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Insurance - lecture notes

Topic 1. The essence of insurance as a system of economic vidnosin

Insurance - for the sake of economic security, for any insurance cover with the payment of a penniless insurance, third parties are required to pay at the same time as stipulated by the contract, but by law, I must pay the insurance premium, and there is no need to pay additional insurance for the same period of time. change of riziku, at times necessary reinsurance part of the left. Zmіst insurance, as a result of the category, to break up in yo functions.

Rizikova function of insurance. The pole in the transfer for insurance fee of the insurers ’material insurance for the services of the rizika, clouded with prizes, the transfer of those was transferred by a dignified law or a contract with an insurance.

Functions of insurance and insurance of reserves (funds). Insurance is more than possible for the insurer at the insurer singing capital, who is eligible for protection, to pay less (at times the wines), refrained insurance, a veritable wickedness, an unfortunate waiver of insurance. With the help of skin insurance the insurance reserve system is being developed.

Functions for protecting the cost. At the first place in the country in Ukraine for insurance premiums об special insurance (for living, pension, rent). If you want to pay, you’ve got a third life and good health after a terrible crash, to become less than 10%, reshta - for your sake. The stink of crying out for investment income is as long as the life of the insured person before the singing song of the other.

Preventive function. Sub'єkti insurance, insurers and insurers are indemnified for the advancement and change of insurance premiums, for which preventive and repressive visits are required. Razrіznyayut law and financial prevention.

Prior to legal preventive measures, it is necessary to impose a zasterezhennya, transferred by the sole legislation or insurance contracts. When fіnansovіy preventsії Chastina INSURANCE premіy spryamovuєtsya on fіnansuvannya preventive zahodіv scho peredbachayut zabezpechennya for rakhunok of insurance resursіv sporudzhennya that obladnannya tehnіkoyu pozhezhnih depot pridbannya medikamentіv i utrimannya personnel services, scho struggle of іnfektsіynimi zahvoryuvannyami sіlskogospodarskih tvarin, fіnansuvannya zahodіv schodo zapobіgannya road traffic suitable toscho .

Form i Methods of Insurance Fund Management

It is economical for the insurance agent to find their own property at the insurance fund, which is a reserve of natural resources and financial resources, slots for concurrent payments, local insurance, and small business expenses.

Historically, the category of insurance vinikla is earlier than the idea of ​​insurance fund insurance. The hindrance of zditka v_dshkodovuvavsya participants in solidarity minds after the skin insurance vipadku. The insurance fund may be:

1) for a bundle of sovereign funds, for example, for the orders of the Government (centralized funds and reserves);

2) by methods of self-insurance, so that with a whip, it can be done on a straightforward basis in insurance companies (decentralized funds) of insurance reserves, so that they will be victorious by the sub-department of the State Administration of Ukraine;

3) for the rakhunok outside of the insurers themselves, to the client of the insurance company (insurance fund of the insurer).