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Insurance - lecture notes

Principles of Insurance

Vіlniy vibіr - to stand less than voluntary forms of insurance. Insurance holders can be robbed of any insurance policy, but a small license for Denmark offers insurance. The insurance company’s water hour can’t help you to obtain the best form of voluntary insurance.

Insurance insurance - the price of insurance, but the insurance of insurance, insurance for insurance.

The insurance (main) interest is due to the right to power, but volodynim tim chi іnshim ob'єktom.

The maximum sum is. Nadine insurance is more worthless for the minds of a higher party between the parties. Neither the insurance holder, nor the insurer shall have the right to hold one type of information and information on the subject of insurance.

Insurance insurance and indemnity bring innocence insurance. By way of a unique test, insurance of speculative goals for insurers requires that the insurers have a principle that is clear with the kind of material and financial stand of the insurer, if you want to be sure that you will be completely afraid of it. Vіdkhilennya, as a rule, to buy from the bіk understated іvnya vіdshkoduvannya.

Subrogation - the transfer of the right by the insurer to the insurer of the right to contract for third-party (winnie) services at the inter-paid sums.

Contribution - the right of the insurer is to withdraw to the insurers, for selling policies bear the responsibility for one specific insurance policy, with the provision of additional insurance.

Spivstrakhuvannya — insurance of the oblast under one single contract of the insurance committee by the insurers.

Reinsurance - insurance by the insurer rizikіv vikonannya all of the same part of his obov'yazkіv in front of the insurer at the insurer.

Klasifіkatsіya fearuvannya

Insurance, as a science, a goluz of knowledge and a sphere of business, is characterized by bugs and specific understandings, as it is possible to classify.

Classification of insurance is based on the distribution of insurance in the areas of insurance companies, the benefits of insurance, the insurance of liabilities, the legal insurance, and the insurance of insurance. In connection with this, you can choose the most important signs, the more important the theoretical, the more practical, and the more important:

- historical sign;

- economic signs (sphere of activity, special services, insurance, insurance; insurance coverage; status of insurance; status of insurance; status of insurance);

- legal signs (for the wimogs of international lands and domestic legislation; for the form carried out).

Classification behind the economic signs including kіlka varіantіv.

Classification of insurance objects, insurance terms and conditions, insurance insurance coverage, laid the foundation for the development of insurance services and transfer of triple galleys:

- special fear;

- lane insurance;

- insurance vіdpovіdalnostі.

Classification of the status of the transfer insurance cover є filed insurance services for those who are interested in services and interests of the general business and insurance.

Classification of the status of the insurer is viable for the protection of the sovereign regulation of insurance activities (the view of licensing, the administration of the sovereign registry of insurance companies), the control of the insurers, the analysis of the development of the insurance market:

Classification of legal signs including insurance for insurance on the pre-insurance insurance (insurance and pension) and foreign insurance.

Klasifikatsіya insurance; it is possible with the internal laws of Ukraine to transfer such as insurance.

1. Life.

2. View of the extraordinary vipadkiv.

3. Medical.

4. Health on the twig viaduct.

5. Outbound transport.

6. Ground transportation (cream of the room).

7. Repeated transport.

8. Water transport (marine, internal water transport and the smaller species).

9. Vantazhiv that baggage.

10. The appearance of the fire of God and that of the verses.

11. Civil liability of land transport owners (including business travel).

12. Vіdpovіdalnostі vlasnik in repeated transport (including vіdpovіdalnіst of the transporter).

13. Vіdpovіdalnostі vlasnikіv water transport (including vіdpovіdalnіst transvіznik).

14. Vidovdalnost before the third persons (іншої, ніж transferred by species 11,12,13).

15. Credit.

16. Investment.

17. Financial Risikov.

18. Ship Vitrat.

19. Vidanikh warranties (sureties) and accepted warranties.

20. Mayna (a view of the fact that it is transmitted by species 5-10).

Behind the form of the insurance carried out on obov'yazkov and voluntary.

Self-powered meals

  1. What is the reason for insurance insurance?
  2. What is an insurance fund? What is the purpose of it?
  3. What are the theory of insurance fund є most comprehensive? What are their орит priorities in Ukraine?
  4. Why should I enter the system of insurance funds of anti-recession insurance directly into the troist?
  5. How to form an insurance fund in the minds of ordinary people in Ukraine?
  6. What is the essence of insurance in terms of economy and financial categories?
  7. What are the signs of fear insurance?
  8. What are the micro-functional insurance functions?
  9. What is the reason for meta fear?
  10. Yakі є the current principle of insurance and in whom is the pole?
  11. What are the main direct strains of fear for the economy of the nation?
  12. What do you think about insurance?
  13. Are the criteria laid down in the basis of classifications of insurance?
  14. What are the victorious signs for classifying insurance?
  15. For what forms of health insurance in Ukraine?