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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

Step 3. Plan the project

Planning a project to be in place for reaching offensive goals:

1. Viznachennya vartostі i terminu vikonannya project. Allow me to take important decision, for example, talk about those who want to repair the project.

2. Visiting the oath of necessary resources.

3. Rozpodil robіt and control of results. Planuvinn on the basis of transferring hto і for scho vіdpovіdaє.

4. Estimates will be filled with the draft for any project.

Planuvannya in the hour is not a one-off process. In an hour of implementation of the project, the plan can be folded up. New plans to cover the cost of data and information on minor changes.

Planning to be in good condition.

Plan a project

Fig.4.6. Plan a project

Most of the projects are busy folding and for manual management of them are divided into parts. There will be a tree for the project, for a certain kind of leather, it is a subproject, but the task is important. Remaining tasks, robots, packages, etc.

The skin package can have its own decomposition of the device (DR). DR bring the project clarity and visibility. There’s also a show of Jerel для information for folding sound.

Assessment of resources and resources

On the upcoming etapi plan, you need to familiarize yourself with the time and resources needed for the completion of our project. We will have less zrazkovі danі. The accuracy of the estimate is toughly tied to the stage of the project. On the cob, the project estimates will be less accurate, closer to the final.

Imovіrnіsnі otsіnki

The accuracy of the estimate is to lie in the middle of the project. The undetermination of the snakeє is crooked and crooked. Chim food is risik, Tim is wider than rose. Estimates are optimistic, most appreciated, and more optimistic.

Kriva rozpodilu іmііrnostі

Fig 4.7. Kriva rozpodilu іmііrnostі

Viyavlennya vidnosin and deposits

The sound of the robot project is to be the logical project. Deeds of guilty derogation from the established order. For example, when the bud is awake, the foundation is laid, then the floor is up, and the top is shouted dah. Tsі robots mayyuzhny fallows abo serіynі vzєmov_dnosini. Inshi robots are not bound one to one. Budіvnitstvo laznі not to lie in the architects of the city. Tsі dvі robots mayuyut nezalezhnі vіdnosini.


After that, in order to estimate the time and labor costs, set up the reserves and deposits, you can go to the next time the project will be consumed with obvious resources. There are two fundamental approaches:

Resource sharing - when planning, there will be a failure to appear in the ordered resources.

The plan for resource sharing is limited if the design organization is designed to be highly specialized and modular and experimentally equipped.

Obmezhennya for an hour є head obmezhennyam project for sure. As a rule, the terms of the project are disrupted, it is possible to get more "boundary" resources.