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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

4.5. Etapi planuvannya project

The process of planning and managing a project is stored in a five-way way, so that the plans and management are crammed together. Graphically, this is brought to the bottom of the little ones.

Stage 1. Mid-project, scho vlivєє on the project (internal and external factors).

Stage 2. Formulating the project - setting goals, tasks and the main strategy for realizing the project.

Stage 3. Planning for the project - entry system for the implementation of the project.

Stage 4. Technical vision - non-technical technical point of the project plan.

Stage 5. Project management - control over the project to be completed as soon as possible.

Etapi planuvannya i project management

Figure 4.4. Etapi planuvannya i project management

Stage 1. Rozumіnnya to the project

A middling of the project is made up of factors, which can be tucked into the project by the next weekend. The middle of the project’s way of realizing the project:

• On the scale of the term, the project can be implemented, the project is organized.

• Mid to the project - the smut of the dzherelo of inconsequentialness to the project.

Step 2. Formulate the project

On the cob stage, I’m formulating an ideal project - a conceptual project - lays down for good time. Mostly the concept, but the strategy is robbed by managers nevirno, fake (navigate correctly) to appear unsuccessful. Tsey etap - the most logical for the most important currencies, as well as strategic strategies were formulated earlier direct, and centrally secured with resources. I want to know about the dermal subunit of the present, get a strategy for yourself, a strategy for your vision and development. There is a process of collective decision-making that can be organized by special methods of brainstorming from the heaped up group of a different profile (this can be achieved by a certain amount of savings during the scrutiny of such documents, such as, for example, the program). Although, formally, you can choose the procedure for the smallest degree, then the documents, as a result, were the result of the slightest declarative character, not being a tool for children.

The basis of the formulated and ideal project is three elements:

• Meta to the project - at whose reach the project is with his Kintsev pidum.

• Tasks for the project - the whole range of work for the project.

• Strategy - with a certain pride, the project’s leaders bring the yogi to the metal.

A meta-project is the whole result, as far as the achievement of a certain hidden muscling of the Vikings. For the sake of identifying the project, the kerivnik, since it’s not paradoxical, is guilty of kintsya — the significance of the kintsev’s result, who is guilty of buti of denial.

Ієrarhіya tsiley. The whole part of the skin part of the project is guilty but ordered by the foreign project. In other words, a leather project can be used for a number of subprojects, there are a lot of them that can be stored in a more detailed way below.

Ієrarchі project values

Fig.4.5. Ієrarhіya the project

Clarity meti. Garna meta - ce clear meta, vimiryuvana, overwhelmingly kіlkіsno. For z'yasuvannya mark the project of corinthine breakdown into three warehouses, for example:

The goal is to prevent a decline in the security and safety of the planned product launch.

The final result is a call, what is the name of the reason for the lower number of viral indicators and propone? Come in for the correct position.

Criterion success - zvіt is guilty of buti preparing up to 30 worms. Recommendations for transferring come in, you will need to secure a minimum of 70 tons at the river. The recommendation is not guilty of reprising 100,000 dollars.

Meta project management project at the front end, as well as project accuracy . Wanting a penny is a “stubborn” resource for a project, the most ignorant wart is guilty of buti installed from the cob itself. Klyuchov’s task is that the project’s core is stored in such a resource management, so that the Vitrati did not overwhelm the planned sums.

Hour is an absolute non-resourceful resource. As if day proyshov, then yogo did not even turn. If you want to see the song, you can be zrobitiza for a short hour, the termination of the completed project is possible zmіniti tіlki with a hat as the serpent of the whole year.

Yakіst means є, the result is guilty of vіdpovіdati metі, so that it’s as intended.

At that Chi проект проект прев прев проект уть і уть project прев прев прев прев прев прев показ показ показ показ показ показ показ показ показ показ показ показ показ показ показ показ показ показ,,, клад при: показ показ,,, проект проект проект проект проект проект проект проект проект проект.

1). An oath to the project - all the robots for the project, which are guilty of the boot. An oath of commitment to the project is possible through offensive indicators:

1. With a glance, you’ll be able to get a look at the project. For example, "Rozrobka і installation of a system of automatic transport and installation in a warehouse".

2. Viznachenny termіnіv vikonannya. "Installation is repaired 15 days, and completion is not completed 2 birch trees"

3. Description of business processes. "The interface between the system and the reception of the goods and the system of distribution of goods to the warehouse."

4. Visa of necessary resources. "Vikoristovuvati vlachny resources omezhitit kіlkіst robіtnikіv the number of n'yu cholovik."

5. The installation of the contractor. "Verbally provide all the necessary power and information systems, ensure that you have the best time to schedule and provide first aid training to staff."

Specific project. The tasks of the project are formalized in a specific project, in which the written and graphical views are provided with information, which will help to see the results and the best minds.

When you pick up a cob of robots, you can win in quietly and quietly in the project. Zmіni buy two kinds: internal and external.

Internal serpents : stasis of stasis is specific. For example, when a chemical factory was open, it would have been more vikoristovuvati іnshe a monster, but it didn’t disappear at the time of folding specifics.

Звнішні зміни: win the result of the purchase of the product specificity. For example, with the international standard, the buyer of the item is free to replace all the instructions.

Strategy for the project - a way of achieving the goal and showing the project. Razbiva strategy є project on etapi. Etapi break up the project at the song hour promіzhki. Etapi can be but simpler: cobs, middle and middle.

For example, in a security program, you can get offensive:

• The stage of preparation of specifics - the region of vimogs, the formation of specifics of the system;

• Stage of development - the recognition of the structure of the system and the storage of specific specifications;

• Etap realizatsії - development of modules;

• Stage test module - leather module is tested okremo;

• Etap postachannya - transfer of the system of buyers.

The control speckles are the speckles, for some show the hour (termini), vartosti (vitrati) and yakosti. The control dots can be victorious as far as possible. For example, for a television advertising project with control dots, the following may be:

1. Uzgodzhennya zagalno ї conception with a clint;

2. Preparing the first script;

3. Zyomka commercials;

4. Demonstration of the keynote of the first variant;

5. Remains zyomka movie burned with clіntom.