viznachaє I will need in staff for my own.

2. I will discuss information for planning with the staff of the personnel service.

3. Follow the plan for the staff development plan through the introduction of new consumer requirements.

4. Zabpepechuє rozotka staff in pіdrozdіlі.

diagram of the process of personnel planning