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Management of special projects (compendium of lecture NUPSU)

4.4. See that task plan

You can take care of the tasks of the plan , so that you can develop yourselves as a kind of organization, you can go to the middle and middle lines or short lines (operational).

Tasks of the mid-line plan: Robot for compiling contracts; insignificant varied products - in the framework of the on-demand technology. Rishennya tomu rivnі - formulating the portfolio of contracts, formulating subcontracts, exchange and calendar plans, insignificant changes in technology, and changing the number of working hours. Trivial warehouse є 3-18 months.

Tasks of a short-term abo operational plan for the whole week of calendar schedules, a lot of actual plans, monitoring of graphical graphs. Rishennya tsogogo rivniya - formuannya necessary for the general dyalnostі documentation - punish, call it іn. Triviality - View Decіlkoh dіnіv until Decіlkoh mіsyatsіv.

Razv'yazannya task names will require a detailed description of all the processes in the project. However, I’m saying that it’s important and complete description of the internal processes of organization at the same time that doesn’t allow you to control the whole world of design, but to go beyond the framework of the given organization structure. For example, a project, implementations from third party organizations, who, at your own expense, get a subcontractor and a warehouse of a dozen, but have a hundred operations, a complete report, and a good deal of time, Anyway, completed okremich operation.

The leather project is unique in its own way. From now on, the implementation of the project is tied with a high step of non-significance in the estimates of the work obligations, time and performance parameters. In addition, success in implementing the project in a significant amount of time to lay down the results of the postal management and subcontractor. It’s no secret that the cherubath of the project dyalnisty is significantly more precise and precise, we repeat the virobnitz. I’m going to analyze the tasks, see the trend towards the budget, forecast, re-plan, re-plan and coordinate the work, no less important, lower tasks. For this reason, to take care of the operational and operational solutions, it is often necessary to have a short term of pro-accounting and uninterrupted planning. Viyavlyaetsya, shcho program secure management of resources of all the business is busy and not need to save the necessary noise. In addition, the bagato has a special function for managing projects and soundness for projects that are simply available for everybody.

It’s possible to successfully compete for a better market for the skills to develop and adapt to the best business knowledge. And it means that, more than one company’s time, the first hour of planning and meeting the identified problems, the most manageable problems are the following: how to work robots in hours, how many resources are needed, how many resources are needed All food and drink, please wait for the present during the implementation of the project.

To analyze the work of an organization, it’s practical to be able to see two kinds of functions, which can be done in parallel:

  • health streaming, repeat operations;
  • Realization of projects that are aimed at reaching target values ​​within the framework of time and budget sharing.

It is important to know about the official organization in order to get rid of the commitments of robberies. More precisely, it’s more timid to start working more often in the deposits in the project, to take the fate of some stinks. Be-yak dyalnist need for planning and control.

At the same time, there are areas of real estate, realization of projects є the main type of organization of work (for example, weekly industry, unique, piece of equipment, development of information systems). Great design can be planned and implemented within the framework of organization.

More precisely, the formula is more effective and efficiently achieved with the closure of successful development of a company. Production company for the year - a company that successfully realizes the project.

The project is an organization, an organization form of accessibility. Zazvichai, design іnіtsіyyuyutsya middle company, ala may allow the fate of decіlkoh zatsіklenlennyh organіzatsіy. For the next year’s work on the project, we’ll get more information on the project, setting up and material resources. Projects, as a rule, are realized within the framework of time and budget sharing. The project of transfer є manifestity to the plan for the achievement of the delivery of values ​​(to the robot complex). as well as the ability of the system to be more important and vidual for the achievement of goals for the project manager.

In the implementation of the Unified Planning System and Project Management, you can assist in realizing effective projects.

At the core of the planning and project management methods, lies are allowed, so that all activity can be broken down into small tasks, which are subject to control. First, I have formal information, who can become a manager, you can inform about tasks, you need to get information for reaching goals, and resources, so you can use it for completing tasks. The project management system (UE) has a set of functional functions, so I can help the manager to plan robots that can be used for hours, resource and time estimates for the work complex, and then, they can work out plans and work schedules. Use the method of evaluating the necessary requirements for work, and allow the manager to regulate the work of the clock, the work of the warehouse, the warehouse, the structure of the work.

The project management system is an organisation-technological complex of methodical, technical, programmatic and informative concerns, direct recognition and efficiency of the process of implementation and implementation of the project.

The information model has been strangely folded to give the team and the members of the team the opportunity to accept the accepted primer and extend the length of the entire project cycle.

The information model of the project, is divided into the cob stage, plan to process it in the process of realizing it. Thus, the basic methods of the calendar plan are victorious by stretching the life cycle to the project.

The main relocations of the Victorian information system for project management include:

  • at the centralized information and security according to the graph of resources, resources and wartost;
  • Shvidkoy’s ability to analyze how much money is spent on the graph, the resource secure and financial plan of the project;
  • possibilities of automated generation and graphical diagrams, development of project documentation.